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  1. Still for sale . A great project for someone.
  2. I have a Humber Heavy Utility available for sale It needs a full restoration but is pretty much all there and where would you find another? £7500 serious enquiries only please. Based in Kent andrew@honychurch.com
  3. well there you go Robert. The photo should complete their request. Hope all good Andrew ( Honychurch )
  4. With thanks to David Gordon, author of Weapons of the WW2 Tommy, and ex owner of a T16, he has kindly provided this photo of his kit including the correct folding saw. Interesting as it made me realise I have one of these somewhere that came with a Dingo I bought a few years ago. Hope this helps
  5. Thanks Nick. I have one of these on my M20, I had forgotten about them to be honest. I shall read up on it now. Good thinking!
  6. Indeed you are correct Adrian! I have just discovered that. I have a friend in the US who may have a photo, and have asked him to either send to me or else post here.
  7. Hi Robert, I do have a parts book and should have the illustration in that or the TM. can you let me have an e mail and I will try to scan this later if its there. I am however, intrigued why the museum specifically wants pictures of a T16 folding saw!
  8. Thanks, I have bought an electronic distributor made especially for the V8 by Stromberg. Its the regulator I am concerned with at the moment though. Andrew
  9. ok , I know about these but generally the solid state regulators are a lot of money when a standard regulator would do the job. I will ask him for a price but I dont hold out my hopes for a reasonable price solution. thanks anyway
  10. Chaps, I have a T16 Carrier fitted with the Ford Flat Head , running 12 volt and negative earth as standard. The dynamo that sits on the top of the engine on the T16 is the size of 5 litre can of paint. Enormous thing. The original regulator sits next to the driver and is a strange affair , similar in looks to a Jeep regulator, but is held in position by a clamp and is now in need of replacing. I have decided its time for a modern unit. Not being an auto electrician, but reasonably handy, can anyone suggest a regulator that will replace this. I note some of the early 60s regulators as fitted to Jaguars, Minis etc have 5 or 6 terminals where as we only have the three on the T16. I would welcome some guidance on this as I am keen to get it charging prior to going to Combined Ops in a couple of weeks. thanks in advance.
  11. Last MOTd in Liphook back in 2012. Not been MOTd since, but then it doesn't require an MOT. Anyone know someone in Liphook area who owns a Jeep?
  13. thanks for the replies chaps. Yes I saw it was still taxed and made the MOT connection as not being indicative any more. Someone will know it I feel sure.
  14. Some years ago I sold my old Jeep and regretted it . I see its still around, registered GAP470, but I have never seen it since. Anyone know where it is and who owns it?
  15. thank you chaps, both of you for the very useful leads. I didnt know about either the book or the Facebook group. Book appears to be out of print, but will keep an eye open for it. Will go onto the FB Group now. Cheers
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