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  1. Meekumslr

    Door handle identification

    Found what its from and where to get them chaps. case closed!!
  2. Hi all, I wondered if anyone can help. On the way back from the War & Peace this year, I lost my rear door handle. The handle is a lockable lever handle and I wondered if this was generic to another vehicle as it is on a 1950s body, ie ex WWII etc. Bedford and Austin handles are similar but a bit different. Ive looked at Wilmot Breeden handles and cant find the same one. The ignition key fitted the lock if that helps and the key code is 'FP'. I know its a long shot but someone may know exactly where they came from. many thanks, Neil.
  3. Meekumslr

    Awning/ frame restoration

    Decided to fit one of the side skirts for the near side awning today. What a complete nightmare of mathematics, fitting, undoing, re-fitting and riveting. I have been looking forward to doing the awnings....until now! Measuring and hand riveting has to sit alongside party political broadcasts. However, I persevered and fitted all the brass hooks on the near side flap and fitted the flap to the vehicle. There are 'L' shape brackets on the bodywork which hold the poles. These need replacing which will be the next job. All the hooks, rivets and fittings came from awning sections donated by Mark Heliops for which I am extremely grateful for. Trying to get the length of the skirt correct was a pain but after offering it up after the hooks had been riveted and trimming, I eventually got there.
  4. Meekumslr

    Awning/ frame restoration

    Evening chaps, I decided to start the awning and frame assembly today prior to having the truck sprayed. For reference (I know there are many people with partial awnings minus frames etc), I will post some photographs of what I find, as these have never been fitted in modern times before and were stored in the equipment lockers at the rear under-floor areas. One interesting thing I discovered is that 'N.S' and 'O.S' (near side/ off side) were painted on them. I am fitting the vehicle 'permanent' flap first, then we will clean the awning and framework.
  5. Meekumslr

    War and Peace back at the Hop Farm !!

    Plan for the coupling. What coupling?
  6. Meekumslr

    War and Peace back at the Hop Farm !!

    When you say millionaires row, are you talking about traders? if so, which row is that? My missus likes the sound of that!! some people have requested their original spot and to be honest, I dont blame them. For us, as traders, it is the same as exhibitors (which we once were).... Meeting good old friends, sharing fine (normally French or Italian) wine and slipping away from the stall to enjoy the show. we have asked to be pitched near to friends who weve made over the years just the same as any other exhibitors. However, she still keeps on asking about 'millionaires' row (deluded....its not about the money). Thanks anyway, for raising the bar for me this year! Neil.
  7. I cannot express how overjoyed I am to see the long term deal with the Hop Farm, Paddock Wood. I have booked my stall as a trader and just cannot wait this year. Dates are released for 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020. congratulations are truly in order to the new organisers. Here is the link for the press release http://Ift.tt/2kA9eBF on twitter.
  8. Meekumslr

    Footman loops and webbing straps

    My God Matchfuzee....not sure about the footman loops as they look a bit different but the straps, buckles and other bits are spot on. Many thanks for those links, youre a star.
  9. Hi all, Im still looking for 30 British Footman Loops (see photo) for the truck. The size is 80mm overall length and inner loop takes a 38mm strap. If anyone has some or knows of their availability at a reasonable price, I'd be grateful. I'm also looking for 10 webbing straps and brass buckles (p37 type) at least a foot long to contain the rolled up 'fixed awning flap' I'm about to fit. As long as they have the metal end and brass buckle and are approximately 3/4" to 1 1/2" in width. Many thanks, Neil.
  10. Hi all, Brockhouse 1 ton trailer for sale that was bought but too big for the truck to tow. The trailer is ideal for Austin K9, Humber Pig, Dodge, Bedford RL etc but my truck is only light. The trailer has no floor beams, legs or towing eye and has a bracket temporarily welded for car/ Land rover towing which is how I picked it up. The wings are sitting inside the trailer but badly damaged and would benefit from a new pair. It has been shot blasted and primed by the previous owner. Tailgate all working ok and tyres good. I need to go in search for the smaller Brockhouse and need some space. Located in Charlton/ Greenwich, London. £200 ONO.
  11. Meekumslr

    Can anyone identify this tool box?

    Many thanks for all your replies. spot on as usual with Bren carrier magazine box. I found that this company makes reproductions https://midwestmilitary.com/midwestmilitary/brencarrierp2.html
  12. Meekumslr

    Can anyone identify this tool box?

    on the catch, I can see letters TL 12?6 if that is any help. I think Bren Gun related too. Many thanks for your replies.
  13. Meekumslr

    Can anyone identify this tool box?

    I am Clive.... Is that why?
  14. Meekumslr

    Can anyone identify this tool box?

    Also, does anyone know why my pictures in posts always come out upside down? Neil.
  15. Hi chaps, i have two tool boxes but wondered what they originate from or were used for. they are marked FMCO 1941 and are approximately 16 inches in length with a hinged lid. Neil.