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  1. Hey all, Does anyone happen to know what are the differences between the R975-C1 and the R975-EC2? Cheers.
  2. Thanks for the update supertrack, I enjoy following this project!
  3. Are they available online Gina, or do you have to go to the archives? Cheers.
  4. Welcome mate, look forward to seeing more of your project.
  5. General Lee

    Job Offer.

    If only I lived in the UK. Sounds like an awesome position.
  6. Awesome Matt! A rare bird with that blade.
  7. Yes Shermans, Cromwells and Churchills. I'm jealous of all you blokes toys!
  8. No worries Rick. I just thought it was funny that the film seemed to be trashing the Churchill over the Sherman when in the end the Churchill won the contract.
  9. Rick, at the end of the trials the Churchill tank was preferred over the Sherman with some 510 tanks ordered. The order was cancelled due to the end of the war not before 51Churchill tanks were delivered to Australia(the six trial tanks and 45 production tanks). More details here http://anzacsteel.hobbyvista.com/Armoured%20Vehicles/australianshermansph_4.htm What were you saying about real men?:-X
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