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  1. Fuel pump diaphram material

    I agree with Richard. Beware of old stock fuel pump kits. Years ago I put a old stock kit in a Dodge WC fuel pump. Everything seemed OK until the oil pressure went downhill . Yikes ! The diaphram in the kit was perished and the petrol just went into the engine sump and diluted the oil !
  2. Fuel pump diaphram material

    The fuel pump diaphrams I have seen are usually laminated eg with many layers of a thin rubber material sandwiched together.
  3. Fuel pump diaphram material

    N Nitrile rubber might work . I used some for a carby gasket and its been fine . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrile_rubber
  4. Help identify please

    The captured Fiat spent its post war life on a farm in Gippsland . It still had the original bodywork in the 1950's. Two of these captured Fiats were taken up to New Guinea , so the owner says.
  5. ID brass plate from truck ?

    Hi Keith That is the tag I have seen on a Vokes air filter . I have some filters here , the cylindrical shaped filter with that same tag. You push the end in/out to clear the dust form the concertina shaped felt element. The filter could be used on many types of British vehicles . I believe the Aust. LP bren carriers used them also . There was a large pile of those Vokes filters in a surplus yard in Melbourne years ago. A few of us salvaged some of them for future use . I have about five of them left .
  6. Morris CS8 water bowser

    The filter company STELLA https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Paterson_Engineering_Co
  7. Morris CS8 water bowser

    More info here https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Thompson_Brothers_(Bilston)
  8. Morris CS8 water bowser

    More tanks from TB
  9. Morris CS8 water bowser

    A kind soul has copied this manual .
  10. Down-sizing starter battery?

    In years past when 12V auto batteries had the exposed cell connections you could check each cell individually with a load tester but those days are gone !
  11. dodge t 110 D60 L13 cylinder-head gasket

    Sounds like it is a Canadian engine ( 25" long block) these usually have a 3 and 3/8" bore . The ex-military T110L trucks over here are Canadian manufacture. This is a possible source for a head gasket http://www.olsonsgaskets.com/products/
  12. Maybe we can work on this together as a project. re-manufacturing in brass would be a expensive way to do it . If it's for looks only, and not a operating filter, I would machine the filter body out of aluminium, once painted, nobody will notice any difference. If you can provide me with good drawings or good detailed photos of the original filter , I will make the filters , and make two extras for you . You could make a mold from an original lid and cast the lids with a modern epoxy and finish off in a lathe or whatever MW Bedfords are scarce over here, I've only ever seen three myself in 40 years , two rusted out relics beyond help and one complete nice original truck , but I know of at least 5 others . Nobody has restored one over here.
  13. Morris CS8 water bowser

    Found this interesting pic. Six taps in line . Would these be brass taps ? The CS8 has the weird reg number O 2897 , these numbers are seen on Australian issued vehicles in Palestine 1940/41.
  14. Yes nice pics. Can somebody measure the basic dimensions of the filters ? Diameter and height . Thanks
  15. Morris CS8 muffler

    Basic drawing of an old rusty CS8 muffler found on one of my wrecks.