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  1. finally we got you herr von flick
  2. Some have been sleeping we transported an armoured pacfic through uk, france, belguim and netherlands and nobody spotted it.
  3. way above anything else is the dingo. Techincal very advanced and nothing has proven itself so much in battle.
  4. Does anyone know which radio was used as standard radio set in the T55 tank
  5. Hi kevin what price range, would unrestored valentine be something
  6. T55 has dry sump system is it correct to assume that all engine oil will flow to sump if not running like with dingo??
  7. it is not the jeep shrinking it is you belly slowly extending through the years :-)
  8. wonderfull!! people looking at her, will not relish how much work it was to get her like she is
  9. is there any idea about price for the 900x16 ones
  10. is there any more info on the new tyres 900x16 by now?
  11. how about transport armoured vehicles through germany any problems there ??
  12. nyloc's where used in dingo's so before 1940
  13. i have my humber box for sale still interested ?? 




    1. Packhow75


      Nice to chat today.

      Unfortunately too many commitments and not enough space or cash.

      I will have to pass on that thanks.

      If you find a Chrysler Multibank engine for sale, or any parts any time, please let me know.




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