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  1. Ken's Quad is a 1918 Model 4017-F built by National Motor and Vehicle Co. I'm going to get together with Ken (and Don) to fact-check my article before submitting it; I'll ask him how many Quads still exist. I was estimating about 200 WWI 4x4s -- Quads and FWDs -- are still around worldwide; there may be many more unrestored chassis out there. I know Ken has several rolling chassis and ammo bodies. --jerry
  2. Here is a photo of the Nash Quad and the FWD Model B. --jerry
  3. I got another note from Ian: He has located the magazine issues I was looking for and is going to send them. I appreciate the help of the HMVF community and Ian Young at Military Machines International; it is "above and beyond the call of duty" as some military citations say. Thanks, --jerry
  4. Thanks to all for the rapid responses. I received a nice note from Ian Young, editor at MMI; he is going to look through his back issues for my needs. Trust me, I know how that is: I have 35+ years of MVPA Supply Line and Army Motors magazines in my files, not to mention all issues of Wheels & Tracks, and I occasionally get requests for help. The most recent was for photos I shot for Supply Line at the 1996 MVPA Convention; they were way back in the stacks. I had checked eBay for the back issues. They are out there, but the postage to the U.S. is prohibitively expensive. I would have been happy to pay for digital copies if they had been available. --jerry
  5. I am working on a story about U.S. Army 4x4s of World War I for Army Motors magazine. Luckily, a fine restored Nash Quad and an equally nice FWD Model B are owned by two local gentlemen. Nash Quads were featured in the article "WW1 Nash and Jeffrey Quads" in the July 2007 Vol. 7, No. 2 issue of Military Machines. FWDs were featured in the two-part article "FWD Trucks of WW1" in the February and March 2010 (Vol. 9, Nos. 9 and 10). Unfortunately, back issues don't seem to be available -- either in hard copy or digital form -- and MMI is not available in any of our local libraries. Additionally, MMI has not responded to my request for help obtaining copies of these articles. While my primary reporting and writing are done, I'd like to be able to check some of the facts I have included in my story. Is there any chance a kind HMVF member could send me PDF copies of the three articles? Many thanks, --jerry LaHistoriaMilitar@gmail /dot/ com
  6. I've been a "lurker" on HMVF for years, garnering important MV information. I hope to be more active as both a giver and a taker in the future. Jerry Cleveland Boulder, Colorado USA
  7. A long-time member of the MVPA, I'm happy to be among the privileged members of the HMVF. I hope to query you, and receive good information, as I research historic MVs for the magazine Army Motors which I have been a contributor to since the 1970s. "Keep 'em Rolling!" --Jerry Cleveland, Boulder, Colorado USA
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