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  1. btw 555845 , is listed as S2A DIESEL sender unit, 12 volt why difference fluids ? SG petrol / diesel - hardly. In any case - not for you as it is 12 volt. Also , they were manuf. I think only by Lucas as genuine parts - have a look - you should find a prefix LU part number
  2. 560757 was defo S3 Lightweight FFR (24 volt) sender unit. The above must be same item 530008
  3. I doubt if there is anything specific for a Cloggie FFR float operated liquid transmitter. Out of the numbers you quote , 530008 is 24 volt 530008 goes back to S2A days , so there may have been a supercession No(s) I would have to check it out further.
  4. ruxy

    Land Rover S2A - Malta

    Rover 8/2 = Rover 8 but with reinforced axle casings.
  5. Yes, I have to admit that I have held a full driving license for 50 + years in the belief that parking on a pavement was illegal but a bit late to learn the truth just 2 years ago. It may be due to the fact that up to the age of 8 yrs (I moved to the sticks) , I often had my ar$e brayed for chalking 'hopscotch' on the pavement outsidde neighbours houses (a terrible crime) , riding my sisters roller skates on pavement, riding my 'bogie' on said pavement . Also thrashed bum for taking wheels / axles off younger sisters pram before she was finished with it (was also used by self & older sister) , mother stated , that then is no more children & you are to blame !! The most heinous of crimes , riding my Jeep pedal car on the pavement (complete with white star on bonnet), care had to be taken with crown jewels due to a 2" rip on the metal seat, no steering wheel as bust & my old man affixed the handle bars off my redundant trike. Apparently I was able to go down the hill & terrify pedestrians BUT just in time steer off & back over the kerb. Sadly scrapped after I bust the pedal link(s) to crank (2nd time) whilst going down a pit heap (that was not a ar$e smacking crime) .. Progressed to flying saucers of ripped up lino from summit of pit heap , then the lad next door got an eye put out (I may add - he threw it into wind)..
  6. A while ago , I Gooogled up on this regarding a to me 'local issue' , ISTR , that if you are actually in court for a civil / criminal issue and have parked OFF the public highway (grass verge or footway) - then the judgement will be swayed by what the Highway Code states regarding parking , effectively the HC is legislation from "Guidance" ,,.
  7. The last I looked up on this , that was the case in GLC area but not rest of UK , however there may be gov. moves to change the situation.
  8. Manchester , must be a posh area - he still has his tyres !
  9. ruxy

    T2 Hanger Floor Pit

    I suspect it is a hydraulic oil reservoir for a central control jacking system , quicker and less hassle than conventional portable tripod type aero-jacks..
  10. ruxy

    RAF land rover Breakdown/tow truck 1960's

    I have a 1961 (very early , it is No. 66) , civilian 109" S2A - that had a Harvey Frost recovery crane fitted. You will know - look for the holes abt. 1" dia. in the floor of the tub where the anchorage "U" bolts were. Between the underside of floor and and top of chassis , there were oak packers. HF recovery on a 88" , not so good as they soon lost forward stability marjin / steering (you need full normal weight on front springs). 109" better but ISTR it was abt. 1980 all county police forces removed them off 'RTA call-out' for same reason. Some did have a counterwighted front bumper and IIRC the galve tank "water-weight" was a official H-F optional accessory. I cant remember any MOD outfit using them on Land Rovers. However - look at the book (Page 81) of The Half-Ton Military Land Rover by Mark J. Cook. There you will see a in service 88" in fact a Rover 8 or 10 I suppose. It is towing a Rover 1 Lightweight on a Harvey-Frost "Tow-Boy" LoL - I have actually done this same op. 1982. However this equiped Rover has something I never had and I assume it is genuine H-F Optional , it is a hinged "A" frame mounted to the rear cross-member, probably derrickable & with hoist winch , or possibly just winched derrick. This seems for single-man operation getting the disabled on to the tow boy. =========================================== This trick should get you Page 81 (Thanks Mark) https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=DyYrDAAAQBAJ&pg=PT96&lpg=PT96&dq=automatic+centrifugal+advance+mechanism,+with+an+operating+range+of+0+to+22+degrees+over+a&source=bl&ots=I76FrLpAgQ&sig=ACfU3U3Knimbve_6qhr0wu94ge5HFY3ksg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwidyfXg4fXfAhVx1-AKHbLuAZgQ6AEwAHoECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=automatic centrifugal advance mechanism%2C with an operating range of 0 to 22 degrees over a&f=false
  11. ruxy

    Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Postmortem will be a interesting story to read.
  12. Hi, thanks for your PM bump. Had not forgotten , the next day I had a turf out and photos taken. Unfortunately I can not find the pair of parallel handle 10" V Steel. Sweden - I just used them several weeks ago. Also a 12" AB Bahco Stockholm + a 12" V Steel Sweden , both parallel handle (they must be at my other garage a few miles away. Doing badly for 6" - can't find any LoL However I did find a Vintage 4" with parallel handle. Of course my Shifter pride & joy is the 18" , although never used much. Purchased 1982 , had my covetous eyes on it for a good while , it was part of a Ironmongers window display along with a Wolf "Grinderette" I also had my eyes on. I had been working in Northern Scotland & knew there were few AA 2 or 3 star hotels to submit £ receipts , so opted for subsistance allowance. I came out well on top , home on Thursday 24+ hours early and £50+ of float mine. The grinder had a ticket of £32 , I bartered that down to £25 because he had lost the box & pin spanner. The 18" Bahco was realistically priced at £25 because it had been on display for years, due to dusty condition I managed to get that down to £20. Strange is it not , some tools you remember all , the rest in the pics - I can't recall. http://slickpic.us/20870971TcN http://slickpic.us/20871033TFM http://slickpic.us/2087107OONj http://slickpic.us/2087111zNiU
  13. Why don't you as the paint supplier for a 'Technical Data Sheet' , reading between the lines you are intending to use a air drying enamel. on the lines of a synthetic single-pack alkyd enamel. This is a machinery / chassis enamel that is fuel & oil resistant when through dry. A better quality would be a PU (polyurathane reinforced) often called a Fleet Enamel (used for cab livery). IMHO - you would never use a hardener with these paints, normally a maximum of 'matting-base' is 50% (takes the place of varnish resins) , this will only get you to "Satin" , a true matt (lusterless) - another kettle of fish.
  14. That will give you the option of the Range Setting of 14 or 28 , unfortunately I don't have any paperwork at all - so you are better informed than I. Have intended obtaining Info. from Green Machine Surplus but never got around to it. I just used my loaf , pondered on the MCB switch , coupled to Lightweight FFR starting batteries in series, ran it for a short while to drain the small qty. of petrol in the Jerry. Nothing melted or blew up , so boxed it up again.
  15. Have you had a tacho on the Kubota ? Is it according to governor ? There must be a stated rpm for these tests , probably a large difference in generated voltage for small increase in speed + as stated it needs a load.