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    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    That could be iT indeed, Thanks For the vote of confidence John! Cheers
  2. Although i am very fond of my MC MRA1 i am more a large lorry Guy. so im putting the MRA1 up for sale. Open to offers in the area of 5700GBP or swap, for instance with Bedford MJ/MK, Leyland Daf, GMC CCKW, Ferret, anything is considered, (or Maybe a Ww2 bike)WHY? The Morris is in excellent condition, with good functioning LPG installation which makes it cheap to drive, good looking interior, and is a rare dry air charging truck. So no troop benches in the back but angled cabinets. A bed inside for comfortable sleeping at shows. Se the extra pictures. has featured in a magazine and can be found on the web as iT alway attracts a lot of attention. Year of build is 1952(although papers say 1942) and has a full dutch registration which makes it easy to register anywhere. I am willing do deliver it to a port near you. This is a rare Dry Air Compressor version in very good shape!
  3. Markwise

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    some more pics. Am a bit confused about how come nobody is interested in this rare British vehicle being in the shape it is... Am i not advertising it right? Pls let me know..cheers
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    Unique Morris MRA1

  5. Markwise

    Military trike and trailer

    ah i see! sorry 'bout that
  6. Markwise

    Military trike and trailer

    link is dead
  7. Markwise

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    Hi John, Dry Air Charging please!
  8. Markwise

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    Hello john, could you email me the ones of the Morris MRA1 please?
  9. Hi everyone, I have recently purchased a GRC-9 with horn and antenna. I was not aware (radio newbie) that i need a vibrator unit. So now i am looking for these items. Any leads? Or maybe you have some? thank you!
  10. Markwise

    Mk1 Ferret

    ah i see! thanks for that
  11. Markwise

    Mk1 Ferret

    so is this a mk 2/5 ferret thats stripped of it's turret? im a bit confused by your autograph and the ad's title...cheers
  12. Markwise

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    angled cornered lockers are still there
  13. Markwise

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    i figured either that or filling air barrage balloons with Helium..
  14. Markwise

    Breaking Austin k9 all parts available

    how much is the box?
  15. Markwise

    W & P Blatant Spamming

    In the REX days you got an old fashioned postcard for christmas, accompanied with an entry form...made me smile every year i got it
  16. Markwise

    Morris Commercial MRA1 LPG fitted

    Hello Bluebelle, i'll see what i can do. It's in in the shed now because of the winter, so not much light to take photgraphs. @Clive: Inside is a plaque with instructions for first aid with electrical accidents and also a sign that says: warning do not drive without the pole securely fastened. What does that tell you? Welding truck? Aircharger? Whats is the pole they are talking about? And what were aircharging trucks used for in the first place? thanks!
  17. Markwise

    M/C MRA1 based on a civil lorry?

    Thanks both for your quick reply!
  18. Hello all, is th Morris Commercial MRA1 lorry based on a civil M/C truck? is som what type? Thanks!
  19. Hello everyone, I just acquired this lovely Morris Commercial MRA1. Does anyone here have (a good source for) spare parts? always good to have i think and i just might need a thermostat and seal for the house now. Hope to hear from you guys, cheers! https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPV6MldbKIiZvB0yBMIiiG79KphTVqpgi-K0F7WgwockF829qzsuaEpgbUx56vVZw?key=SDcwSUF2dmZuMXRCMXhReFJIQ2RocExnNWF3WGtB