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  1. The khaki colour is early war 1939-mid 1940, the red oxide one up to '43.As far as I know the contents were unchanged, just reenforcing of the air inlets on the red one to prevent deformation.
  2. Very nice!This guy has Newey snaps.not green painted and nickel plated I know..but Newey all the same. http://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-Denison-Airborne-Smock-Newey-Snaps-set-of-12-B-10-/360940553170?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5409bbc3d2 This is the 59 pattern am I right?When did the label change from 'smocks Denison airborne troops' to 'smock camouflaged' ?
  3. I want to know what the picture was now on the original listing! :-D
  4. Its for a radio battery I think..either that or ancillaries.It fixes underneath manpack frame that the radio is attached to.The loop is for the entrenching shovel.Which radio I cant tell you...Larkspur maybe?
  5. Also worth a try is 'Khaki on Campaign'..I defy you to tell the difference between his BD and an original.
  6. Im not aware of any repros either..thats not to say someone out there hasn't copied one?The fact its got a plastic zip sounds odd..as does the label.It should be a white label with 'size' and the makers details ect...Does it have the charateristics of a normal one? round elbow patches..stitched collar ect..?
  7. :-D That small pocket is for the tins of antigas ointment.The style of poncho was issued alongside all the 1944 pattern Jungle equipment.Interesting it was still being made along with the one I pictured.Thanks for showing.
  8. £205.Nice price!I have noticed a lot the 'groupings' appear to be put togethers...Like the '58 webbing set with random plce..not issued for Falklands usage as far as I know! Interesting bidding patterns from what I see......:undecided:
  9. Hmm..interesting...looks a lot like the '44 pattern poncho...does it have a small pocket with a snap on the inside?
  10. What, like the rubberised canvas button up capes?Got a pic?:-D
  11. Nice haul!Where on earth do you find this stuff?!:-D
  12. Definitely British then?So this type was brought out after the 1958 pattern poncho??I'm getting confused now (doesn't take much):nut: Maybe someone could do a Poncho 'timeline'...
  13. That would be great!:-D I have the 1944 pattern poncho (hoodless, antigas ointment pocket inside..) and the ww2 khaki cape and its postwar green version.The material is quite different to this one.If its any help or just for interests sake the snaps on the sides have FCCO on them...makers mark.
  14. Just acquired this oddity...The poncho is a dark green colour and appears to be a coated twill material quite like the early 60s American types.The makers mark inside the collar look to be -----1952 or 1962 pattern then the date of 1966 then a broad arrow.Is this an early type predating the 58 poncho?Any help would be great.It is also fairly heavy for a poncho!
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