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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-suffolk-47975654/military-museum-in-suffolk-man-s-shed-includes-1200-guns
  2. On a RHD , it is going to be the strut support for the bulkhead and that is a structural component , I suppose after 60+ years some do rust (base of stiffener strip & joint face to chassis) but I doubt if in high demand ? Probably to shift it - on the Land Rover Series One Club FORUM (sales/wants). They like the real genuine thingies.
  3. Check if his tyres have T on the sidewall , possibly during WW2 there was a T (tropicalized) rubber. With origins of growth in a Jungle it may be naturally tropicalized before the rubbish is factory added ? It may not be some new ersatz :- https://www.carsifu.my/news/bosch-introduces-highly-durable-advance-wiper-blades
  4. btw If you look at the book :- Classic Warbirds No. 12 "The ANZACs" by Malcolm Laird & Steve Mackenzie Page 13. photograph QUOTE This page . Two air to air photos of Spitfire PR.X1 PL885, flying at altitude over Italy. Note the uneven appearance of the PRU blue overall colour scheme. (R. Buchanan) ---------------- Although the pics are black/white , it does seem correct , and wing upper surfaces do seem panel / panel delineated. I can only surmise they actually clouded by use of all four shades around "Sky".
  5. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235041250-most-common-raf-underside-colour-battle-of-britain/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidney_Cotton This colour , there is evidence of good veracity IMHO , as to where Sidney Cotton obtained this colour from and registered it as CAMONTINT , this was in the days of his private PRU before nationalization by the RAF. He observed that a aircraft soon dissapeared from sight soon after take-off , it was - owned by the Maharaja of Jodhpur
  6. 1975 Lightweight , and very RARE too - one of those Solihull built (it seems) as a Petrol 109" w.b. LoL QUOTE. 911 prefix chassis No. If truly a 1975 manuf. L'wt - the chassis No. prefix should be more like 951
  7. A friend went on some internet site to check up on a used Ifor Williams transporter prior to purchase. I suppose a site supported by Ifor Williams , he mentioned that Ifor Williams trailers were now manufactured in China ! - I suppose he was reliably informed that this was fact ? I suppose they would be imported in fully knocked down - true/false ?
  8. 10FG54 "Pink Panther" , I suppose it safe to assume went to Ruddington disposals as BER , I doubt if it was enthusiast rebuilt ?
  9. I knew of some WW2 Bedford axles still with tyres fitted - vehicle scrapped 1950's , in undergrowth but still in sun - never moved in all the years. I used to comment to the owner that the tyres still showed no visible cracking. I used to run my finger over the treads to leave carbon black, the last time I did this was in early 1980's. Possibly more natural rubber than butyl ? I would have expected any natural or early ersatz blend to crack out early ?
  10. I propose LarryH57 for next moderator Seconder ?
  11. Seems to me that European countries having languages other than English have had to invent new words for what we have always used PLAGIARISM..
  12. 28mm socket is only 2 thou. bigger across the hex. than 5/8" Whit / 11/16 BS , it could be metric but 28 is not a preferred size like 22 , 24 & 27mm . However - I would not expect a preferred hex. size on a wheel lug nut as often the nut hex. is larger than a normal nut hex. for the stud dia. In metric wheel studs , you can expect a finer thread pitch than the nominal accepted common fine pitch used on bolting / studding . I suppose the same is a possibility with UNF but less so with BSF.
  13. https://reglasgow.com/rundown-glasgow-docks-will-double-for-war-time-france-in-major-movie/ Seems there may be auditions for a "convoy" ? + driver / mechanics LoL
  14. Arguable possible , however IMHO - not a "Substantial Change" RULES. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/670431/vehicles-of-historical-interest-substantial-change-guidance.pdf Providing his - 2.25 diesel is a 2286 cc Solihull lump , not out of something like a Daihatsu. Probably such as a slightly later 2.5na is also acceptable. Of course RULES should be in plain English (they are) and easily understandable (not) ,,
  15. The original cyclones were steel & a bit of a 'collectors piece' , when adopted by Solihull - I think all theirs were plastic. Do you have one fitted ? Although my 2.5na is LR Spec. the inlet side I have fitted is Sherpa with drum style filter housing - so the filtration is adequate for public highway only , not inc. desert. I don't therefore have a cyclone fitted.
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