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  1. guykay

    Ferret Steaming

    Right I have unblocked the breather outlet where it comes through the hull, it was indeed blocked with crud The exhaust manifold adaptor(4 bolts to one of the rattling tubes) is broken. Left hand one looking from the exhaust side of the engine. Any idea where I might source a new one? removing the distributor heat shield to gain access to the manifold bolts of course resulted in both 1/4” retaining bolts shearing, so I will need to drill them out & tap them, deep joy!!!
  2. guykay

    Ferret Steaming

    Hi Chris you may be right and I am overfilling it. But the operators manual says the correct level is just below the filler cap. This always seemed a bit odd to me as there is no expansion vessel on the cooling system and surely the water must expand when hot. So if it’s completely full the excess is bound to vent out of the system through the pressure cap i’ll check the vent hole in the hull as it may well be blocked
  3. guykay

    Ferret Steaming

    My mk 2 Ferret has been bought back into commision, and on its first run out was steaming from the top of the radiator on its return. Steam seems to be coming from the pressure relief device. The little vent pipe had become disconnected. I put a new bit of flex pipe in, but it still seems to steam a bit. Any ideas? Also I have always topped of the water to the top of the blue fillet cap, but whenever I check it has disappeared. The engine temperature seems stable of a bit high. Again any ideas? one last thing, one of the fourbolt exhaust manifolds has come loose. Two bolts have disappeared. Is there supposed to be a gasket there? If so where can I get one from?
  4. guykay

    Wanted - ferret commander seat extension

    Mike The thread on my seat didn’t look particularly worn, just some slight flatting of the threads on the sides. Might be worth sticking a bit of theaded rod up to see if it does the trick
  5. guykay

    Wanted - ferret commander seat extension

    Hi Mike i don’t have a replacement seat extension thingy, but I do know how to fix yours. I posted something on the forum a couple of years ago about it. The threaded portion gets flats on it & the bit that should grip it doesn’t anymore. Chop of the threaded bit from the squashed part with the hole in it leaving a bit of thread, cut a length of M10 threaded rod to the same length that you have cut off, and join this to the squashed bit with an M10 nut. Job done
  6. guykay


    I tried to get hold of the drawings for the B60 tool to use on my Ferret to replace worn stem seals, but to nremove avail i ended up spending some considerable time at the REME museum I think with very helpful staff, and all we came up with was the picture shown earlier in this post. if anyone has correct manufacturing drawings, or access to an existing tool to borrow in order to reverse engineer them, that would be great
  7. guykay

    Image thumbnails

    Hi i am trying to post an image that is uploaded to the attachments file, but I am buggered if I can get it to work. Can someone please tell me I'm idiot speak how to post images on the forum
  8. guykay

    Al is Samson for sale

    You are right. I would if I could, but I don't know how. The website doesn't seem to be configured to work with apple products. If anyone's interested pm me & I'll send you photos via email
  9. For sale my Samson CVRT She's just not getting enough use to justify keeping her Everything works. Spare road wheels & other stuff included all manuals etc Make me a decent offer before I change my mind (again!!!) Based in the Midlands. Between Derby & Stoke on Trent
  10. The water pump on my lightweight landy has started to squeak slightly & wiggling the fan reveals play in the water pump bearing. Paddocks & Craddocks both say the military 2.25 petrol engine should have a 7 stud water pump, but mine looks like a 9 stud jobby. Is this likely? The engine appears to be genuine military being a sickly greeny blue all over. which is it likely to be. I don't want to get it to bits to find I've ordered the wrong one you'd think counting the fixing studs would be easy, but landrover seem to like making even the simplest task a pain in the a**se!!
  11. guykay

    Start of the GOLD silly season

    Don't tell me this is a hoax. I've just ripped all the fuel tanks out of every military vehicle I own and about to take a gas axe to them in the search for GOLD. At least I should go out on a bang!!
  12. guykay

    Samson winch

    Hi all fired up sammy yesterday to winch a stuck tractor out of our field winch worked fine when paying out, but then kept stopping when winching in. Releasing the brake & lever. Then depressing it again & winching on resulted in the cable being winched in more, but eventually clouds of smoke drifted out of the compartment. Any ideas? The winch was not being overloaded. I know that the winch brake is a car clutch assembly, is that the likely issue? I will check drake fluid levels, but if they are low what fluid should I use? I know the main & steering brakes use mineral oil, but will the winch brake use this as well?
  13. Hi all just I'm the process of changing the front & rear dampers on my S3 lightweight. amazingly the top retaining bolts are coming out fine courtesy of a previous owner coating them with some releaseant or other. The split pins resting the bottom fixings however are another matter there seems to be no way of easily removing these pins other than cutting them off flush and then drilling them out. Has anyone any suggestions? the other issue is putting new split pins in. It seems virtually impossible to compress the new rubber mounts enough to be able to insert new pins
  14. I raced a minarelli engined 50cc bike in the classic club for a couple of seasons & came second in the 200cc class club championship. I raced it at chimay in Belgium where it was trapped at just over 100mph down the (admittedly downhill) straight those minarreli engines were incredible when tuned correctly
  15. Hi all just bought a narrow track sankey type trailer to tow behind my GS S3 lightweight landy. Its been stored for years in a barn, but is in surprisingly good condition. Amazingly, when hitched up to the landy & plugged in to the trailer socket all the lights worked. What a bonus!! Towed it 50 miles home no problems. However, the indicators flash a bit madly when in operation. Is this normal? Or should there be some additional flasher relay fitted? I sort of thought this would be all sorted as the trailer socket was fitted to the landy as standard. Also any other issues I should look out for with these trailers?