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  1. goanna

    Rear Lights

    Ron Being a early production Morris , maybe your PU/8 would have been fitted with the rubbolite tailights .
  2. goanna

    engine change

    Back in the 1980's, Colin Anderson the well known military vehicle restorer , installed a GMC 270 into his QL Bedford. He drove it to Corowa one year and later on he sold it to somebody in Sydney. It was used in a TV series as a Jap truck in Malaya !
  3. Richard Many thanks for those pics and the dimensions of the rails ! I have a pair of old original MW side curtains that I don't need , these are the small curtains that fit at the rear corners of the cab behind the doors. This pics may be of interest: post war service in Denmark
  4. Ah thanks for that . Some close up pics of the catwalks would be a great help to me What is the brand of that tyre PETL??? Are these tyres Asian origin ?
  5. Looking at the catwalks along each side of the tank - appears to be 1" angle iron with wooden cross slats ? Can anybody provide some sketches or close up pics of the catwalks ? Mike in Australia
  6. goanna

    morris commercial cs8

    Those tanks look nice Mario. Did you recycle the original end caps and the filler neck ?
  7. goanna

    British 'refugee' vehicles in Australia

    At least one MWC was shipped to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea , and it was used by a searchlight unit there in 1942 . I think some of the refugee vehicles stayed in vehicle parks for the duration. They were a odd bod bunch and didn't see much service in the Aust. army. They were surplused/ sold beginning in 1944 to Govt. departments or purchased by the parent company eg Ford, Morris , GM in Australia, then sold through the dealerships to farmers and other essential users
  8. Hi I found some interesting info in the Australian army registration books , these books are held at the AWM and are online . Ships loaded with vehicles on board were heading for Singapore when the nips overran Malaya. The ships were diverted and the vehicles were unloaded at Australian ports . I have found MWC's, WOT2D's , Austin K2Y's and more. The WOT2's were disposed beginning late 1944 , I have seen a few of these ex bush fire brigade examples over the years. Some of the MWC's went to fire brigades as did Morris CS8's.
  9. goanna

    Morris CS8 water bowser

    The box with the angled lid that is sitting on the drivers side catwalk contains the MONO power pump, this pump is driven from the engine through the front end
  10. goanna

    morris commercial cs8

    Mario Did you receive the last lot of photos I emailed you ? Pics of the bonnet. Can you email me some pics of the aero screen channel. I think the originals were brass but I really don't know for sure.
  11. goanna

    Morris CS8 water bowser

    A high resolution photo of the CS8 water bowser with kiwi soldiers. The chap to the right has lost some teeth. http://ndhadeliver.natlib.govt.nz/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE1020751&dps_custom_att_1=emu
  12. I have a set of NOS pistons for the CS8 engine +40 . I think these are a aftermarket brand ? These are heavy pistons, I believe they have a high iron content . The iron pistons normally have a tin coating on the piston, this aids the running in process. The tin has come away from these old ones I have I am thinking of shot peening these old pistons . Any thoughts ? I have done the peening on an old set of Chevy 216 pistons and these have been running without any problems
  13. goanna

    bedford mwd tailboard capping

    The 1941 CS8 GS body tailgate I have, has a plain flat capping that goes all around the tailgate , 1/8" thick.
  14. goanna

    Morris Commercial CS8 ...the one from Dads Army Movie.

    Which movie was that ? A CS8 in German markings was featured in many episodes of HOGANS HEROES , the 1960's US comedy . Remember Sgt Shultz and his famous comment " I know nothing " How on earth did a CS8 end up in Hollywood ?
  15. goanna

    Fuel pump diaphram material

    I agree with Richard. Beware of old stock fuel pump kits. Years ago I put a old stock kit in a Dodge WC fuel pump. Everything seemed OK until the oil pressure went downhill . Yikes ! The diaphram in the kit was perished and the petrol just went into the engine sump and diluted the oil !