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  1. we are looking for a detroit 671 diesel engine as used in the landing boats in WWII , preferable with gear box. Do you know where about please send pm
  2. monty2

    Daimler dingo plugs

    is there not something else wrong why they get oiled??
  3. monty2

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    count me in as one of the 20 lunatics
  4. monty2

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    took the weekend off to see the thread of you starting the lady up. Can you sleep with the idea starting her after so many hours work pff
  5. unloading the valentine valentine mk4 unload.mp4
  6. monty2

    history of humber box

    I bought a humber box with chassis number 8350065 in sweden. I was bought restored in uk in 1999/2000 was it owned by one of the HMVF member or do you know to whom it belonged please PM me. I am looking for history of it. It has military reg number M4943785 on the bonnet completely wrong for the chassis number but may be gives a clue to someone.
  7. monty2

    i have been spending on a humber box

    sorry tim, not for sale took years to find and 2 years talking to the owner
  8. In a search for a humber box for quite a while i found this one by pure luck in the north of Sweden 2 years ago. The oldest known Humber box number 65 build. Deposited paid will collect soon when the snow has gone. Lots of work to do to it but overall complete missing some details has not been running for some years.
  9. monty2

    what to put in the hanger???

    We got it now properly streched hardly any wrinkels in it, looks much better. Sliding doors (fake) are next to think about
  10. monty2

    what to put in the hanger???

    Looking for spare early aircraft wheel, early jerrycan, and some other small stuff to put on the pavement in front of hanger i got a windsock for it no machishim yet
  11. monty2

    what to put in the hanger???

    Finally we getting there this is the begin lots of detail still to come
  12. monty2

    Unusual winching ground anchor.

    we got a few sets complete from canadian f60l
  13. monty2

    Unusual winching ground anchor.

    this is a canadian wwii ground anchor. comes with long pines to fix it to the ground