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  1. ferret1958uk

    Work Sheets

    The a4 wad of information included a mobile phone number for the REME recovery team (yes really), and unit information. The bulk appears to be a very early version of autoroute-express or similar print outs with crude computer drawn maps and minute by minute timings to each junction along the route. Having just checked these were printed in 2000, but the pack is correct for mid to late 90's vehicles. The only other Works Ticket Holder I have that is complete dates from 1955 and FMT (revised) x 3 and W.O. Code No 11076 Standing Orders for Drivers, A civilian drivers licence (with 6 month renewel sheets pasted inside) There is also a reminder to complete AF G 3518 Transport Work Ticket or AF G 3652 Issue Voucher Convoy [cannot read text]
  2. ferret1958uk

    Work Sheets

    Richard, I opened up one of the 1996 dated Works Ticket Holders and have been through the paperwork. The enclosed JSP 351: MT Drivers Handbook (rev. Feb 1986) mentions a Vehicle Worksheet, but one was not found in the wallet presumably as it was issued/ changed each journey? It does state in section 20: "Vehicle Worksheet. Documentation procedures vary but you are required to maintain a clear record of all particulars of each journey, or leg of each journey, including timings and fuel issues, on the vehicle worksheet provided by your controlling office." Does this mean it is a locally produced form? Aside the JSP 351: MT Drivers Handbook there is; F MT 1005 (3/97): Vehicle Fault Report; Sealed envelope labelled Accident/ Recovery Instructions, Open Only If Required. contained within: F/MT3-2: Traffic Accident Report Form F/MT3-3: Traffic Accident Reporting Procedures Annex A to Chapter 18 to JSP 341 Part IV: Instructions to the driver in event of breakdown. Axxex A to DRS Newsletter No 15 Amd 2 dated 12 July 1996: Windscreen and bodyglass Replacement and Repair AF P 1922 For 'B' Vehicle Reapairs and Spares. There is also a sizeable wad of A4 travel plan sheets, maps, route plans, timescales and contact details for various units for an exercise. Nothing at all showing individual vehicle details, mileage and fuel information.
  3. ferret1958uk

    Work Sheets

    I have no idea on paperwork for vehicle records! All I have are forms AB 413 Part 4: Vehicle Inspection and AB413 Part 5: Antifreeze Checks dated from the late 1980's. I would assume these forms are for the maintenance depot? I also have various accident report forms etc from the green document wallet dating from 1950's to the 1990's. Merlin.
  4. ferret1958uk

    Vehicle Documents

    I have several older forms and accident sheets from 60's, 70's and 80's. The earliest accident forms have perforations and are quite fragile. Stored folded as found in the wallets.
  5. ferret1958uk


    Welcome. Photos of the setup are always nice!
  6. I think he was referring to the different types of canvas for the shelters? Mk1 Signals end for instance had windows and a mesh allong the top with a canvas flap over which is very different to the usual Mk1 end.
  7. ferret1958uk

    Form 600 / Vehicle Document Wallets

    Close to mine also. I have 90EL37. Are the wallets empty?
  8. ferret1958uk

    Re split rims

    Divided rims were fitted to most Rover 8's in 1964. Mine is 1964 and still has the original rims.
  9. I visited earlier this year with my mother and my two sons (aged 9 and 5). We actually went to look at the fish first before taking a break in the tea rooms in the park opposite (excellent place with good service). Fairly late in the day we mustered enough funds for the four of us to enter your museum. Once inside we were met by the tapestry. For a moment it looked to me as though that was the only thing in the museum! A large space, with just a theater in the middle of it. We viewed the tapestry and then went into the theater. I cannot remember the film, but the boys enjoyed it, although that may be as they found it better than the tapestry? After the film we found the rest of the museum; and I am happy to report that the boys loved it! Highlight for them both was the computers where they could search maps of the Normandy beaches. The 9 year old even recognised Ouistreham Riva Bella as being twinned with Angmering, West Sussex (Due north of Ouistreham) which is where my workshops are. Towards the end of the visit they got excited about the DUKW and the landing craft. Trying to get them off the landing craft was very hard as they just wanted to play. Next came the dreaded shop on exit. That was painfull as we had already spent our funds before entering the museum. It was made slightly worse by being locked in as it was after last entry! I would recommend the museum for a visit, but it definitely benefits by being in an area with other places to visit as it is not a full days visit. The only part I would change would possibly be adding a museum site map just after the entrance point. A range of films in the theater perhaps?
  10. ferret1958uk

    Austin K9 restoration.

    OK, I want a K9 now, and I mean right now. It was bad enough missing my one watching this restoration, now it is finished it made it worse! Excellent result and one you can be proud of.
  11. Keep the pictures flooding in: Especially the boring ones of welding. They all make me miss my old K9 even more.
  12. ferret1958uk

    No. 160

    Is it a frisbee for use by concealed arctic troops?
  13. ferret1958uk

    No. 159

    We discussed this several years ago Clive. It was Seihks for religious reasons. I cannot recal the full explanation.
  14. ferret1958uk

    No. 159

    Diesel storage area.
  15. ferret1958uk

    Austin K9 restoration.

    There are very clear documents on vehicle marking. In none of the official publications have I ever seen a reference to white wheel nuts. Red for danger on split rims only. In all official publications the wheel nuts have been body colour.