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  1. Held in the village of Woodhall spa in Lincolnshire (LN10 6QH) We have entertainment from Friday night to Sunday night, with the likes of Lola Lamour, Katie Mustang, Heather Marie, Brandyn Shaw and loads more. NEW for this year is the post war field that is open to all Military vehicles of any age, free camping for Military vehicles. Two ww2 display areas one in Jubilee park and the other in the woods opposite. Over 50 military/40s trade stalls. Large air raid re-enactment on Golf Hotel. New battle skirmish at the Petwood hotel. BBMF flypasts on both days. Tea dances, outdoor concerts, parades and much more Details at www.woodhall-spa-40s-festival.com All military vehicles are free to drive around the village including tracked, providing they are road legal Contact Stuart on 01526 353215 after 6pm
  2. my Austin K6 still has its blue disc in place, however the disc is oblong shaped with white writing
  3. Back for the third year with even more going on than last year. The event is open to all military vehicles and camping is available to military vehicle owners. There will be a large trading market, military/classic vehicles, tea dances, outdoor concerts with Lola Lamour/ Katie Lancaster etc.. vehicle parades, NFS/AFS air raid on the Golf hotel(lots of pyro's, fake blood casualties and wartime fire engines), two areas for re-enactors one of them being wooded, Arnhem memorial parade, vintage bus rides. The whole village(small town) takes part, BBMF flypasts and much more..... contact Stuart: stupot667@talktalk.net or 01526 353215 or visit www.woodhall-spa-40s-festival.com Some interesting ww2 vehicles both armoured and soft skin are coming.
  4. Cheers Graham I will look at the rear wheels and get them swapped round:-D
  5. many thanks Bryan the info is very much appreciated:-D
  6. Many thanks Bryan I may take you up on that offer as I was in the army and not the Raf. I will probably mark it up for one of the local Sqns that served in my village.....Which RAF vehicles had yellow roofs ? Stu
  7. hope it wasn't too badly damaged it looks nice and complete
  8. I totally agree leg room is great as i'm 6ft plus, but I have to look down to see out of the windscreen. I was going to paint it green but have decided to go with the RAF look as both the vehicles location and its reworking(bomb platform) lend itself to it. I have a friend who used to spray aircraft who will re-spray it for me hopefully at the local raf camp.this is it just before I bought it. There is a picture on here of it during restoration several years ago and there are purists out there that wont like the body on the back. I have plans to sort out the back but iam not a rich man so I will concentrate on keeping it running. I love it ......it makes me smile when iam driving it and there are not many vehicles that do that and it looks good. Hopefully it will look even better in RAF colours :-D
  9. does anyone know where I can get a fuel cap for a 16 gallon fuel tank as some thieving little scroat decided to remove mine two nights ago :mad:
  10. we have had a good response from vehicle owners this year and can confirm the arrival of two halftracks more gmc's and an Austin k6 as well as Winston Churchill in a bomber command staff car and four motorcycle outriders. plus 37 trade stalls space is running out fast.
  11. I have just bought a K6 and was wondering if anyone else had one. mine is a bit of a mongrel sadly but has potential. I think its one of the most attractive british ww2 trucks, but there is not a lot of info around about them.How many are left ?
  12. just had a great meeting with the NFS/AFS who are bringing 3 wartime fire engines to the show and we are going to be carrying out a large air raid scenario at the Golf hotel in the village, with lots of pyros and smoke. If you want to take part let us know especially if you own a K2 ambulance or anything ww2 and you don't mind mucking in.
  13. Thanks Alastair, do you know if the owners would be willing to (or do)take them to shows?
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