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  1. I did once chip the thick layer of paint off the armour plate on a piglet with a ball pain hammer, noisy but affected. As for age related wear, pitting and dings I am happy to leave them, I agree with Rob it’s all part of the history.
  2. Tackled the dirty job today, sanding to bear metal. Mask, glasses and ear defenders all required, hot sweaty and generally unpleasant but a good result in the end. All wiped clean with thinners and ready for filler, need to get cracked on as back to full time work on Monday!! Just out of interest what’s everyone’s thought on wether you fill and make good all the old war wounds ie pitting on the panels and general age related wear? Obviously I will be filling the new welding joints but how far do you go, after all it is 76 years old.
  3. No I haven’t but thanks for the suggestion, I will add it to my list.
  4. Looking good 👍 always impressed with the workmanship and know how you feel with sore knees and aching back!!
  5. Everyone’s feed back has been much appreciated. Full steam ahead filling, sanding and painting.
  6. WOW!! I’ve just looked at your website and that’s one hell of a project. looking forward to following the rebuild, although it’s in pieces it looks fairly complete.
  7. It was also a nice surprise for the wife 🤨
  8. It was like unwrapping a very big present, plus if it wasn’t covered half of it would have blown away.
  9. Hi Kevin No not yet, I’ve also got a WOT8 manual that covers a lot of the WOT6 and have been offered a parts book but still on the hunts for a WOT6 manual Seamus
  10. Thank you for your rallying support, it’s a lonely road welding and grinding 😂
  11. Welding complete!!! , well.. lower part of the cab anyway, no doubt anyone following this blog will be board senseless with my posts, welding, grinding, welding grinding etc etc... I was beginning to feel the same way. These are the last few pictures of the repairs before I order the industrial size pot of filler that will be required to make it look nice.
  12. Thanks Jon, do you know if it can be thinned for spraying?
  13. Thank you Pete, I will ad them to the list. I used trade paints before and wasn’t impressed.
  14. Satin is probably a good option as I know only too well how the Matt finish easily marks. I will also give the above suppliers a call to get some prices.
  15. PAINT QUESTIONS ?? this is probably a stupid question but what finish would my wot6 have left the factory in? Matt , semi gloss ( satin ) or gloss I’ve spoken to a local paint supplier and quoted BS 381C298 which they are happy to mix to any of the above finishes, also cellulose or 2 pack. they have quoted £153 + vat for 5lt , sounds expensive but I’ve nothing to compare it to. Any advice would be welcome
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