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  1. Hi all, I’ve finally got around to restoring my binned stores trailer. I’ve reconstructed the front draw bar with new C channel and original handbrake assembly, I’m going to weld it on and insert through bolts just to make sure it doesn’t break off It might be a rolling trailer minus the binned stores by this Easter?? I don’t have a jeep anymore to tow it 😂
  2. I haven't done much to the trailer since last time I posted, work and family commitments took priority! i have some spare time this week and I'm hoping to sort the draw bar out this week and get a rolling chassis. hey Richard do you have any spare bodywork for me to copy ??
  3. If if it's still for sale I will buy it Dave
  4. Hi Simon, thanks for the pics and dimensions, that's exactly what I needs best regards dave
  5. Hi Simon, is there any way you can get a few measurements for me please. Distance the plate is from the top rail length of plate length of the cut out that the handbrake lever sits in Best regards Dave
  6. Hi John, thanks for the picture it all helps! It's a bit like a ship in the bottle set up. yes I've got the ratchet plate and the handle. i wouldn't mind the spare section you've got, drop me a line with a price. best regards Dave
  7. Hi all, does anyone have a picture of the inside of the draw bar channel, I'm making one for my trailer but I'm not too sure how the hand brake ratchet plate attaches on the inside?? Dave
  8. Hi anyone know of a company that could move a jeep tub from Eastleigh to Eastham regards dave
  9. Griffo

    Stowage bin hasp

  10. H John, I was the other high bidder on the trailer, it wasn't advertised very well and I thought I'd struck lucky, glad it's gone to a good home though. it looks taller than the other one you had. Dave
  11. Hi Rob, thanks for the info. I have got a quote from a foundry in Bradford x 6 locks for £40 + vat in brass :cheesy: Regards Dave
  12. Griffo

    Welbike wheel?

    The wheel and tyre are from a triang pedal car j40 I think Dave
  13. I just need 5 more I think? I'm thinking of getting them made up on a 3D printer and then casting them out of pewter as a trial and then brass later? thanks for listing them
  14. Hi all, I'm still in the process of gathering parts to restore my 10cwt stores trailer and I need some more locker door catches, I recently acquired 3 on eBay but I need a few more. does anyone have any stashed away or know a person / location where there may be some? regards Dave
  15. Griffo

    Shed and buried

    I hope my wife doesn't watch or I could go home and find some empty sheds ha ha