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  1. I will sort it at the weekend for you. How is the restoration going? Your Mk5 used to be with us before Paul Hazell. I know the vehicle well. How much do you know about Mk5's? Gareth
  2. Hi. I can give you probably all the pics you need. What do you require?
  3. I am currently assiting in a restoration of a RAF Thornycroft MK 5 Crash Tender (Type TF/AC4/1) powered by a Rolls Royce B/80, Mk 2A engine. Our main problem is lack of servicing documention both for the engine and the vehicle. Does anybody know or have information where I can get hold of any copies to assist with the restoration, photographs would also be appreciated. The vehicle itself is in excellent condition considering it has been stored for around 40 years. The pictures below show the type of vehicle, there is also a civilian version with the same engine. Thank you in advance for any help. G
  4. I am an enthusiast who has had an interest in all things Military since a very early age. I have just come to the end of 22.7 years of Royal Air Force service as an MT Driver. I live in the deepest darkest depths of Lincolnshire and maintain my links with my previous employer closely! At some point I would like to become an owner of a vehicle, but only time will tell on that. At the moment I am happy helping out at a local museum. Ihope being a member of this forum is rewarding as well as interesting. G
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