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  1. £ potentially cheap - to the right person , like rubber tyre salesmen , location , location , location https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/cottages/the-railway-carriage-uk11316
  2. My first thoughts were a "Sellers" thread , however after consulting Zeus and other sources ,,
  3. S.F. (French thread) 8mm nom. = 1mm pitch , 60 degree This may give a clash with modern metric.
  4. Don't fall into the trap of using Moore & $hite thread gauges - just place two of same from a pair of bunches against each other - you will see what I mean. PITA , but I always double-check longhand using a Stanley knife blade. Starrett gauges are much more reliable. ------------- 25 tpi is very near to 26 tpi , don't forget CEI - as opposed to BSC that is also 26 tpi CEI (Cycle Engineers Institute)
  5. Don't have time to go into the Nth This could be British BRASS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Standard_Brass
  6. The VPK (fibreglass vehicle protection kits that even the stick set was clad with) as used in NI would be on Series based Rovers, the entry of the 'coilers' was probably the 'Snatch' - Vixen range by CAV having a composite armour (no stick set). 90"'110" stick-sets are a bit more complex than Series due to standard ROPS more incorporated. ROPS on 88" & 109" is very similar to the 101" design - but painted silver (not galvanized) , very few had them , the odd Para Recce Lightweight (that had no sticks at all) . ROPS with sticks on Series seemed to be a requirement for the Training Area in Canada.
  7. Hopefully not a Ben Fogle , wtf did he ever know about Rovers LoL
  8. Insurance companies can get very funny about seats with LR's , around 1980 - many would not touch a 7 seat proper Solihull built S3 Safari 88" (IIRC this followed a heavy claim on Eagle Star). There can be complications with a 109" /110" TAXI and ISTR some insurance companies would not touch proper Safari unless the very rear (inward facing) seats were removed. They don't like LR 'Vans' or rag-tops with rear seats.
  9. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/519224/DE_S_FOI2016_03001___Attachment-_Truck_Utility_Light__TUL__HS__Truck_Utility_Medium__TUM__HS__and__Ambulance_HS_Defender.pdf ================================= It would have happened but not often. It was all quite clever for Defender TUL/TUM , Wolf The "Pick-N-Mix" was more decisive at Contract stage and line build up at Solihull,than with Series models and is best reflected in the Contract / Item Numbers. The best document (I am having difficulty just now) is the "Supplementary Parts book" , this shows the parts selectable to build up say a FFR from a Basic Utility. They took what was base vehicle 90" / 110" more or less a CL (Commercial regular ) CL = C--------L Once the vehicle was issued , then they could select from the "Supplementary (Optional Equipment) book , it is a case of bolting the MOD Supplementary Parts Book to the Commercial (as civvy basic Parts Book ) Parts book. The 'Supplementary' book is good because - up to the print date there is a MATRIX , you read off the Contract /Item Nos. look across and it tells you what the Supplementary major assemblies / kits are fitted. The Project Tithonus (extended life) - was a more official Pick-N-Mix. In real life - assembly of 'sticks' on tub . would be peruse the Parts Book appropriate & use your loaf. A sticks KIT + hood would be drawn from stores & I would expect a printed sheet or two of Parts check-list and assembly instructions.
  10. For this reason of theft , I was surprised that he had cooperated with the BEEB, also - I have not kept up to date with the exhaustive legislation on such firearms collections , proofing as unserviceable (that a repairer / restorer would perhaps clash with) ? I almost picked up a pencil to do a guestimate on £5 million divided by a number suggested.
  11. There are both 'Wolf' type in TUBELESS (with bead safety hump) and also 'Wolf' type in Tube Type. Likewise there are both TUBELESS and Tube Type in the earlier Wellbase rims. TUBELESS originated on civvy market with the PUMA Defender (Ford DuraTorq days , & Safari type rear door that was galve. frame & zinc plated cladding, LR back-doors had a bad reputation for 50+ years) Most for sale new on "after-market" will be OEM proper , probably made in Italy or Denmark. You need to make full enquiries.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-suffolk-47975654/military-museum-in-suffolk-man-s-shed-includes-1200-guns
  13. On a RHD , it is going to be the strut support for the bulkhead and that is a structural component , I suppose after 60+ years some do rust (base of stiffener strip & joint face to chassis) but I doubt if in high demand ? Probably to shift it - on the Land Rover Series One Club FORUM (sales/wants). They like the real genuine thingies.
  14. Check if his tyres have T on the sidewall , possibly during WW2 there was a T (tropicalized) rubber. With origins of growth in a Jungle it may be naturally tropicalized before the rubbish is factory added ? It may not be some new ersatz :- https://www.carsifu.my/news/bosch-introduces-highly-durable-advance-wiper-blades
  15. btw If you look at the book :- Classic Warbirds No. 12 "The ANZACs" by Malcolm Laird & Steve Mackenzie Page 13. photograph QUOTE This page . Two air to air photos of Spitfire PR.X1 PL885, flying at altitude over Italy. Note the uneven appearance of the PRU blue overall colour scheme. (R. Buchanan) ---------------- Although the pics are black/white , it does seem correct , and wing upper surfaces do seem panel / panel delineated. I can only surmise they actually clouded by use of all four shades around "Sky".
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