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  1. Title says it all!
  2. Just a quick up date on 04CC45's rebuilt gearbox with a newer type band material not NOS! More to follow.
  3. Thank you sir!!1 regards James
  4. Hi everyone; By chance would anyone have a printable 1 or 2 sheet picture of the wiring diagram for a Ferret that has a Alternator in it? Regards James
  5. disregard I just read last post
  6. Hi all I'm looking for some Saladin gearbox parts; I have an email into Banister but also wanted to check here. #2520-99-813-7429 or FV83269 5th gear clutch plates. #5310-99-815-6567 or FV50073 Nut driving shaft left hand threads Thanks all regards James
  7. Hi njjeeper: That's exactly what I was looking for, the Ferret I'm on just has the module installed. This was done by someone else. When reading about this system, in the Jolly paper work then talked about a ballast resistor and coil, which I didn't think it would need, but if it did I would have to find one. Thanks again to all! I'll be finishing the install with original wiring and run a power wire. Cheers all and thanks again. Regards James
  8. I check that out and let you know, Thanks again!
  9. Hi Clive; Yeah the pictures are from the Jolley manual I got from Ferret sight, they are not the pictures from the ferret I'm working on. The Ferret I'm working on just has the new module installed. I'm just going to run the red wire from the module to a power source and leave the original BR and wiring the way it is. Thanks again Regards James
  10. Just to see if I have this right. The electronic ignition module is installed already. It has a coil installed, I'm not sure if it's new or original. So what your saying is use the original wiring from the junction box "on intake" ? Also I don't add a ballast resistor externally to the system? these pictures are from www.classicheads.com manual. One picture shows a external ballast resistor? Thanks James
  11. ooops That's Jolley electronic ignition system. Sorry
  12. Hi Clive It looks like someone tried to put a jolly system in but didn't use the ballast resistor that comes in the kit. As far as I can tell the coil is new. I'm not familiar with the Jolly kit so I don't know what comes in it. On another thread here they show a ballast resistor mounted to the coil box, and have bypassed the original ballast resistor. I guess I need to ask can I use the original BR and do with out the other? Or do I need to purchase the kit ballast resistor? That's where I need to know the ohms for it. Hope this is making since! Thanks James
  13. Hi all; I'm working on a Ferret that has part of an Jolly Electronic ignition, but is missing the ballast resistor. Anyone have a part number for it or an ohms rating? Thanks James
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