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  1. Who are these arseholes, name and shame, not from Penns Palace Petersfield are they. These wa***ers reduced the Heritage centre here in Bordon from a modern high tec building to one room in the old sargent mess in the old camp and we are still waiting for this to happen. Peterfield got a museum with a huge lottery grant, yet the Woolmer forest area has tons of heritage much more than Petersfield by far. Your museum would be perfect for the area. May be you should re- locate to Petersfield, they would be falling over themselves get you started.
  2. It might be worth getting a engineer machinist to have a look and give an opinion. I have a mate who may be able to help out. I will send him the picture and see the best way.
  3. Hi Simon I had a look, the largest I have is about 1' 1/4 whitworth. Sorry about that. As for using a die I would use a die nut as you don't need a die wrench that would get in the way of the rest of the engine. I have in the past used grinding paste to work a thread on freely. One thing you won't be able to do is restore the missing thread's when retapping. The worst you can do is cross thread especially this size. .
  4. I may have a die as i had quite a few taps and dies given to me when they cleared out a camp years ago.
  5. If you don't have it Maurice i will be interested if its not gone, i have been after a F phone for a while.
  6. I'm the guy from Bordon who was talking about some form of museum here dedicated to the Canadian and military training. I am on the Maple leaf site and could mention your problem to them. I also had the same problem signing up.
  7. For those lucky to own a Sherman or Stuart tank or any other form of tank here is a video that could help you out of a tricky situation. Has anyone tried any of the methods shown.
  8. Yes i go every year when i can. You'll have to give me a guided tour of your fantastic machine. I saw it last year but there was no one to chat to about it. Great bit of kit.
  9. Are you at the Overlord show this year with the Valentine.
  10. Sounds a stupid question, just need the size for scaling. Brengun bogie wheel diameter with rubber rim.
  11. There is a compass binnacle in front of the driver. I assume the turret moving round with the main gun swinging over the driver compartment would affect the compass magnetic field.
  12. Thanks again Alastair, do you recommend a certain maintenance manual that would be handy ton help strip down and assemble these bogies, i am sure theres a general manual covering the range.
  13. Thanks Alastair for the info very helpful, wasn't sure the going rate, i assume you can get bearings etc to service these. I have seen mentioned that the rubbers on the bogie wheels can be renewed when they perish. Is this a process where you buy the rubber rim and fit it like a tyre or are they vulcanised on at a factory or workshop.
  14. What the going rate for a Brengun carrier suspension unit with two wheels and the small top track wheel just out of curiosity.
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