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  1. ruxy

    Tool hunt

    IREGA do offer both right & left turning models , ISTR it is the knurl nut helix thread - uncertain of the benefit(s) , I doubt if it is to provide best choice option for both right & left handed persons ?
  2. I have heard that type of spring clip called a "French Clip" , I don't know how correct the term is ?
  3. ISTR that with GS , you need to settle on 2mm rod dia. the rest of the dims. are as near as dam for the application. I did intend to check the hole dia. to see if possible to go up in clip rod dia. ? https://www.gsproducts.co.uk/2mm-stainless-safety-spring/ ---------------------- The originals when new are a goldish colour passivation , I don't think malt vinegar will touch this grade of SS , possibly drain some mix. out of a old battery will ? Malt vinegar can give a good blackadised finish on most tool steels high in chrome. My other idea , shot blast the pins for grip and then use a black acid etc. then green NATO Regarding , "distressing" - model makers are often the best , possibly Steve Carr (Jessie the Jeep) should be consulted ? Or just leave bright SS / blasted mass SS ? I am undecided , still pondering and moving slowly on with overall Clansman project. -------- Interestingly - when I was a apprentice I worked with a few ex-RAF fitters - this is where I learned what a Oddie fastener was. I wonder if FOKKER clips were designed in WW1 era. for retaining aircraft panels & allowing quick release ?
  4. Well , I have my notes here - from when I used my Moore & Shite 0-1" and genuine Starrett (Jedburgh) 6" ruler of glare-resistant chrome finish , also Zeus tables (all equipment purchased 1965) however - be aware I need to go to SpecSavers Rod dia. 2.25mm Length 45mm Max. O'all length 55mm Internal of helicoil 10mm Closed 15mm Open 20mm A civil surveyor should be able to decipher a engineer surveyor's notes LoL
  5. Well - I would not call them a Linch pin , actually I would say they are a Fokker . I recently had the same sourcing problem for identical application. Genuine ones are plated , if it were cadmium - then they would probably not rust through - the real ones are the real Fokkers ,,. It depends - do you wish to be a rivet-counter ?? Possibly you should buy a stash of Stainless Steel ones , dimension wise the same , even mirror bright (not distressed) IMHO better than rusted split-pins , so often seen in service & demob.. ------------------------ I would suggest you eyeball the GS Products web site https://www.google.com/search?q=fokker+pin&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b
  6. Arrive at the only conclusion. Ethanol in bulk tanker delivery is done using tanks of Grade 100 Series , Stainless Steel. Obviously there is "Regulation" on shifting the stuff , however once within a car fuel tank the gov. don't give s.f.a. As we know , it can attack some Buna (synthetic) rubber , also some plastics - I assume plastic fuel tanks are OK ? Years ago when ethanol /petrol mix was being used , car tanks were Terne Steel and fuel lines were in the main Bundy (more or less rolled Terne). Rubber fuel hose seems a modern problem , although it should be well marked for suitability. Much fear propaganda when E5 was introduced , I have had no problems. E10 may be different. Light ends vapping off is supposed to be a problem - that would only be with a vented system, same with the hygroscopic problem.
  7. The ethanol content can absorb water from the atmosphere. AFAIK - straight petrol is train tankered (overnight) from the refineries to the "Dry" terminals and it is here that the Ethanol is added just prior to road tanker. I suppose it aids the CAP grain over-target + weather spoilt grain. Even post-BREXIT , the RPA is fully funded equiv. of CAP subsidy for several years. AFAIK - situation unchanged to several years ago - it takes more energy to produce Ethanol to go into the production machinery , than the Ethanol obtained as product ! All the yellow fields that once you never observed in the countryside - the Oil seed Rape (virgin) and it's brash rubbish pressing - makes up the % added to mineral DERV or straight bioDiesel.
  8. Wilkins 'patent' movable floor , what goes around comes around , now loose bulk carriers are referred to with "walking floor" & one or two + manufacturers claim they hold patent.
  9. On a M201 - lifting the bonnet , a Bosch coil to me seems a bit incongruous - they were Frenchified , such as the Carter for a Solex , so I would expect a SEV Marchal. So has the Bosch been fitted as a near by a PO ? You should be able to quote that code to Bosch Automotive and obtain data & alternatives, however IMHO it is a supposition that it would be as originally intended . If I sift through the odd book I have - I may be able to determine.
  10. Have a look at the blunt end , there will probably be a letter code embossed on the can (it will also incorporate 24) , from that you should be able to establish more info.
  11. Yes, refer to Company No. 6457216 - however as always it needs bang up to date research prior to taking effective action.. Mr. Nelz Nelson has put himself on a long-rope , however this type of Mr. R. Sole has no hiding place , unless he takes up sleeping in a shop doorway overnight. His home address , if he owns it (most important - is he worth bankrupting) - such details are so readily obtained , along with £ tied up in any business..
  12. Prior to filling any forms (don't fall at the first hurdle) , you need to establish ' who you are dealing with' as party to any proceedings. It seems to me that this is not a Mr. Nelz Nelson it is a "Non-Limited Company" known as Elite Militaria, my understanding is that this is legally technically different to 'Sole Trader' status - you need best opinion on this point. From my experience in a County Court , paying for Solicitors & Barrister , you win your case then have to £ fund a Costs Hearing - then employ a "Practitioner" , so I hope for your sanity the Small Claims Court procedure is a easier ride ! At least his business is not Ltd. Liability - so if he has any assets in the name of his "Non-Limited Company" - then you may just be in with a small chance - provided there is no " Licensed Insolvency Practitioner" involved.
  13. The plate you found was on the seat-base ? Have a look for the VIN plate - lift bonnet - probably on firewall , back of engine is a fav. position. Otherwise search cab. You may find a nomenclature plate that states the VRM (military registration mark). Collect that info. and do a FOI request , somebody on here should be able to give the latest instructions. With the VRM - you should be able to do a Merlin search on-line, that would give you military history - postings locations etc. Disposal date , where disposed of.
  14. I don't see that charging away from base radius will be a problem. Many people are going to get a rapid charging point pedestal next to their front drive. Just like some people rent out their drive for regular parking during daytime, people will order them for use with any card, you will just drive on a strangers drive , use your card , charge-up and go.
  15. That Contract No. / Warrant No. plate - alone must be worth a few ££ quid, and the OD hardly needs T cut. Any snags getting into MV show ground for £ zilch as spectator / exhibitor - just show the all important plate + no problems for Kit and quite good storage security. Actually for £ free entry to visitor park - I find a yellow bridge plate gets me a wave past the gate LoL
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