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  1. Sorry i am thinking of other things when i wrote the last post. Just read the reviews on these books, looks like i am going to be spending some money.
  2. The technical history series of these books looks very good, what are they like.
  3. I believe the practice of using alloy was stopped as it was needed to make aircraft parts.
  4. I was reading up on RAC range procedures 1942 they used a white and blue chequered flag as a action flag to show that a tank is loaded or about to be unloaded. Something nice to find.
  5. Thanks Adrian, it will be interesting to see how they were made and why the pressed steel option was most probably better.
  6. Interesting, been trying to find wheel drawings and examples on the web but no luck. So the early flat wheel is solid cast alloy not hollow.
  7. Been doing a bit of research work on the A13 cruiser Mk 3 a future 1:1 scale project i would like to build just like others who have made rare replicas in the past. I noticed that the running gear between the three tanks the A13 Cruiser, Covenanter and Crusader all have virtually the same Christie suspension system and are exactly the same. I noticed that the earlier models had a wheel cover that made the road wheels look flat rather than a pressed dish shape when remove. The A13 had cast alloy road wheels as opposed to the Covenanter and Crusader ones which were pressed steel. What and how were these flat wheel covers constructed and fitted to both road wheel types, push fit/screwed on ?, were they pressed alloy or steel. The A13 road wheels underneath the covers were made of alloy, were they the same profile and shape as the later pressed steel Covenanter and Crusader road wheels. Never seen a photo with the covers removed to see what was underneath and how it was constucted
  8. I agree volunteers are worth their weight in gold as they do it with a passion not unlike the over qualified ones who are paid who have their interests elsewhere, its just an ordinary job they would most probably move away from if a better opportunity came along. Don't mean to be negative but thats the reality in some cases if not most.
  9. I can remember about 10 or 20 years ago you could ring Bovington, the IWM or any other museum and they would have dedicated staff who knew their subject and would pin point exactly what they had in their collection and if they didn't, they knew who had it. These days they take on graduates from the universities who have no interest or knowledge of the type of subject material and you have to explain in detail what you are after or basically give them a short history lesson to get to the point of what you need. It seems the trend with the big museums that they take on highly qualified curators and archivists and librarians who's subject qualification doesn't relate to the subject material of the establishment and who will move on to another better paid job than take on someone who knows their subject with a passion with no university degree. It does make you wonder the type of people running and looking after such collections. Don't worry I will pester the S****out of them but if i can find an alternative that would be better than crawling under a tank all day at a museum with a tape musure.
  10. Trying to find Blue prints, factory construction drawings what ever the correct term is of the Cruiser A13 Mk3 tank. Did try Bovington but it seems their email system is either down or very slow, used to get a quick response. Any other place i can get them from?
  11. Thanks that would be great.
  12. Their email address is no longer valid, shame.
  13. An old post. So what was the outcome to this. Did anyone take over the project. Are plans and drawings still for sale.
  14. Thanks guys. Owning a couple of armoured cars myself i know that the MPG can vary depending on the type of usage. I have a talk coming up soon and need to mention about a few WW2 tanks, just needed an average MPG for each tank give or take, i dont think many people realise how thirsty these beasts are.
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