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  1. ruxy

    Steve McQueen's 1945 Willys Jeep MB

    The top $ cost of buying COOL LoL
  2. ruxy

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Now - I can see BEDFORD pressed in the top (rear) of the rocker cover , I am so thick - part illegible but was convinced it was FORD !
  3. Obviously - a double-lap flare is best on a pressure pipe, seems he is fitting a remote intensifier / servo , possibly with a remote reservoir where the feed pipe would be just static head. ? You can soon find the minimum bursting pressure for Bundy and Kunifer + any quality branded pipe or fitting , not so easy to find the vehicle max. braking operating pressure. I am uncertain what the MOT situation actually is , abt. 5 years ago a MOT examiner actually suggested and gave the OK for me to use a straight connector with a new length of pipe from front offise slave cylinder on a S2A Land Rover. This was to save a load of work and hassle as it is a long complex shaped pipe going by way of IIRC cross member near bellhousing. I decided to take the best option of a full new length of Cupro Nickel pipe.
  4. ruxy

    Grease Nipples

    Years ago I would have said Tecalemit , now it seems Lumatic Catalogue http://www.lumatic.co.uk/
  5. ruxy

    East London Lwt

    Wally , just checked - your Beverly Museum letter is in here :- https://forum.emlra.org//viewtopic.php?f=25&t=6577 -- I do have the odd similar LWT letter(s) , may have been obtained direct via. CWG (deceased) latterly of Nothallerton.
  6. btw, you don't state the pipe material , there are cutting olive rings for steel. https://www.indanc.com/catalogue/results.aspx?search=olive+rings+steel+pipe If you are in that class for brakes , then I would do a search on what ERMETO have available
  7. You may find that imperial microbore is difficult to get & in any case you would not wish to use cheapo Italian brass. What you need is a "Wade" quality unequal pipe coupler. https://www.indanc.com/Catalogue/Brass-Compression-Fittings/Wade-Imperial-Couplings/Reducing-Coupling-WADE-40431
  8. ruxy

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Visiting aircraft - there would be standard procedures. Not for a SLG (esp. if used for storage) many RAF pilots overflew them and were unaware of their existence. Forgetting the two huge ELG (intended for bombers). A diversion to a operating or ELG , Darky (or is it Darkie) or no Darky , any aircraft (inc. Luftwaffe or even Italian) obviously in distress. The searchlight teams had their instructions , all ALL lower their lights and aim at the nearest operational or ELG. The nearest light would using a few million candles make gooseneck or fido obsolete , all that mattered was to get down - what happend after - I don't know..
  9. ruxy

    East London Lwt

    Well , it is very wll known , owned by a internet forum person who goes under the handle of - sickpup. For any LWT enthusiast , who thinks he knows all LoL , this is THE one that defies known recorded history. The owner has spent years on research , turned out a few surprises that defy all previously known - chassis numbers , VRM , service transfer(s) and nomenclature plates specific to the RN. I would have to do a few searches , the last info. sickpup reported on is most most interesting. If ever MJC does anorther re-print of his 1/2 Ton book then this LWT certainly deserves a couple of dedicated pages.. Certainly a RARE , rare LWT. ------------------------- Thread , Navy Liveried Lightweight , on ExMLRA Forum for starters.
  10. ruxy

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    If you read BRITAIN'S MILITARY AIRFIELDS 1939-45 , by David J. Smith ,supplement book & all his /other similar books . The stated book above is national and covers well the development of main field to hard strips + dispersals etc. Then you will see there was just no requirement for "Follow me", the procedure was just never considered..
  11. ruxy

    Defence Service Eye Spacing

    Regarding bow shackles & nom. sized. I would expect a pick to me made from a Crosby bolt-type. There is quite a range between 6T and 20T for Crosby and similar better makes used for registered lifting tackle. There are some dodgy shackles out there , the worst I have come across were 'single-trip' shackles used for ship export lashings and branded with SWL - on proof test they crumpled before 1/4 of WLL achieved. Some high tensile shackles , even meeting BS are below such as a Crosby
  12. ruxy

    Defence Service Eye Spacing

    Google on the two words - Holebones recovery , lots comes up , many previous details on past HMVF threads , named after the REME Officer who invented it in 1942. Details of several attachments due to variations of attachment points on vehicles - so I doubt if any 'standard(s)' ..
  13. ruxy

    Contract FVE-22A-304

    Of course , if it is a Hobson Industries - "Project Tithonus" re-work for the MOD - then there would be additional modifications. ISTR 'County' trim=spec. seats , roll-over protection frame and a Wolf plastic hardtop + other mods. I forget . O'h - yes , that examined & found tip-top chassis , coated with preservative to last another 20 years ! LoL
  14. ruxy

    Contract FVE-22A-304

    This is a example. NB. Covers vehicles 79KE06 to 16KF66.Built 1985-1986 Fiscal year. https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/land-rover110supplementary-parts-catalogue-3467-p.asp
  15. ruxy

    Contract FVE-22A-304

    If you find the Contract details , it is not going to tell you a great deal of info. Just the nomenclature that appears on the plate , such as GS , 12 volt, Cargo. It could also possibly state Hardtop - that is all. What you need is to view the "Supplementary Parts List" covering the date of manufacture (not so easy to find on the internet , as it used to be). In the front pages is a 'MATRIX' . this tells you all the 'bolt-on' to the BASIC , you just cross-reference to the Contract No. and read the boxes that contain a x , this tells you the accessories / supplementaries as supplied by Solihull..