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  1. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Is this garage bidding blind or have they your non-runner on their premises ? If this garage has the Rover then they may be taking advantage with a statement that the final bill will not exceed £1000, but obviously is will be very near. If they are a 4x4 'specialist' then they will be removing serviceable 2.5 na engines all the time to swop for 200 & 300 tdi. In any case they should have contacts to source such 2.5na warranted for 6 months , a good-un max. £300 (inc. inject pump + all ancilliaries) + remove/re-fit £200 with your original engine loaded in the tub. Must be worth £50 if it is total scrap - that I doubt , then just part it out on eBay & get your £300 back LoL or shelve it for own spares.
  2. Harrison lathe

    Unfortunately you don't give a scale rule against the stamp. If it is approx. 1/2" across the oval - then it looks a typical 3rd party (probably apointed by the MOD) inspectors pass off stamp . The broad arrow stamp would b e avoided unless it was on govvy business. The indent brand is poor but the markings would give 'traceability' to the company , a unique personal mark for each inspector. On a quality or toolroom machine tool - you can expect several stamps. These would be governed by HOLD points , such as a check of the bed casting after machine , any induction hardening of ways - to confirm OK for next stage , this would be scraping (mottling) of bed & tailstock, fitting of headstock then - running of 'reference' cylinders using dti's. After all fitting work , you could expect finished work inspector / chargehand fitters stamp for functional check of all controls. I would have expected Harrisons to always employ a outside 3rd party inspection for the final 'pass-off.' For substantial government contracts - all this is determined at a 'pre-manufacturing meeting'. They could of course accept a "Certificate of Conformity" that more or less just states the goods meets out in house standards and any relevant national standards. I have even had to recheck hardware and documentation for Russian & East German power presses & found all in order - then rubber stamp + bray my hard stamp with a 2 lb hammer.
  3. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Strange - it seems a unusual cause. I can't see it being a con-rod bent , that would take something like a hyro. lock and you seem not to have been wading. It is significant that you can turn 4 engine revolutions - however that seems just short of a full cycle. Then I assume you are cranking 4 turns back to try it again. I doubt if you have smashed a 5 mb crank, they are a real heavy lump - I have shared my office desk knee hole with a ply boxed new spare for several years. You would soon feel back-lash if the crank had gone. Reading between the lines , it seems the cylinder head is now possibly removed and that would eliminate a jam-up on the valve gear (seized valve(s) + no bent push-rods to report.. Just seems to leave a smashed up roller tappet slide assembly and they are easily pulled (if the head is off) and I suppose a roller or bits of a roller could repeatedly jam in the same way at the same place. At the start you stated no noise like a cam belt stripped , however that department is a distinct possibility. but the end result does not indicate and I can't see how a belt that is parting could do it.
  4. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    http://slickpic.us/16581700MRM http://slickpic.us/1658174zuYZ Note - no bumperettes , the hood must have been swopped before going to auction , wrong type (FFR) also it would have been painted DP.
  5. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    Yes - almost certain it was the PYE Westminster model that was used. ------------- When I purchased 07GN11 in 1984 , I consulted with a Mr Isdale @ Technical , Solihull. In those days they were quite easy-going with LR nutters. Providing the info was not commercially sensitive. He ran through all the differences to a cvvy 'Basic' along with the following that I made a note of :- Contract WV8765/R2993 was for 300 qty. vehicles , 06GN53 to 09GN53 AVC 1621-0778 - Meaning a standard 88" CL ---------- I did have a HH 88" CL manuf. abt. 1980/81 , this would be the first contract with all the major changes (the Tri-Service KC contract would be identical). My first 88" S3 CL was manuf. abt. 1975 - it was a low mileage minta & I only had to change a front wing. This would be the first time I came across IRR paint , where it was flaked you could see pink and I considered this to be a primer that was not well bonded. I suspected it had been sprayed on top of factory delivery wax. So I took it to a local O.C.C.S. and blasted the IRR clean off to original DBG . Unfortunately I did not keep my log book of this LR , the spec. was identical to 07GN11 - so possibly it was a GN. I do recall eyeballing 88" SW (Station Wagen) at Ruddington but they always went for stupid £ regarding condition , the Army seemed to keep them far longer than a Basic. The S2A SW - ISTR were on a military chassis , certain there were some S3 and more or less exact civvy spec. I don't recall any 88" CL's with a razor bonnet , they may have been the odd few on small contracts - problem is I have never seen a list of CL Contracts. Only seen a handfull of Royal Navy CL's - most were 109" , the RN seemed to do their own thing - diesel and could have been purchased direct from a franchise dealer. I can hardly recall the very few RAF 88" CL's I observed - IIRC they were vans with back door. I have a couple of pics. of 07GN11 on SlickPic now , trouble is the 'share' does not seem to be working for me just now. Will work on it.
  6. 1966 Land Rover 109 inch Ex. Military

