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  1. "Jet Patching" of pot-holes does not seem to stand up to traffic from what I have seen. Or is it that the County Council has no £ funds to oversee that the work by contractors (from Eire it seems) is done correctly ?
  2. It is a known problem , these tight backing rims have been readily available for a good while now. At first blush - the quality and finish does seem genuine Lucas. They could be a Chinese copy ? I may get around to screwcutting a plug to make into a expanding tool. Some people make a few splits with a junior hacksaw blade. Probably Lucas TVS (India)
  3. If it is a 'authorized' drop kerb then it will be to a high specification under the sets. I had one done over 45 years ago and the Urban District Council authority stated only their direct works department could do the work (the cost to me was £40). There should be a concrete foundation under the sets, compacted hardcore under any slab or tarmac pavement. It is now a Unitary Authority - County Council, now you have to apply for a license , they give details of 'appointed as approved' contractors who may do the work , along with instructions ref. sewers / power cables etc. On completion and probably stage work - the Highways comes out and gives a final pass & document that should be retained with the property papers. One was recently done near me , traffic lights & the whole lot , work that was once done by a labrador with a spade in in under 1 hour - now requires a mini-excavator to be trailer delivered , a quotation £ 1000 to £2000 (no fixed estimates).
  4. The one on EBAY (Marcus Glen) , I am certain the packaging label is identical to reproductions being sold by Champ & Land Rover dealers. I have had them in the past , I would rather have them than a original. The pressed edge is spot-on (I have compared). I just use a genuine bridge-plate for a drill-jig. The advantage of the repro. is that the steel is Zintec or a similar coating. Originals are just plain bright mild steel , you can blast clean them , prime & finish but if vehicle is in daily use - the rust comes through. Garage queen - I would still use a £15 copy.
  5. I am interested in reading about the history of the Russian BT range of tanks - is anyone able to suggest a good book ? Thanks in advance..
  6. pdf attachment on here , this is a example for parts. Obviously true in-service Bowman period. You will have to refine your own searches. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/327638/response/808420/attach/html/4/AESP 2320 D 128 522 Final Redacted.pdf.html
  7. You could always try your own FOI on your Contract No. , asking for everything retained , obviously less hardware LoL
  8. Have a look at this lot at Smithies http://smithies.co.nz/land_rover/ The 12 volt side is more or less civvy Basic that you will find in a Haynes Diesel. You can find some AESP by searcing using FOI (requests) Army Equipment Support Publications. You may not find your exact Contract No. but one near does. For Supplementary Catalogue(s) you can find but no not so easy on-line. Most had a Matrix at front - so you find your Contract No. in column , read across for supplementary "Bolt-on" packages that Solihull fitted. Generally most of 24 volt is standard (genny etc.) , obviously different loom/harness sometimes 90" / 110" ------- One, I sometimes use is Wolf - FOI 2016/00702-AESP2320
  9. Is your map reading lamp of intended MOD Defender type ? like this :- https://www.thexmod.com/item_detail.asp?id=660 , very bog-std. & boring. I always considered these lamps. manuf. by Hella - quite good , and in fact superior to what I have used in Series (because they have a better military appearance) , so I purchased a batch , ISTR in Hella packaging. The Land Rover boxed ones seem quite expensive now. --------------------- https://www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk/land-rover/military-variants/interior/map-reading-light-prc3832.html John Richards states this lamp is EARLY Defender type - on 'time-line' I don't know when EARLY ended - Wolf ?
  10. Undoubtedly your truck has been involved with Bowman, however as I see it - it is a relatively early 90" - therefore Clansman radio equipment would be more 'in-period' and easier / £ cheaper to obtain. Wing boxes are more costly than several years ago but far from unobtainium. Often they used to be sold complete with all items, now even the flex. mounts for the TUAAM are removed - to just a bare box ! The antenna base elements (BALUN ring-thing) can differ in detail nomenclature plating and some can have no makers plates (will be Racal but probably intended for export ? I was reliably informed ). The 'base antenna mounts' (flexible aerial support) - over about 20 years production , there were several versions , generally No.31 with different Mk. Most of the detail difference is the design of the collet clamping - this is something you should consider if you are time-line rivet counter..
  11. ISTR that Racal owned approx. 6 qty. 90" XD Wolf for trials & they never were the property of the MOD. IIRC they were sold off abt. 2005.
  12. ruxy

    Milweb prices

    1995 - McGreggor (spelin ? ) down in Wales first quoted me a straight £10,000 delivered to NE, all the good-uns must now be well worn out !
  13. ruxy

    Milweb prices

    What you say is quite true , however 'chancers' - to me there are a few versions within vehicle circles. A friend (deceased) of mine , intelligent (public school , county supported) , then salaried county 'official' , his words to me was always "information is power". His step-dad had the village petrol station so he was always motors inclined. His main interest for over 50 years was doing the deal , K9 was largest he would take on , Jeeps, Land Rovers, all MG and Spridgets. When computers and forums came established - if he ever used it would be at work/library ?? His whole business plan to me seemed faulted (buy cheap,sell top$) , his working £ capital was always tied up in unsold stock-in-trade , I always commented - take up river club fishing and learn the pools , also if you take up spinning - don't try snatching. Some people never learn , I doubt if the profitable deals balanced the loss deals. However - the benefit was he loved touring the countryside meeting people with similar interests - what price do you place ?.
  14. The book "Quarter Ton" by Pat Ware (Warehouse publications 1996) Unless other 'in-service' pics with veracity turn up - that may give changes. Page 125 shows a FV18003 (side on view) . States - apparently 134 supplied , in 1955 , under contract 21227. Poor quality photograph. It does indicate to me Yellow hard-top inc. roof , doors yellow , bonnet yellow , the remainder seems to be black. Page 124 has quite a good photograph (good front + side view) of a FV18005 mountain rescue ambulance.. One of 24 similar supplied to RAF during 1955 & 1957. Author suspects pic from first contract. must be all RAF -arch to to roof gutter). Page 123 has some info. Truck , 1/4 ton. CL/GS, ambulance, 2 stretcher. Rover Mk.4, 107" WB. Mentions details of coachworks, also states - This vehicle was occasionally also described as 'truck, 1/4 ton, CL/GS, 4X4 , ambulance special' NB. The photographs in book all seem period official - ministry. ------ ISTR many years ago a article in a Rover mag. has pics & details of one that had turned up in a sad state for resto.
  15. I hope that the 70+ years old dielectric will still function ! Have you checked the capacitance , the only reliable check will be when 'in-service' ,,
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