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  1. Preserving Canvas

    Tenting , in the early 1970's I used Mesowax etc. Then everybody seemed to be using FEBsilicone at a fraction of the cost of the silicone tentage proofers. Lots of people still use silicone brick proofer on tilts (the original spirit based - not the newer water based) The MOD introduced water based paints for canvas to avoid using alkyd type - apparently to save the stitching. About this time - I did my own experiment with a new Land Rover hood that I used through 1 winter (to get the excess wax dressing off and on to the screen glass and paintwork). I don't like cotton duck with the weave obliterated by heavy paint. So - I risked it and sprayed with cellulose OD , that hood must have had 10 years solid use all weathers , part use for next 10 years and I still have it. The cellulose thinner / paint did not attack the polyester stitching.
  2. Preserving Canvas

    Preservation of waxed cotton duck - a thread for a argument LoL I understand the traditional method for heavy tarp, tilts & sails was - in the main boiled linseed oil , bit of bees wax thinned with turpentine - all warmed up then slapped on. That was in the days when I was before the mast, the laskar mix. for hull primer being the same boiled linseed oil , + some fish oil mixed in a barrel amongst genuine red lead powder - clouds of it LoL However in this case , if it were me - I would just apply Barbour dressing (according to instructions) - then give a hot blow with the wife's hair drier.
  3. Any trolley jack experts ?

    btw . the chassis incline seems to have a series of stops , probably for a ratchet type 'safety-gear' bar - not present.
  4. Any trolley jack experts ?

    It is 'high-lift' - hence only 8 ton SWL , not seen one as BIG & heavy as this before & the biggest have been Epco or Joseph Bradbury. Seems to have a small plate - any markings extant ? Have a wire brish , on something substantial like this - you should find the makers ID incorporated along with a original Test Cert. No. & date + a few re-test. Prefix such as LW / LPHW being LLoyds British , WW = Wheway Watson etc. - find a test No. & you can always request a check of their register.
  5. '36 Fordson pick up

    I think it hardly matters if it were always civilian , it is very typical of vehicles conscripted for WW2 - it would look good with a typical wartime livery scheme + new khaki tilt - esp. if the front chrome bumper was overpainted black or drab.
  6. '36 Fordson pick up

    Pleased about that , I didn't think it was a Morris radiator , good it is Ford because this is a preWW2 Ford thread , the Wolkoff / Kent spy story has lots of twists & turns - like was Kent a German spy or for the Russians ? probably this author has failed in his research + probably copy/paste from another book - something to watch out for.
  7. '36 Fordson pick up

    Anna Wolkoff & Tyler Kent owned car that apparently towed a AFS fire pump. http://slickpic.us/1557384NDBz When reading this - I suspected the veracity , however how can you argue with established history ?
  8. '36 Fordson pick up

    I suppose it depends on the size of pump - there were some small ones. Anna Wolkoff at the start of WW2 joined the AFS , she had a small light 2 door Morris convertable , received additional petrol coupons for towing . She sold it on to Tyler Kent (he had more or less unrationed petrol from the uS embassy) - he crashed it March 1940 https://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/oct/18/rendezvous-russian-tea-rooms-spyhunter-fashion-designer-paul-willetts-review This book has a photograph of it - hitched on a tow-truck crane , I will 'borrow' the photograph and post it up for ID , I can't it seems to have coachbuilt bodywork - you may know the radiator etc.
  9. '36 Fordson pick up

    Probably WW2 Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) , I understand during wartime members were paid a wage + if they used their own car to tow a pump , then they were paid a extra allowance + extra petrol coupons. ISTR the going £ rate was on the suitability of the vehicle - probably this conversion was a good £ earner.
  10. New Format

    Thanks for the explanation Joris , obviously - I should have followed events more deeply.
  11. New Format

    Can you please expand to a non-techie , how the previous forum software was about to break ? Was it because it was no longer suitable for hand-held devices ?
  12. Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    No - I don't consider it represents Facebook at all , I don't understand Facebook - just had a peruse of two resto. type vehicle sites + the odd post - to correct idiots - to further the interests of correct vehicle history.. Very shallow content on Facebook , one liners by people on their phone/camera , not responsible for veracity of content and on historical matters they seem to claim they are a expert (so bad - I consider trolling) - never seems to be corrected , because in any case it seems to be culled from the screen as messages ongoing are heaped on top of messages - then soon gone - nil. archive it seems. Some people you can ID from their Forums handle(s) - the worst of this expert trolling is by people who seem to have no history of Forum etiquette. I get the distinct impression these people have given up there PC (to aid funding of phone contract) and have decided to get by to maintain their modernity - so Forums have no place for them. And the totally BARMPOT thing about Facebook is that it you do contribute - don't forget NOT to use the 'Enter' key before your scribed completion !
  13. S2a renovation project

    You are asking for this info. on another board , can't find how to post there , not even certain if you will see this link LoL https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5kIlEiLq7M8bjZYODVpYUYyd3M/view Have a look at the Smithies website at Kiwi for other info. you will need $ free
  14. New Format

    I think the problem where there is complaint (and I appreciate the work input by admin. and therefore don't like to grump) - is that previously you could quickly scroll to the bottom of the screen and at a quick glance see the bulk of the posting activety of the day . Easier to follow threads you had been following and also at a glance see new threads that you may be interested in , then continue to follow. Basically nobody likes extra work , for those with little IT ability it now seems a bit of a trawl. HMVF has lots of 'boards' , same format with fewer and it would be easier - but what do I know ?
  15. Parts wanted

    Rackwood used Mangam for scraping - so that fits. I remember Salkelds , later a son was running the show for JSY & Bowmer Kirkland. The Vigor at Ravenscar - probably it dragged a DIY welded catamaran for miles over fields for launch, most ugly floating thing I have ever seen , last observed in Whitby harbour abt. 12 years ago.