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  1. I have owned this generator from new when I purchased it 5 years ago for £1,300. It has only 134 hours on the clock and was used to power two Penthouse light sets and my camping refrigerator when attending shows. Despite the low hours I changed the oil and filter annually. The generator is in 'near new' condition and comes complete with all original equipment including MoD User and maintenance manual, air-transportable case, powered dust filtered inlet, hot clean air to heat either vehicle or tent (note: this is not exhaust gases and the generator is not situated within either the tent or the vehicle), power output is 1Kw with two 28 volt outputs and a 12 volt output. Designed to run for 70 hours continuous on 20 litres of petrol. Item is located in Bromyard, Herefordshire. Priced at £925 for quick sale. For further information call Graham on 07966 194484.
  2. This a lovingly rebuilt restored trailer with new brakes shoes, slave cylinders and master cylinder. It is a very wide trailer which I towed behind my LR GS 101 and latterly my Bedford MJ. The trailer was fully dismantled and re-sprayed during the rebuild/restoration project. Currently stored in weather proof barn Basingstoke. Priced at £1,000 for swift sale. Call Graham on 07966 194484
  3. Hi Jackie, yes. My number is 07966 194484 Best - Graham
  4. For Sale: Top sheet FV689503 ABRO 2007, side sheet front left-hand FV692488 ABRO 2007, front sheet FV692490 ABRO 2007, side sheet rear left-hand FV692498 ABRO 2007, side sheet rear right-hand FV689499 ABRO 2007 and rear sheet FV689502. All brand new and located in Horsham, West Sussex Area. Call 07966 194484 email gvc136dm@gmail.com for further information.
  5. Does anyone have a 'J' tool for adjusting the mixture screw on the Onan 3.5KW generator please?
  6. Iain, I hope you enjoyed a relaxing festive season? Let's see if we can speak by phone in the next few weeks. All the the very best - Graham M 07966 194484
  7. Hi Iain, the mystery of the voltage input for the Depot Storage Unit has been solved. I had notice that the socket labelled up for the de-humidifier was not powered up when the box was serviced with 240volts. I then traced back the cable through the conduits to its start point and I was amazed to find that it terminated/originated at the internal cable on the rear mounted Deport Storage Unit. Had I been been somewhat more attentive I perhaps ought to have noticed that the la labeling of the cable as it emerged from the de-humidifier socket had the same designation - P306 - as the cable at the Deport Storage Unit . Let's see if we can have a natter early in the New year. All the very best - Graham
  8. Iain, sorry the late response. Let's leave a catch up call until next week. In the meantime I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful, prosperous and healthy New Year. All the very best - Graham PS I also have a further query and that is with regards to the voltage input to the Depot Storage Unit FV 790842 which is located on the rear of the comms cabin. The curious connector is five pins with only three connected as pos, neg and earth. There is a small twin contact bayonet fitting light bulb which indicates when the power is 'on'. The ravages of time have removed any indication of whether the bulb is 240V or 24V.
  9. Iain, my apologies but I have only just picked up your response. I can be contacted on 07966 194484. If we do not manage to speak this side of Christmas let's catch up afterwards. In the meantime have a really super Christmas. All the very best - Graham
  10. Hi Iain, 'tis I who has recently acquired a Bedford MJ complete with the Triffid element of the Ptarmigan system. Everything powers up but I am very much feeling myself through what is obviously a very complex system. I took the uni down to the Royal Signals Museum last month ans I was fortunate to meet with Mike Butler who was involved in the development of the Ptarmigan system. I am thrilled to bits with what I have but I am not a radio buff and I really want to understand more about the kit I have. I am involved as part of the organising team for the Capel Military Show held every July in Capel, Surrey. I also have the good fortune of knowing Les Thackers quite well as we both have Daimler Ferrets. I would really appreciate the opportunity of speaking with you regarding my Bedford MJ unit and I can be contacted on 07966 194484. Best Regards - Graham
  11. Hi to everyone. We have a 1977 LR 101 GS and GKN Sankey Rapier Resupply trailer. We attend shows predominantly in the south of England.
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