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  1. Tank Museum's Matilda - Latest video

    Great photos Matt.
  2. Wanted AEC Matador

    Thanks Niels, yes we do have a coupe of old AEC that need a good home.
  3. Austin K5 Gun Portee need saving !!!!!

    Interested but she is in a pretty bad way.
  4. Bedford MWD restoration

    We need a pair too
  5. 1916 Vickers 4 Inch Mk IV Restoration

    Great story and fabulous restoration. Thank you for sharing your photos.
  6. WW2 Fire Trailer Pump

    Hi Richard, Could you post a photo? Many thanks. J
  7. sherman M4A4 (in France )

    What you are doing is very admirable. Good luck with your tank - although you might not believe me, some of us would love to be in your position. Looking forward to watching your progress. :-)
  8. AEC trucks to identify

    Great find.
  9. 1941 Chevrolet FAT Overhaul

    If you want to take a closer look at the truck, check out our web site http://www.shoplandcollection.com
  10. Crossley Q type 4x4

    Hi there, Drop me a line at james@shoplandsawmills.co.uk we have the remains of a few Crossleys dotted about the place. Yours etc.
  11. Wisconsin powered Maudsley Generator - information appreciated.

    Sorry Adrian, I should engage my brain/attention fully when using idioms - shed any light and unrelated spello - data plate. Hare and Tortoise comes to mind.
  12. Cracking restoration.
  13. RAF Albion AM463 350 Gallon refueller project for Sale

    Photos of the current project might help.....
  14. Radar dish and carrier for a British No.3 Radar set.

    Thanks guys. Sadly there is no dish or carrier....the hunt continues.
  15. Radar dish and carrier for a British No.3 Radar set.

    Fabulous restoration.....