    OK - for now I will go along with the fact it is 1966 manuf. 45ER18 and could be a Rover 11. The integral wiper motor box at passenger side of the bulkhead would tend to confirm. However - if so why has it got headlamps in the wing panels - they should be in the radiator panel for 1966 build . Air-lift type front bumperettes would be OK for 1966 build, however if a late Rover 11 -it should have the short bumperettes as fitted to S3 & Defender (if fitted). If the front headlamps are correct - then the front bumber / bumperettes are wrong. Also if the headlamps are correct that would make it a late Rover 11 , that would have the shallow type sills, not the deep type sills of a 1966 build. Unfortunately this Rover has no sills. A very , very high suggested £ price for what could be a bit of a bitsa..
  7. B Card Translation

    btw. One thing I forgot to mention. The Lightweight hood was 'standardized' - the 12 volt vehicles new at Solihull received a FFR hood (extra side details for antenna mounts sliders/cables). The 88" CL was factory fitted with a civvy basic hood , so stitched on above the fuel filler cap was a black PVC oblong patch abt. 10" x 6". This was to protect the canvas against the filler nozzle - probably more important if diesel than petrol.
  8. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    Regarding - usage Royal Signls (V) TA Units. I was in 34 N Sig. Reg. (V) between 1969 and 1971 , based mainly around Gateshead/Middlesbrough/Darlington/Leeds. At this time all the vehicles Austin K9,Bedfords, Land Rovers were pained DBG , the only painted vehicle in OD was defo. a Bedford at Leeds (it was owned by the SAS and IIRC they had two 109" in OD). From abt. 1970 - all the TA Regiments were permitted a insignia decal on the doors - 24N was a blue/white lightning bolt flash approx. 12" long , two triangles one white one blue (decided from a regimental competition). The vehicles then were all S2A , quite new , always hosed down under & top soap washed before garaging. My trade was a ED - so I as a rule always drove a 109" , but was training for HGV starting on a K9 Signals truck .By 1972 - I was a Junior Engineer in the MN. This was still S2A days - so the 88" were Rover 8 or 10 (I can't recall any 6). I don't recall any 88" FFR - they were all 109". There were 88" Line Layers. My first leave , I called in at the TA Depot and there observed a S2A / Rover 1 Lightweight , I think it must have been the private taxi of a full-time staff sgt. - so it may have been a Catterick pool vehicle - probably confirmed by the fact that it was defo. pained in OD, that was the first time I drove a Lightweight & had it in mind to have my very own a.s.a.p. (that I did soon after). I presume the 88" S3 CL's did the same jobs as the S2A 8 or 10's. Now - I remember this quite clearly , there were very few. 1 based at Gateshead, this transported the WRAC Major from Gateshead to Darlington , then most training weekends to Leeds or Scarborough , always the driver was a corporal. Officers never ever drove. Well they did on a evening trip to pubs, a 2nd Lt. was sacked when he rolled a 88" near Whitby. Two 88" were based at Darlington , one seemed the private truck of a Officer Cadet but he had been in the ranks as a radio op. , the other was used by a full-time staff sgt. / taxi to fish & chip shop in town, weekends - used by the two radio technicians. Middlesbrough had two 88" and I presume they were used similar. On training weekends - normally a RMP (TA) 88" joined the fun - that was based at Stockton Depot. IIRC - all the non-FFR equipped had a PYE blue coloured - Westminster model I think.
  9. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    Yes - that is it, run by Merlin Management & you could obtain a print off headed Merlin Management (I don't think there was a mention of ADPCON) along with the 'B' Card - that was when the Ex-Military Land Rover Association had a monthly 'bulk-run' done prior to people following the FOI route. Merlin Management was probably a privatization scheme.
  10. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    You , have seen the other thread started yesterday for the later manuf. 88" CL. Your truck is only 7 vehicles distant from my 07GN11 , same contract - would have been on Solihull build line together. Missed the start of your thread a few weeks back , need time later to peruse, may be able to add info. / comment. I forget exactly ISTR ADPCON indicated that the vehicle had been added to a early computer database that for a while ran with the 'B' card system.
  11. B Card Translation

