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  1. ruxy

    Lwt Speedometer Repair

    http://www.northhantstyres.com/main-tyre-pages/sta-tyres/650-16-sta.html For a show truck - this is all there is, correct size & look the part, presently available new - that I am aware of. Can't be worse then the Goodyear Hi-Miler Extragrips that were manufactured in Morocco (in my experience the side-walls cracked out early) , the ones marked Made in Britain were better. I also use 205R16 / 205 80R16 - choice hardly exists for a tread-pattern that looks correct. Just to make myself unpopular - never fit 7.50's - truly awfull.
  2. ruxy

    Lwt Speedometer Repair

    I have only checked Craddocks price as a benchmark https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/other/military/parts/instruments-and-cables/prc2605-speedometer-with-trip-series-3-600650-x-16-tyres-and-101-fcontrol-k-p-h.html Actually , I don't consider it to be excessive in price , you may find cheaper at Paddocks, Derbyshire LR etc. This will be a OEM from ISTR a firm in Wales that took over some of the interests of Smiths Industries. Of course a PRC 2605 in a "Genuine" Land Rover box would be extortionate - I dare not check it out (and I would expect a 40% counter discount at a franchise dealer). Apart from that - lots of bits specific to L'wt are now extortionate, too many people wishing to re-build on a new chassis , thus far few being broken for spares. A top $ L'wt needs to be kept Solihull original, 6.50 x 16 size tyres are still best, but only one manufactured looks good - just very expensive, competition needed..
  3. ruxy

    Lwt Speedometer Repair

    Abt. 1979/80 , L'wt changed to a kilometer clock - so Km larger on the outside + odo = Km. Always check you have a genuine Lightweight speedo cable Part No. 579435 , IIRC the length difference is shorter to a civilian cable. It is important that the curvatures are correct & the route is well off the front exhaust pipe. Never use a non-genuine , a Britpart drive end is a triangular shape and does not work. Always worth a check of the square Bowden drive at the gearbox speedometer housing - the securing plate (disc) is held by three cup head screws ISTR 2BA and access is not good. A easier check is at the speedo head - the grey plastic bayonet fitting has a clip , undo and pull the bowden in case about to snap. Best to have assistant at gearbox end to turn, better still fit a new one & check the original off vehicle. Springs ! don't believe it , by all means open up _ I did then taught myself how to clock a clock. It sounds to me like the air-gap has crud or lubricant from the drive cable (I have had that on a VW Beetle). Basically the needle has a cup or disc on its spindle and it is driven by a rotating magnetic disc. The correct air gap is very important - I normally spray it with electrical cleaning fluid. You may find a needle spring (actually a coil hair spring) on the needle spindle - yes this could be busted or just cruded.
  4. ruxy

    What BMC diesel engine is this?

    They were quite a good quality engine , re-mounts for Land Rovers often came from BMC angle-cabs (bread vans) that were scrapped at 200,000 + miles , from these sources - I would say they were as fit as a 2.1/4 pet. Knocked on the head by the 2.5na Land Rover engine - the BMC drove with more of a tinkle sound. You may find that in-line inject. pump is a Simms (quality) above the CAV rotary (Roosa Master) that was also used. The canal boat anchor joke - that belonged to the versions cammed & fueled for such as Coventry Climax etc. etc. Not quite the name Perkins , IIRC built with axles at the Bathgate Works.
  5. ruxy

    Land Rover Series III Lightweight

    Glam. blow job. I don't doubt the date being around 1972 - however much is wrong in detail ( I will not bother to list all) . Seems to have a new rear member fitted but far from original design angle braces welded in. Apart from that - every indication is that it was ex-Solihull as a FFR - now converted to 12 volt - such a vehicle does not normally command top $ £15,680 - good price for the seller , buyer beware.
  6. ruxy

    Front winch on a Land Rover

    £ cost of a 4x4 winch training day..
  7. ruxy

    Front winch on a Land Rover

    Just Goooogle on the words - SAS DINKY 90 Even the IWM have one @ Hendon - with winch LoL Myth or Reality - I forget.. Long read on a HMVF , turned out to be a Walt , goes to show - layers of paint , passing years & dust. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/70000251
  8. ruxy

    Mushrooms in deisel

    I have heard of the 'black kiss of death' , never experienced it. I have stale DERV in a LR tank where the engine has not been run for two years. It is a side-fill 109" S2A but fitted with a 2.5na. I intend removing the tank for a thorough internal inspection. People running with re-cycled frying oil , & various DIY blends , Mazola etc. I would expect veg. oil mixed with kero or white spirit / petrol etc. would be at a greater bio risk - however from the little I know of the local offenders - they run with impunity ?
  9. ruxy

    LR Series 1 4x2

    Part-complete (as intended by gov. tight-wads) and running 4x2 , or fully complete (as originally intended by Wilks Bros) and running 4x4 ??
  10. ruxy

    LR Series 1 4x2

    I suppose the actual quantity manufactured is readily determined from all the sources. Some (I think lots) were re-mustered with Ministry of Public Buildings and Works , I suppose a 'all on file' FOI request to the D of E would be interesting ? Yours was possibly demobbed by MofPB&W. Most obviously in civvy ownership were converted to 4x4 , I garaged a front axle-tube for donkeys years , it is now encased in concrete on the garden riverbank flood prevention scheme (along with several dismantled LR leaf springs) LoL
  11. ruxy

    SAS Land Rovers - before the Pink Panther

    "Quarter Ton" by Pat Ware page 25 ;- + two photographs of 43BR70 FVRDE - built FV18006 SAS patrol vehivle. This vehicle was modified from a standard FV.18001 Mk.3 86 inch wheelbase cargo variant supplied under contract 20244 in 1955. Note the scuttle mounted Vickers 'k' observer's machine guns, and the rear mounted Browning. This is one of nine 86 inch vehicles converted to this role, with a number of 88 inch variants also being built before the Series 2 was adopted in 1967 (TMB)
  12. I think you have it correct , I think & can see Royal + Army & the V - or am I just seeing the suggested ? I have in the past tried two monitor screens with / without ambient light.
  13. He looks very regimental ceremonial mascot , possibly the trailer is a double-decker transporter for his flock ? I did notice the telephone box - possibly a agricultural show ?
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/d3d583f0-ef75-4203-8913-8e95e68a591c For full marks - 1. why is it parked in a farm-yard ? 2. what breed is the tup ?
  15. ruxy

    Mystery socket set

    Try and find a Britool catalogue from early 1960's , a dealer gave me one approx. 1965/1967 but it would be dated a few years earlier. The .488" hex. drive is detailed there with various sets. I still have the catalogue but it would take a bit of finding ,, Scroll down here :- http://www.historywebsite.co.uk/Museum/metalware/britool/britool.htm It is the cat. with the coloured front , seems dated 1960. ISTR , possibly no 1/2" square drive listed then ? At the time - as a apprentice I was building up a comprehensive set of 3/8" drive - that were then called Britool "AERO" . I did have some .488" drive & adaptors to 1/2" drive - that I used with my first 1/2" drive set - a Elora purchased from the pages of Exchange & Mart at a exhorbitant price but still a fair bit cheaper than Britool. I remember my elder sister picking up a copy of E&M and throwing it away with the comment "I don't know what you see in that magazine , it's full of adverts" LoL