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  1. Cleaned up gearbox top cover, and manifold. Painted and ready for action.
  2. Still got all my issue DPM's and they worked great in our dark native bush. Not to keen on the new digi (insert bad word here). Gave me a chuckle to actually, there were indeed some issued with 'jump' flaps and not everyone got them. Most were issued without so yes it does make them 'sought after' but by no means 'rare' Sadly real camo is a thing of the past now... A nice piece to have
  3. Sadly not much to report lately. A rather wet winter kept us inside. The body however is now hanging from the shed roof and chassis is being stripped. The head has been cleaned up and painted, some NDT's fitted to the rims and one pennant ready. Seems we found some interesting OD paint under the fuel tank and on the driveshaft. The fuel tank was also fitted finished in chromate orange paint and not the gloss black it should have been.
  4. Nothing upside down here in Middle Earth. Just have to beware of the Orcs and Trolls that inhabit.
  5. Ron, Sadly there are no Aussie sheep dogs in New Zealand so i had to do it myself. Not a bad job huh?
  6. Another pic of the 'Brothers in Arms'. Indian M741B and Triumph 3HW in the foyer of our local RSA for ANZAC Day 2013.
  7. Hi Matt. I restored this bike for a friend and actually not many fastenings were replaced. After removing all the years of paint and grime they were in very good shape. A few burred edges were repaired and there you have it. We have not a bad supply of UNF and UNC stuff over here still and whatever i can't source i can turn up on the lathe. Good luck with your project, would be good to see some pictures. I just haven't got around to painting the nuts and boltheads yet. I prefer to leave them unpainted for the first few months or 100 miles. Then things can be checked, tightened and painted. The owner has been tripping round on another bike so i will probably prep them when he returns.
  8. Great to see another trumpy coming on. Good luck with the restoration.
  9. OK it has been quite a while since this thread was started and the bike is finished for my part. Thanks to Ron and his research on the census number here she is in all her glory. The new owner is totally thrilled.
  10. Can anyone shed any light on the unit this group of scruffy individuals belong to please.
  11. I think we will just let this go as its not majorly important, but suffice to say i own a large number of Indians and my main (not my only) 741 has been judged by a US AMA Judge as the best Military Indian M741B in New Zealand. Also the Military contract was an American contract for the US Forces and at that time had nothing to do with what the Commonwealth Forces wanted. Whilst loosely based on the 640 (and i say that very loosely) the entire engine was a detuned version of the 1934 re-developed 45cu (750cc) V Twin for the Sport Scout, frame was a modified Sportscout frame with lengthened forks, modified generator mount, instrument cluster mount and gear level mount point and those beautiful valanced guards were brutally attacked for a more Army look. End of the day all due credit to those who have restored one of these classic bikes and hope you have fun and safe riding.
  12. Many different ways to potentially put off an offender. Wallet on a chain is indeed a good choice, as is splitting up your cash. Cards fit nicely into caps and hats and also shirt pockets of military uniforms (for those of us in uniform). There are a variety of money belts that go around your waste, thigh and boot.. Ahh the days of baiting pickpockets with a fake wallet and a dye capsule...
  13. Well done. And i bet they had fun doing something out of their normal every day routine and bringing to life some gear they would never get to wear normally, but maybe their grandparents did..
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