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  1. Hello all, still looking for original British vehicle footman loops or staples with a distance between holes of 62 or 63mm. Does anyone have any for sale? Many thanks, Neil.
  2. Hi all, Im doing a couple of restorations on officers camp beds and am making new canvas covers. The canvas seems as thick as vehicle canvas but does anyone know the GSM (Grams per sq metre) of normal usage canvas as new canvas is sold with GSM as a grade of weight? Many thanks, Neil.
  3. Just in the workshop going through, trunks, boxes and packing cases and am a bit stuck on a box. The box is of similar manufacture to Universal Carrier boxes but has no markings. It appears that it would have had the lock on the top with fold down front door and shelf. Does anyone have an idea?
  4. I’ve just got the roof out and it is definately the older type with the round ends, not square. This type was apparently obsolete just after the war. The inner roof canvas has an open hatch in the middle of the tent but been stitched up with a white bit of canvas, leading me to believe the inner roof was used as an outer roof. ive worked out the poles and just need to replace two so no big deal and will continue to look for an outer roof. MatchFuzee, I will have a look at armymarquees.co.uk to see if they have one to compare. Here is the inner roof laid out showing the oval shape.
  5. Thanks Clive. I will try and find where this will be attending to try and look at what I need. Have you ever heard a more elaborate excuse to drink alcohol? I will explain to the missus that I was only in there to look at the poles!!
  6. MatchFuzee/ Clive, I did look but it’s definately the round ended type with two poles. Clive.... The description on page 80 states three bottom poles and three top sections and then goes on to say “it is important that the three centre poles are hoisted together”, yet the photo of the tent on the page opposite to page 80 clearly shows only two poles. Im going to have to come to terms with the fact that there aren’t many left which is going to be a mission to get it up and usable. Below are photos of roof (inner) folded and sides.
  7. Clive, It is so annoying and frustrating when you’re trying to assemble and work out something quite rare and I (naievely) took the manual as a ‘Bible’. Tentage is so poorly covered in literature, considering it was a massive section of military history, that I’m even considering completing the collection, photographing them and working on writing a book along the same lines at the “equipment of the WWII Tommy” publication. Hope to retire in under 2 years (at 52) so I may have found my vocation.
  8. Dear all, unbelievably, I have picked up that the 1946 War Office ‘Handbook of Tentage’ is actually incorrect (in a big way according to my marquee) so no wonder that I couldnt work it out. The equipment list states enough poles for three centre poles but mine has two and on further reading, it gives instructions to hoist the three centre poles together, however, both my marquee and the photo in the book clearly show only two poles. Therefore, when publishing the book, the War Office typist has ‘cut and pasted’ from the instructions of another marquee. I cannot believe an error of this nature could occur in such a manual but there you have it. This sorts out my pole problem but still looking for an outer roof (JA1588) if anyone has a lead (even in disrepair to copy). Neil.
  9. Good evening all, Although not vehicle related, I thought I’d ask as tents usually accompany vehicles. I have just acquired some canvas, fly sheets and a marquee to use the canvas as I restore military and campaign items. I got the marquee out and it’s too good to use for material with all panels clearly dated as 1944/ 1945. I know that, although I have the inner roof, I don’t have the outer roof and cannot work out the main poles and believe some may be missing. The tent (according to my 1946 Handbook of Tentage) is a Tent Marquee, GS, Double (Cat No JA 5693). Does anyone have one that they show during the season or know someone who does so that I could look at it, have a measure up and plan on making panels and fully restoring the tent? I know it’s a long shot as I haven’t seen any about but worth a try. someone may even have a roof for one of these (the part number printed is JA 1588). Please see the photo from the book. The maker of mine is Waring & Gillow LTD. Many thanks, Neil.
  10. Right, these panels were with an Austin vehicle (military) but the more I look at them, the more I think they are side curtains for some sort of boat or water craft. Sorry to have given a false lead but I just dont believe they belong to the vehicle but just happened to be in it. Neil.
  11. Happy new year all (hope you all had a good one), I have a pair of side/ door curtains/ covers but don't know what vehicle they are off. Can anyone assist with identification? Many thanks, Neil.
