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  1. monty2

    wanted for brencarrier

    Wanted for brencarrier - funnel - track tensioner tool - tow hitch with spring - 1 gallon tank flex filler piper if you have or know the where about please send me a PM
  2. monty2

    OGEL again

    but only if you export if you take her on holiday no problem
  3. monty2

    OGEL again

    yes you need officially
  4. monty2

    OGEL again

    EU rule states any military vehicle with no wapeans build before 1946 can be export with in the EU without paperwork. Officially you need also paperwork with military radio(parts read bolt nut etc) even if they are build before 1900 and burnd out crazy but you can end up in court
  5. monty2

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    very nice
  6. not sure but very likely same engine
  7. Full gasket set for Austin Commercial 3.5 litre engine 1939-1948 NOS 120 Pounds + P/P or near offer
  8. For WWII C4 water pump reconditioning set new old stock. 25 Pounds + P/P
  9. monty2


    to modern for me to know sorry
  10. monty2


    can you make a picture please.
  11. monty2

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    david refers to railway problems also that was never an issue. I consider him thinking about railway bridges
  12. monty2

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I think you get away with it. I remember the Charterhouse bedford OY we drove in the UK had no problems in the middle of the bridges . You could stand upright in the back.
  13. monty2

    Multibank engines

    they are not easy to find. I am looking for one for a restoration project
  14. monty2

    German sea mines

    Dear all, anyone here with knowledge on german sea mines like UMA type?? regards Peter Hommes