    I will have to consult my civvy 'User Instructions' - I don't think there was a military version , must be the disabled ejection seat.
  12. B Card Translation

    Round silver button , give me a clue - where should I be looking ? I see you do have the small oblong warning panels for BRAKE CHECK + FOG GUARD. Looks OK , you will have to look after it , you don't see many S3 at all on road now, late (upgraded) 88" always were rare , so a late S3 Ex-MOD is ever rarer ! I have taken some pics of pics (14/2/1984) - so it was 5yrs-1month old - the day I purchased. I will have to get son to upload them on SlickPick later. You can't check for chrome-ball gaiters & I don't think you can see sun-visors , but you can't see them on L'wt 19FM65 (on same pic) & I defo. fitted them early 1980 soon after I obtained it from Ruddington. Strange they dropped the ammeter from spec.
  13. B Card Translation

    Your aux. panel will be slightly different to mine because - it should have the BRAKE test switch or more probably just a small oblong panel as auto. test on ignition, similar panel - should have IIRC for FOG GUARD. The ammeter would be in the centre of the plastic lower dash , there will be a pressed indent, that in the civvy world was cut out to fit a car radio. You may have a 2" hole ! Possibly your later truck was fitted with a heavier capacity Lucas ACR alternator. You should be able with your late CL to neglect use of the Optional Parts Catalogue for electrical , as such yours will be 'time-line' as built - I would have to check by sifting the pages of Parts Catalogue - Part No. RTC9841 CE JUNE 1988. Just looked at the log book for my CL , 07GN11 Shortly after I obtained from CMA site @ Maltby near Stockton , I worked through the front axle changing seals, I am certain the balls are fitted with gaiters, no note of me fitting new - so I would just have rubbed Vaseline in and re-fitted them. I am almost certain mine has sun visors , they could have been fitted locally. Quite certain mine did not have front bumperettes , some did so probably fitted locally. ========= The Gurkhas did use lots of Lightweights , so your CL may have been as often used - around Catterick , always one outside the cop-shop , I think the last was a KC or KD , it has Serck pressed 'Security Plates' (as some late S3 did). There were always a few on 'driver-training' run , the common one to a cafe at West Auckland, (in later years ISTR these were not on the classic MOD reg. plates , Serck type used). Mine was Ex-TA RMP (Stockton) , check the galve. screen at passenger side , normally drilled 2 holes for fitting a angle short strut for blue lamp. You can pick up at relatively low cost aluminium MILITARY POLICE plates. As a show vehicle , something like a PYE Cambridge radio and that is about it - nothing top $
  14. B Card Translation

    Yes, with such a grand title - you would think you see it lots , not the case , never managed to work out the actual location on the map. In a way it sounds a bit like it is a 'material pool' on the ranges in Canada - but that would have shown on the FOI reply.
  15. B Card Translation

    Yes, most certainly went to Hong Kong , the 'Lowland' should be easy for some - I would be guessing a Scottish Regiment below Edinburgh / Glasgow but will be wrong on that. I think 'Lowland' is more a term used after the amalgamation of famous regiments - a bit like 'rifles'. Some people take a interest and are expert, know all the UIN and how / when thechoose files... Click to choosey can change. I only know the more basic abbr. etc. - more interested in the hardware than the software LoL