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  1. The insulation between sockets has always just been a bit of glorified cardboard. Most people fit a in-line fuse holder. ISTR on a FFR , the services are in fact 12 volt ?
  2. Stainton , from what I remember , they all had a few , what I recall is red squares and white lettering.
  3. It may pay you to have a drive around Stainton Grove Camp & Streatlam / Barford Camp , although much demolished & remaining new or gentrified as Trading Estate or is it Business Park. I doubt if any WW2 / Korea era signage remains at Deerbolt Camp but you would need a get into prison card there. Hardly anything period remains at Gallowfield Ind.Estate at Richmond , that was interesting as the bricks were laid wrong way to get more yardage. Outlying Barracks etc. at Catterick that had just stood from abt. 1970 were dropped around 1995.
  4. For a BIG job 2L + then OB Primer is the stuff
  5. I am defo. interested in the panels - provided they are a quality thermo-set plastic (that can have a art-deco feel to it) , however not if a cheap thermo plastic - they may be a Chinese knock-off
  6. I doubt if any such treasure will be found in Poland , anybody who has read the (part fiction) book by Trevor Ravenscroft - The Spear of Destiny etc. will know that even an ancient Polish church altar was taken back to Germany and hidden with the 'lance' supposedly of more value to Hitler than any amount of gold ? It seems the highest value items were hidden with best security / secrecy by Himmler's SS below Nuremberg Fortress within medieval tunnels and using a air-conditioned (stand-by diesel generators) + bank type vault doors. A well hidden entry blown open by a US aerial bomb and thus exposed to US troops.
  7. I rate Bonda Primer better than such as Hammerite No.1 (that I believe is Corroless glass flake technology). Being Rustins , I used to easily find it at DIY places among their shelf products - Danish Oil etc. etc. I need some just now for a relatively small brush job & can't find it locally - seems I will have to order on-line. At least it seems still available in 1L size , not the now common 750ml. Rustins also do a anti-corrosive metal primer in grey , I suspect this is NOT the same recipe as their 'Bonda'
  8. QUOTE - the line , and drive a fictional 109 Land Rover WMIK fantasy piece and a GS Land Rover with more aerials that GCHQ and less radios than an indigenous tribe in the Congo, The above I did enjoy for comedy content 10/10 However - I do know the complexity to the FFR kit newcomer , what with TUAAM , Balun - getting the time line absolute correct (early Mk.) Base ANTENNA support , or second choice Base Aerial Support , will I ever need a ARFAT (better get one just in case as very cheap) , consulting loads of User Handbooks / Supplements - all at a total great £ . All the cables needed / obtaining - a minefield. Then the decision , just what radio set(s) to go for - for a Lightweight Unitary Kit. Not forgetting that I have a same but Larkspur project. In short - I can see how lots of show trucks have min. 4 qty. antenna but keep the hood locked down. I would estimate probably 90% of these LR enthusiasts never get to a fully kitted and all correct rig. Of course the few who have won the struggle probably don't ever win a cup because they don't have a KERR wrapped to the front bumperettes !
  9. There are a few subset of the - synthetic alkyd-type resin paint (that requires xylene). Factory finished is always stoved, these pushed out cellulose finishes , now most synthetics are pushed out by aqua industrial finishes. Without stoving they take at least 1 month to through dry. A LR engine hardly get hot enough to warrant a higher grade engine laquer. With the right amount of xylene thinners you can get a long working time that levels out brush marks and at same time get a good wet/dry film thickness. Even the right stuff in a rattle can will be very thin dft and that can cause lift. If you try a few coats then they can just react against each other and that results in failure.
  10. It seems you had Sky mixed for rattle can - I doubt if the paint is suitable. You need thorough degrease prior to paint, the way paint is leaving the alloy rocker cover - seems like oil contamination. How sound is the paint on the CI block ? Awkward to strip & paint with engine in situ. Takes time but I have cleaned off crud and painted by hand (using a school type round- white bristle artists brush - abt. 10mm dia.). I would brush some standard cellulose thinners on the paint & see if it is easy to lift , if it is then continue to remove. What you need is a can of self-priming "Machinery Enamel" (such as Tractol 329 single-pack) that is oil resistant when through dry (keep diesel off for 1 month). Engines out - I use a small stray gun - bit bigger than a air-brush , thinned with synthetic or a bit of cellulose.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48963295
  12. ruxy

    Thornycroft crane.

    Well yes, he was a sort of BIG digger man , another possibility up-valley was Fangio Brown - a hardrock miner who went O.C.C.S hyd. muck-shifter ,as well as a subby at the Blue Circle quarry when their digger broke down. However the originator has told me the crane location - on the doorstep of WARD , say no more..
  13. ruxy

    Thornycroft crane.

    Makers plate indicating manuf. 1945 A man called Jimmy Birch (West Tees Engineering) Ramshaw , that is Gaunless valley which is between Teesdale & Weirddale (Gaunless flows into River Weir) , he had 3 qty. operating into at least 1980's . ISTR they were all Ex-Royal Navy and still in Navy Blue , I don't recall a yellow one . This one may have been owned by Mansel Maddison.
  14. I think you will find all these claims of sponge lead within petrol tanks is totally untrue. Marketed over many years with similar claims , ISTR proven untrue. Much on vehicle forums several + years ago, IIRC much repeated hearsay - a invention of a RAF artificer & somebody queried the 'named person' and asked for his service Number with the authorities - he could not be paraded. I think you will find that the 100 octane type 'synthetic' stuff was produced at two sites within the UK from hydrogenerated coal , one being at ICI Billingham Works (that my feet trampled over late 1970's / 1980's) and the other was at a similar Shell managed (but government owned) works in Lancashire. These supplies were probably sufficient but were added to by tankers from across the pond. I would have to check - I think the stocks were also added to by a link between Carless Capel & Leonard and the Coalite , Bolsover works. -------------------------- Eugene Houndry's Process - yet another "secret" process claim ??
  15. The Ashford tank did internally mutate a sub-station !
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