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  1. I know the airborne garage for long time now, more or less round the corner so to say. Very reliable dealer
  2. He is on facebook
  3. I got an unknown set of new brake drums anyone can tell me which vehicle . Two with big stud hole and two with smaller stud holes also an unusual number of holes ???
  4. Good condition a spitfire tr1196 radio for sale 750 gbp ono, Complete but not tested
  5. Oké i didn’t know at that time but it was an early mb that would match the black primer on early Jeep’s 😊
  6. I noticed on my first jeep in 1975 black under coat
  7. Pfff prices changed I sold several in 400 range some years ago
  8. That is very high was it asking price ?
  9. Depending on condition and completeness max 375 euro
  10. Is it French text or english
  11. Interesting research project, would even Be better when it gets restore to its old glory's
  12. Years work pfff but nice
  13. Still amazes me the speed and detailing you do this amazing project
  14. One amazing big meccano box just needs to be put together great job
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