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  1. Thanks Sean. Yes, it's really nice - straight and clean - I'm very happy with it. 1953 so quite early - I think the later ones had vents in the bonnet (?). Having done 500 miles or so in it now in rain and shine, I'll be keeping on the original tyres - they are fine at the speeds that it's happy to go and they look right too. I don't think the headlight are odd.....just the owner :-\ I believe it was an RAF Regiment vehicle but it didn't come with any documentary evidence of that. The man who restored it and sold it to me said it was.......
  2. Thanks Big Ray I picked it up on Tuesday in the big rain storm we had down south so I did experience that wet weather "skittishness" It drives very nicely though. I'd lean towards running on the original tyres for authenticity. Just wondering what else is an option.......
  3. Hi all. I'm new to the MV world and have just bought a nice K9 radio Truck. It's on 9.00" x 20", 10 ply, cross country tyres at the moment - I believe they're called T pattern(?) see below. They're in pretty good condition - just a few cracks. I've been told that some people run on a more modern tyre that drives better and safer... Can I ask if anyone has experience or advice to offer on this? Is it a good idea and if so what are the best to use? Thanks for any advice - just trying to learn the ropes... Cheers Ben
  4. Thanks very much for the welcome Tony B - I mainly race a 1953 Cunningham C4R and a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti - it's a lot of fun. Shane, I'd like that - Can you point me towards a calendar? Where do the shows take place? Here's some pictures. (shows my son - not me!)
  5. Hello all. New member, joining up as I've just bought a lovely Austin K9 Radio Truck, fitted out as a camper and a beautiful thing it is too. It's my first MV so a total new boy in this area. Historic motorsport is my thing and I race at quite a few tracks around the place - this will be my home from home from now on - much nicer than a crap hotel. Looking forward to learning the ropes and picking up some tips along the way on this forum so thanks for letting me join Cheers Ben
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