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  1. Next project !! After a bit of toing and froing we`ve decided to do another CB22 as we have found and located enough bits to build another one which actually amounts to more than we had for the first one plus we have the bonus of knowing what should be where and what needs to go in which hole.I was fortunate to be offered a bus body for the Palladium and when I went to look at it found it was sitting on a Daimler chassis the same as the one we had rebuilt a couple of years ago this one being exactly 100 vehicles younger according to the chassis numbers.Earlier this year a "British" bus body came up on EBAY which was we believe was originally fitted to a Daimler CC which equates to almost the same as the CB but the chassis rails are slightly further apart but the engine ,transmission and diff we believe were the same .I`m sure someone will dig out some info to the contrary now I`ve put my head above the parapet !! Going to start in ernest on the body as this will take the lions share of the time as we are not coach builders and the mechanical stuff comes easy so we`ll use this as a form of R & R .At this stage we think about 90% of the steel brackets and the bulkhead are salvageable with most of the timber being pattens only due to the "newness" being worn away.
  2. They were a bargain ! ! still looking for some with WD stamped on them if anyone sees any, must of had a soft moment LOL They look lovely Tomo
  3. I hope Richard P will not mind me posting his advert he sent me.Not Mack but will give you an idea of the market in recon trucks, obviously Daimler were the premier brand 😁
  4. As its a bit quite at the moment I`ve just been notified that a friend has just posted these clips on YouTube which hopefully some of you may find interesting as theres a couple of cameo roles of some that appear on this forum amongst the Old Warden footage .Tomo couldn`t polish the chimney top as he was on the back foot that morning LOL. The same guy also made a short clip of the 51 soldiers and sailors that I made for our WW1 centenary which we are going to take down mid November and auction the figures off with all proceeds going to local trusts and charities including the British Legion.
  5. Over a couple of evenings this week we stripped all the rubbish away to leave a clean starting point when we are ready to start. Roof is as good as new with a little bit of rot above the front leading edge the main roof unbelievable as the original canvas was in tact under the felt/tar roof. Guessing the body was converted to a house at the end of 1934 as the additional ply floor was laid on top of newspaper and was dated October 34 and the headlines of the day was the civil war in Spain and the launching of HMS Snapper (submarine) after a google reported missing in the Bay of Biscay 1941. I am no bus expert but this seems a short life for a bus when I`ve been told this model started in 1925 unless its a bit earlier. Offside wall quite rough ,N/side good as a pattern temporarily propped the roof up to try and get its shape back whilst it dries out properly now its undercover.We`ll make a temporary frame for it to sit on and extract the Daimler later in the spring.
  6. Along with the Daimler parts was a second very low numbered chassis approx 1914 with the latter 1920s pneumatic wheels which we think was a standard upgrade in its day.This chassis you can just see in the photo with the axles peaking out under the bus body forward of the rear axle and it has a nice clear stencil stating max 20mph.
  7. You are not looking close enough ! Theres a second CB 22 chassis if you look hard enough ....... haven't you played where's Wally ?
  8. As with all these things one thing always leads to another ,and what started as a conversation about bus and charabanc bodies lead to the latest acquisition ! The chassis is a Daimler possibly a CB but more likely a CK will now more once we get into it ,a lot of the smaller brackets are still on it plus a gearbox and steering box so another project in the background .Leyland bus body is on its knees but the roof is a work of art with very little rot and will use this for the basis for the Palladium body but will have to cut a section out the middle to reduce the length.Due to fragile state of the body I had to call in a favour and borrow a friends curtain sider low loader as it was in a state of collapse. IMG_1632.MOV
  9. Just found bought the Leyland instruction plate and it turned up today in all its loveliness.
  10. Not sure yet Tim,agreed a time schedule with Greg that suits the pair of us as they won`t get started on until well into the new year as we have a few other "bits" we can get on with ..
  11. Getting the wheels ready to be repaired so we will see what magic happens to them while they are away down Devon.
  12. Thanks for the extra photos there`s quite a few which are fresh to me. I quite like this one as you could almost imagine what he is thinking with a bus load of women !
  13. Yes, there`s quite a few cracks around the front end which need addressing this is probably the least of our worries as we are a steel fabrication shop as our day job.
  14. I was told the Continental engines used here were built here under licence almost identical to the American engines apart from the English blocks and heads were cast as one and the American engines had removable heads.It would be interesting to know who made them. The gearbox and axles are American import . Added a picture which Richard posted on Dans thread showing what we are looking for.
  15. As some of you already know we are starting to gather parts and info to rebuild this Palladium. I am looking for a period engine to fit just incase somebody has a suitable candidate lurking at the back of their shed .We believe it was originally fitted with a Continental similar or the same as Dan has fitted to his Halley ,initially we thought we would be able to get one from the States but as always when your looking they all hiding .I think I am going to treat it similar to my Daimler in that I will fit an early 4 cyl petrol engine so it can easily be swapped if the correct item surfaces so I will be grateful and open minded to all replies. thanks in advance Duncan Pittock
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