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  1. I like the remarks from the neighbours when you testing it 😂😂
  2. New, unused Cab 13 passenger side door, a bit of surface rust. Back in the mid 1970s when I worked at Hughes Auto Stores in Camberwell there were several of these doors without the pattern on the inside, this may well be one of them. No hinges or door catch assembly. $100 OBO collect from Eltham 3095. Is on fb by keith webb no idea how different it is to no12 and now i think wrong side too sorry
  3. FOR SALE LRDG JEEP A friend of my is turning 75 and wants to sale his collection of cars including this early LRDG Jeep with Bantam trailer in same condition and colour. It is full professional restored 30 years ago since it has driven very few miles something like 500. All parts used where original NOS parts no Hotchkiss. Asking 39500 can be viewed by appointment in the Netherlands. Please send pm with email for extensive portfolio file, if interested.
  4. I think there was no oil due to dry sump system
  5. monty2


    There serveral setups for the qlr not just one
  6. fully agree but good mechanic although he is crazy some times. Restoring the T55 you need to be out of your mind
  7. Yes we do i posted he test run of the engine after rebuild
  8. I remenber it at duxford in the 80s when i was there on regural base
  9. Deeply impressed with the work speed and detailing pfff keep going
  10. Brown or sand colour will be more ware time
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