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  1. Chassis all sorted which I cleaned down with a rotary wire brush in preference to sandblasting due to the ash between the steel . Top deck taking shape with Compo and Clegg testing out the seating plan
  2. Craftmaster paint have a huge colour library and have found their paint to be very good with a specific engine paint in their range. Always helpful to deal with.
  3. Chassis just about ready for paint now all the cracks welded and rotting ash replaced with new ash.Lower deck seat bases finished ready for painting ,we have added a tool box which fits under the seat as the bus lacks storage which will get fitted once painted. Dave has started on the upper deck which we are replicating from photos..
  4. To keep up with team “Gosling “ swapped the rear cross member with one from the dwindling spares dept.All bolts swapped with not to much effort ,managed to scrounge a nice piece of ash which is being machined to repair the chassis where it has rotted through.
  5. Glass fitted along with the upper deck treads.Started the process to get some period moquette for the lower deck bench seats which looks promising. Dug out all of my broken ,cut and knackered CB chassis’s .Idea being to make the correct wheelbase to suit the bus body and use up the best chassis components . Dave made up the rear step just before Christmas which will get temporarily covered with ply whilst I make the stair. Screws replaced 🥳 😉
  6. Ummmmmmm that what I said ,but indoor credit control has a different perspective with "sell something" ! Got to be careful what you wish for .
  7. Second layer of roof timber fitted, laid out the upper deck tread bars.Daves nearly finished the gingerbread beading which looks effective The upper deck steel support post is temporary to enable us to set out sides the sides as per the original Birch body as we only have a few key photos to work from.Some of the dimensions we have taken from some General bus drawings as the dimensions we have are very close between the two bodies.
  8. Roof taking shape with the first Layer of 1/2” boards being fitted followed by canvas being held down on a bed of canvas adhesive (baby poo ) which is best described as a sticky semi runny putty .The canvas is painted which seals it and makes it shrink pulling it tight.Hopefully next week the second layer of 5/8” boards get layed forming the floor for the upper deck.
  9. To keep our followers informed Scruffs Dad is our resident “old boy Dave with “Scruff “being his ferocious wood knawing hound.We also do a bit of care in the community and they let Dick out one day a week and Dave mothers him like the son he never had or wanted. Here is a couple of pics of them machining up the roof boards
  10. Nearly all Daves handywork ,I`m steel ,quantities and artistic direction plus I boil the kettle
  11. Decided on the cab roof after a bit of deliberation and in theory you could put a saw through it to replicate the original lines.But after looking at all the different styles decided to model it on the B type and lines of the WW1 lorry as both are almost indentical outlines
  12. Come on they are No 2 pozi they have the extra little cross in the middle … keep up 😏. I didn`t have the right size slotted but they will get swapped in due course ,thanks for the compliment ..
  13. Got stuck in to the body most evenings and the last couple of weekends which we now feel we breaking the back of it .Ali bulkhead was rotten so a copy was made ,this was screwed plus I bonded on with Silaflex which will give it added rigidity .There is an original small cast steel hook on the top corner offside of the driver.If anyone knows what it was for as I think it maybe to tie the windscreen up but there is only one hook from new on the offside.There was enough remains of the battery box to copy and all the steel bracing was cleaned up and reused.The roof grab bars/strengthening rods had the treatment and are now in place but we won’t tension until we fit the roof boards.
  14. How tall is it Tomo ,it looks tall as lovely as it is .
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