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  1. I have had a Browning .50 transit box on order for 16 months now from WW2 Boxes and despite sending detailed measurements and photos and a promise of 4 to 6 weeks delivery it still hasn't been made !!!! One excuse after another, always with the promise to be starting it in a couple of weeks. Total time wasters. I went to 'Edwards Shed' in the end after a recommendation on here and was very pleased. They made my 50 cal. Box and a tripod box to go with it. Very happy all round with the service and the qualitity of the boxes.
  2. I went to Edwards shed and what a difference. 2 x very nice boxes produced within a few weeks, very pleased with the product and the service. The other box is still on order with the 'Well known WW2 box supplier' a few more excuses have come through like 'I cant get the corner pieces at the moment' 'I cant get the closing catches for a few weeks' but no box was ever made. Beats me how he makes a living spending his time messing customers around. It started as a promise of 4-6 weeks turn around and its now been 13 months !!!! BUT. Well done to James & Kate at Edwards Shed, 100% good service. I will be using them next time....
  3. It refers to 'A deactivated firearm' and makes no reference to New spec, Old spec etc which is very relevant when it comes to selling them at present. It appears as I read it that after the 12th of December. as long as the 'Authorities' are notified then any deactivated Firearm can be bought / sold. ? (Who knows, as usual you find these things out by chance and nothing is properly explained)
  4. Hi Ianevans. I sent you a PM over a week ago, but never had any reply ?
  5. Has anyone got a transit Box for a .50 BMG HB for sale (Barrel off type). original or Good re-pro, anything really will do.... And also a box for the tripod. I have had one on order for 7 months now from a well know WW2 Box supplier and despite sending detailed measurements and photos and a promise of 4 to 6 weeks delivery it still hasn't been made !!!! Why do some people make simple things so difficult ?? Cash waiting and can collect, it will soon be the end of another season and the Dodge will be going away for the winter.
  6. Thanks for the quick response guys. I will get a couple hoses ordered. Bob.
  7. Hi All, just wondered if anyone has any ideas how to fix this problem. I just fitted a new brake master cylinder and 2 front wheel cylinders last week, but seem to have another issue now. Brakes work fine all round, but I have traced what appears to be a restriction between one front wheel cylinder and the T piece on the front axle. The solid pipes appear to be undamaged so I I'm thinking it's likely the T piece, do these have a valve in them at all.?The other thought would be the flexi pipe, can these become restricted with age, swell up inside etc ?The offending side is very hard to bleed, and sometimes causes the brake to hold on. Cracking off the bleed nipple releases the pressure so it's definitely within that section of pipeline. All the brake shoes are good, move freely. No fluid leaks. Everything else works fine. Thanks for your ideas on thisAll the best. Bob.
  8. Thanks mate. Just phoned them and ordered one....
  9. Its OK, found one now. thanks Ammoman
  10. Hi Chris. Yes, that would be ideal. I will send you a PM shortly. Thanks again. Bob
  11. Hi Chris I am near Buckingham, not too far from you I guess ? Regards. Bob
  12. Hi Timbo. Thanks for your reply. I have just got hold of a rarden manual as well. Good drawings but as you say no measurements. I think I need to get in side a vehicle with the rarden fitted and take a few photos / measurements myself. thanks again. Bob
  13. Hi All. I am planning to make a Dummy 30mm Rarden canon breach it fill the gap in my Fox turret. Its basicly an Aluminium box with a few cut outs and swithces etc, but I want to make it look the part. I have a few poor qualitity photos to work from. but what I really need are some good qualitity drawings / photos and the measurements. Also if anyone knows where I might be able to source the Switches and leavers etc that would be handy. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  14. Hi Timbo. Thanks for the reply. I already have a barrel and trough so it looks pretty good from the outside. I want to put a Breech assembly into the turret so that it looks right from the inside as well, I don’t really want a big hole in the back of the mantlet. I have been talking to Military Muckabouts for a couple of months. As they are a long way from me I was trying to get them to e-mail me a couple of decent photos of there GPMGs before I buy one. They seem very reluctant to do this and the Video they point me to on there web site is very poor quality. I had the feeling they would not be that good so decided not to buy. If you could post a couple of good photos on here it may help. thanks again. Bob
  15. I am looking for a 30mm Rarden cannon and a GPMG to finish off a CVR(W) Fox that I have restored. Ideally I would like to get hold of. A Complete Deactivated Rarden. or. A deactivated breech assembly or. A replica breech assembly. ( apparently some were made by apprentices ) or. Any external breech casing parts that I can use to make my own dummy breech assembly. As far as a GPMG. The Deactivated ones are too much money now, considering that most of it will be hidden away in the turret. So I am looking for a good metal Replica or even a rough old De-act that I could make good. Thanks. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreicated. Bob
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