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  1. Singe, thanks for the offer will have to look for photos, our dingo came from the Bill Gregg collection it does run, but we are doing a service on it and found the rotor to be cracked, hence the enquiry. as to the rev type probably wouldn't matter, since we are the only ones to drive it thanks Clive
  2. Hello Richard, thanks for the number but what vehicle does this match to, i know it is for the dingo but does it have any other application.ie jaguar,land rover Daimler ?? cant seem to find any match using the number you gave me. thanks Clive
  3. Hello, looking for a source for distributor rotor that has the rev limiter built in, this is for our Mk2 that we have in the RCA Museum. Thanks Clive
  4. Hello my name is Clive, i work at the Royal Canadian Artillery Museum, CFB Shilo, Manitoba Canada i look after the collection have been here 12 years, we also have about 50 vehicles and artillery, as runners around 18. the bulk of the collection was the Bill Gregg collection(Rockwood, Ontario) that came to the museum in 1986 mostly all Cdn CMP`s, some of you will be familiar with the collection, if anyone needs photos or info please feel free to drop me line, we might be able to help.
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