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  1. Nearly all Daves handywork ,I`m steel ,quantities and artistic direction plus I boil the kettle
  2. Decided on the cab roof after a bit of deliberation and in theory you could put a saw through it to replicate the original lines.But after looking at all the different styles decided to model it on the B type and lines of the WW1 lorry as both are almost indentical outlines
  3. Come on they are No 2 pozi they have the extra little cross in the middle … keep up 😏. I didn`t have the right size slotted but they will get swapped in due course ,thanks for the compliment ..
  4. Got stuck in to the body most evenings and the last couple of weekends which we now feel we breaking the back of it .Ali bulkhead was rotten so a copy was made ,this was screwed plus I bonded on with Silaflex which will give it added rigidity .There is an original small cast steel hook on the top corner offside of the driver.If anyone knows what it was for as I think it maybe to tie the windscreen up but there is only one hook from new on the offside.There was enough remains of the battery box to copy and all the steel bracing was cleaned up and reused.The roof grab bars/strengthening rods had the treatment and are now in place but we won’t tension until we fit the roof boards.
  5. How tall is it Tomo ,it looks tall as lovely as it is .
  6. Ahh thanks for that ,spot on .I've forwarded on the link to the creative team who are advertising the auction etc and will post a pic of the finished item
  7. I need some help to get a better quality copy of the original WW1 image as I need it as part of a display as the organisers of the charities want to reproduce it life size as a wall banner to go along with the photos of the soldiers I installed .The second photo recently taken is what I created modeled on the original photo .I think the original if I am correct was British soldiers at the Somme .I am about to take the soldiers down after Remembrance Sunday and they will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to local charities including the British Legion .I know I have posted this clip on here before so excuse me but this will show you the impact it has as you come onto Mersea across its tidal road.
  8. Its organised by Ipswich Transport Museum ,I know they have more applicants than places so apply early is all I can advise .The section shown on the clip is probably the dullest section and isn`t that long as the rest of the route is through Ipswich ,villages and of course Felixstowe with all the pubs on route are decorated and has a cracking atmosphere from start to finish.
  9. Don`t know the guy that posted this but this road run is very good and we all have fish and chips on Felixstowe sea front .This section of road is probably the emptiest section as the all the rest was lined with people waving union jack and so on. There is a hill somewhere !!
  10. Got a bit more done all this curved timber is up Daves street coming from a boat building back ground , don`t think I could of done these on my own.Flipped the roof over to remove and salvage the steel brackets .Unfortunately the roof beam steel plates were past saving so I rolled some new ones (3 pairs ) the body isn`t square and had a 1" taper towards the rear from new so the difference is split along the length .We know this because the front bulkhead width and the rear bulk head steel frame are original giving us fixed points.
  11. Separate problem to your frosting which you can address as Owen suggest by drawing the air intake from around the exhaust manifold. With my Daimler we have had problems on hot days with the fuel vaporising I know of others adding diesel to great effect but I personally found adding a good quality two stroke oil get the desired result with the added bonus of lubricating the sleeve valves plus with very little if any smoke from the exhaust.
  12. Finally getting back to normal after getting covered in Dorset dust which is better than the mud ! Dave has I think got addicted to the bus and has worked miracles on the parts I struggled to get my head round . Had a couple of nice touches firstly the felt on the roof let go when it belted it down with rain which promptly showed up where the seats were positioned on the upper deck.The rain also washed off some of the white wash reveling the seating capacity in and out on one of the window rails.
  13. Haven`t done to much as we have been busy getting our gear ready for Dorset but managed to get the floor boards down and the tread bars but couldn`t resist a photo before we fitted them as the elm looked fantastic almost to good. I`ll add a pic with the tread bars next time.
  14. Haven`t made any drawings just copying everything we have with the exception of the two main chassis beams which we made 1 1/2" wider whilst maintaining the original o/a width so they fit fully on the CB chassis.This detail will be almost unnoticeable once bolted down and in theory we can swap the body onto a correct chassis if we found one .This is because the original CC chassis is flared out about 3" from behind the driver where the body sits. There`s a couple of "British " bodies surviving and from the info we have they are all very much the same .What is amazing is the quality of the joinery and the complexity of the combined joints on some of the uprights which is then all covered up . The rear corner posts being the most complex as they are cut and formed to lean out to the side and rear with a crank ,so might have to do a practice cut on some softwood before we tackle the Sapele ! At this stage we haven`t a clue about the rear step , stair or top deck yet so if anyone has some info please send it across.
  15. Here`s an up date.We now have seemed to of acquired our resident "old boy" Dave who`s quite handy with the wood hence we are on a bit of a roll ,timber for body ordered with a bit of "mate rate "and off we go,not much of the original timber was salvageable but the main front bulkhead is plus nearly all the steel brackets and bars.As with my other projects we opted to use Sapele as we like its stable characteristics and its ability to take paint.The majority of the original body was Elm and luckily I have some elm which we will use for the floor boards and inspection hatches .
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