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  1. On the lookout for a carburetor , air cleaner and cross over tube for my weasel if there are any out there??
  2. cmp

    Morris Commercial C4 WT

    would be interested in any leads on a mk3 radio body. Something better than this flat pack would be great.... nick
  3. cmp

    Morris Commercial C4 WT

    Thanks for that, I will certainly give it a go. Though its more the parts listing for the truck I was looking for at the moment. Radio installations are a long way down the road! regards Nick
  4. cmp

    Morris Commercial C4 WT

    Hi all I am still looking for a parts list for this truck is there is one out there some where? Even more unlikely would be a radio body for the same truck? maybe a garden shed tucked away in a quiet corner? any leads are greatly appreciated Nick
  5. cmp

    Morris C4 WT census number info

    Hi nick, yes it's quite at home with all the other rust in the shed :-) I did manage to recover a lot of bits of the rear body, probably enough of the various panels to replicate another, it's a shame because the last time I saw it it was in one lump, it was also rustier than i remembered !!
  6. cmp

    Morris C4 WT census number info

    not starting for a long time yet, there are many distractions to keep me busy :-) As you say however, It is something of a wreck!!! though in its favour the truck is very complete.. regards nick
  7. cmp

    Morris C4 WT census number info

    I'm rather hoping that some day it might look like that, at the moment its something of a wreck! It has a quite convincing spare wheel carrier fitted that has been modified to a tow bar, if its not correct then it can all be cut off!!
  8. cmp

    Morris C4 WT census number info

    Hi I was just reading through this series of postings from a while back an wondered if any more progress was made with the serial numbers? I have Morris C4 2244 WT 2093 and has assumed the 2244 was a date, obviously this is wrong now by reading the above posts.? What does it mean? I'm also on the lookout for a parts book if there is one out there? Am I right in thinking the wireless bodied trucks had an under chassis spare wheel carrier? What about any documentary materials relating tot he wireless bodies? was there ever a manual? ever hopeful Nick
  9. hi I'm looking for a Maintenance manual and Parts list for a Morris Commercial C4WT if anyone can help? thanks nick
  10. cmp

    ww2 15cwt "Gin Palaces"

    Thanks Hanno Will do Nick
  11. cmp

    ww2 15cwt "Gin Palaces"

    Hi Any idea how I might get in touch with Jaap? he appears to be listed now as a guest and without contact details? thanks nick
  12. Hi Tony I haven't seen this book, can you read the vehicle serial number in the picture in this book? regards Nick
  13. cmp

    Crook Brothers Daimler Dingo

    Yes I think so, I'll drop them a line. I remember visiting the auction when ever that was and there were dingo parts amongst the lots, but they vehicle itself had gone by that time. I am told they even had new tyres then! regards nick
  14. Hi Fellas Years ago I remember an add running in Wheels and Tracks for Crook Brothers Near Preston who had a number of WW2 military vehicle to dispose of, I suppose this would be mid 1980's ish. Amongst this lot was a Dingo. Would anyone one here remember it at all, was it ever photographed? best wishes to all Nick
  15. Hi peter Hope all those projects are going well? regards Nick