  12. Wally, Bob..... these are great and I got a quote that was cheap. many thanks for the info, especially after telling me you’re happy with them too.
  13. Good idea but I’d be left with one side sharp.... unless I got it welded down the middle which is a lot of work.
  14. Good afternoon, Does anyone know where I could obtain a nice pair of steel/ galv trailer mudguards for 20 inch wheels? Its a fire pump/ Land Rover Brockhouse/ Sankey. I can find them online but not with a 45cm radius (90cm span).  Many thanks, Neil.
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know where I could obtain a nice pair of steel/ galv traile mudguards for 20 inch wheels? Its a fire pump/ Land Rover Brockhouse/ Sankey. I can find them online but not with a 45cm radius (90cm span). Many thanks, Neil.
  16. Many thanks guys. These are great. Rob, when you say your trimmer, are they a general trimmer that undertake work? I’m looking for a trimmer to do my front seats (2)..... bases and separate back sections. Neil.
  17. Hi all, im trying to source dark/ mid green vynil material for vehicle seats as used on WD vehicles. The seats are 1950s but are now tired originals so need re-stuffing and new vynil. can anybody help with a source? many thanks, Neil.
  18. Sorry to trouble you chaps but I’m converting one of these to a trailer and wondered if you knew whether he brakes (hubs, shoes, adjusters) were specific to the trailers or fitted to other vehicles, ie Austin’s etc? The body was too far gone but I want what is left to be preserved and stay in use. Many thanks, Neil.
  19. Hi all, I have a Godiva ex AFS fire pump trailer (silver/ grey type) which I and making into a regular supply trailer for my CD lorry. I want to overhaul the brakes and hubs when shot blasting. Does anyone know if the hubs are generic to a car, ie Austin ?? Im unsure if I can get the replacement parts. Any info on the running gear of these trailers would be welcome. Many thanks, Neil.
  20. Found what its from and where to get them chaps. case closed!!
  21. Hi all, I wondered if anyone can help. On the way back from the War & Peace this year, I lost my rear door handle. The handle is a lockable lever handle and I wondered if this was generic to another vehicle as it is on a 1950s body, ie ex WWII etc. Bedford and Austin handles are similar but a bit different. Ive looked at Wilmot Breeden handles and cant find the same one. The ignition key fitted the lock if that helps and the key code is 'FP'. I know its a long shot but someone may know exactly where they came from. many thanks, Neil.
  22. Decided to fit one of the side skirts for the near side awning today. What a complete nightmare of mathematics, fitting, undoing, re-fitting and riveting. I have been looking forward to doing the awnings....until now! Measuring and hand riveting has to sit alongside party political broadcasts. However, I persevered and fitted all the brass hooks on the near side flap and fitted the flap to the vehicle. There are 'L' shape brackets on the bodywork which hold the poles. These need replacing which will be the next job. All the hooks, rivets and fittings came from awning sections donated by Mark Heliops for which I am extremely grateful for. Trying to get the length of the skirt correct was a pain but after offering it up after the hooks had been riveted and trimming, I eventually got there.
  23. Evening chaps, I decided to start the awning and frame assembly today prior to having the truck sprayed. For reference (I know there are many people with partial awnings minus frames etc), I will post some photographs of what I find, as these have never been fitted in modern times before and were stored in the equipment lockers at the rear under-floor areas. One interesting thing I discovered is that 'N.S' and 'O.S' (near side/ off side) were painted on them. I am fitting the vehicle 'permanent' flap first, then we will clean the awning and framework.
  24. When you say millionaires row, are you talking about traders? if so, which row is that? My missus likes the sound of that!! some people have requested their original spot and to be honest, I dont blame them. For us, as traders, it is the same as exhibitors (which we once were).... Meeting good old friends, sharing fine (normally French or Italian) wine and slipping away from the stall to enjoy the show. we have asked to be pitched near to friends who weve made over the years just the same as any other exhibitors. However, she still keeps on asking about 'millionaires' row (deluded....its not about the money). Thanks anyway, for raising the bar for me this year! Neil.
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