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  1. Hi Mark If the weather is anything like Ashbourne the past few days, then it has been anything but sunny :cry: But - boy are the canvas tops great....I reckon it is warmer and drier than a hard top - have not managed to drive without having the vents & windows opens....so far but let's see what winter brings! Have posted some pics including the bulkhead being fixed up - hope they come through. I inherited a bunch of paperwork - seems she entered military service in May 1967, and was sold on in 1972 when the DVLA registered on a 'K' plate - no idea if I can seek retrospective recognition at DVLA that this is a 1967 vehicle. From the paperwork, it also seems that I have repatriated her to where she spent most of her life - around the peak district. What is also clear is that some nice man had spent a fortune doing her up ..... thanks to him she runs really well (although I'd rather not reveal his name for obvious reasons). Enjoy the sun and make hay whilst it shines as they say! Best George
  2. Hi all, I'm George - and last drove in one of these beasts in early 80's in the Army/RAF Cadets. So after 30 years of wanting one, on Friday I became the delighted owner of an (almost) fully restored 1967 British Army Series 2a Land Rover. So far and many thanks to those who have already posted to HMVF forums I have fixed up the indicators and brake switch to get the vehicle road legal. Have also fixed a clutch issues and steering play all thanks to good old Google/YouTube, and folks like those on HMVF who are happy to share what they know with all the rest of us.....it makes a huge difference to know the knowledge is out there. Hence here I am joining HMVF - so that the next time I need to fix the old girl I can ask a friend. All I need now is to get it through the MOT in October....but what a lovely drive - the old sound and "comforts" I recall......and with the exception of the rear fog lamp and front spots she is the original real deal. I look forwards to sharing what I know - so far I can tell anyone who wants to knwo how to fix up the indicators and relays, and also fix up/replace the brake switch on an old Army Landy. Best George
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