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  1. “ it was a momentous moment “ The crowds had come from miles...well my neighbour Simon had popped over. The moment had come to reunite the lower cab with the chassis!! You could feel the tension, the sweat was pouring down our faces.... well some doughnut decided to fit the cab on the hottest day!! The cab was pushed out and sat in the shade while final preparations were made The moment had come, we lifted it, sat it on its mountings ( thank god all the new mountings lined up ) and 2 minutes later it was all over!! “ We grabbed a smoke sat back and admired our work “ 30 seconds later “ bloodily hell its hot, I am going in “ little and large
  2. Don’t know, it’s a similar smell and colour is slightly darker than usual, could have been mixed with oil or some cheap alternative to diesel.
  3. Not heard of that one before but definitely worth checking, the idle was smooth and it didn’t sound like it was missing, it might just be a tinny exhaust box but I will be investigating.
  4. My mistake, I thought I read somewhere that both engines had been used, either way the exhaust was a nice fit.
  5. That’s a great looking project, pm me if your buyer lets you down.
  6. “ it’s alive “ ( again ) Finally got some spare time and to rearrange the fuel system, new fuel lift pump now fitted to the block and the blanking plate swapped over. Decided to fit a new fuel filter as well only to find out the previous owner had stripped the threads on the bleed screw and bodged it up with a ton of ptfe tape!! Quick repair, cut down a 3/8 unc bolt and tap a new thread. Lastly refitted the down pipe and kept with the tractor theme by fitting an exhaust box from a Fordson dexter, perfect fit and was used for these engines. Connected a temporary battery and fired it up, these engines may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it started on the button and didn’t blow any smoke. Question time!!! While it was running I noticed air bubbles being drawn into the fuel lift pump so I shut it down assuming it was running out of fuel, there’s no gauges on these trucks so I dipped the drivers side tank and it was full ( result ) but it has a sweet smell, has anyone got any ideas ? So now assuming it is drawing air in from the fuel pipe, I dipped the passenger tank and was also full but smelt normal, switched over to the passenger tank and no air bubbles. Also while it was idling it sounded like there was a pinking noise from the exhaust , does anyone have any ideas on this?
  7. Just making some space on my driveway, I am sure the wife would be delighted with another project 🤥😂
  8. Very impressive 👍looks really good.
  9. Fabricating the repair pieces for the scuttle panel should be fun🤨 I done a similar job a few years ago on a dodge WC51, trying to get the same gap around the vent flap was just a little time consuming!! but satisfying when finished.
  10. Thanks Kevin the detail is fantastic, it may take awhile for mine to look like that.
  11. It’s all in the detail, you’ve done a cracking job with everything else, last thing you want is a bolt head going rusty and spoiling all the hard work.
  12. It could possibly be that the late ones 1981 ish onwards are 24 spline rather than the earlier 10 spline.
  13. I agree, you definitely need a bit of variety or it can become stale and feel like effort rather than enjoyment
  14. “ it’s all a bit backwards “ So I decided to start on the rear body, why!! I hear you ask, well it seamed to make sense to complete some jobs before the lower cab went back on, easier to access and less chance of damaging the cab etc... Plus I need the space, it would be a lot easier not to fit the lower cab just yet but it’s now in the way. First up cut all the coach bolts holding the rotten timber ( there’s a lot of them ) second carry out a few welding repairs that had previously been bodged I am assuming that this is the iron works who produced the angle hammered and cup wire brushed finally coat of paint. attention now turned back to the engine, new manifold gaskets fitted and new front crank oil seal, I also removed the blanking plate on the block to check if a fuel pump could be fitted Note to self, don’t put your finger in a hole where it’s not meant to be !! no rude comments please!! I am referring to trapping it between the crank and camshaft 🤨 but I can confirm there is a lobe for the fuel pump🎉 just looking at the expanse of space ( you could fit a jeep in there ) 🤔
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