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  1. I am going Sunday to Sunday, gotta give it a chance to see what happens
  2. I'll be down with just my 90 this year as my dad is in hospital so automatically down 2 vehicles
  3. nice to see my truck getting a pic took lol
  4. now i am not from "down south" but how far away is that from the war and peace. seems to me someone somewhere has had a change of heart because they would have "disappeared" the truck strange but with a massively happy ending well apart from the 30's and 50's of course
  5. i met them in the johnsons tent, i always won 3rd prize in the raffle which is a diecast chinook like the one used in 1991 signed by andy mcnab, well chuffed
  6. 1 x OD PLCE Bergan 4 x OD PLCE Rocket packs 6 x 7.62 ammo cans 1 x Fighting vehicle first aid kit 1 x Complete 44 pattern webbing set (1st pattern, 45 dated, also got the history of it as i bought it off the guy who used it) 1 x Roll of mine tape 1 x tankograd book: salisbury plain traning area 1 x tankograd book: BAOR the final years 1 x tanks illustrated No12: british army fighting vehicles 1945-presant 1 x Complete S10 gas mask, with all complete NBC kit 2 x Dragon action figures (falklands 2 para and a 2007 Royal Marine) 1 x set of black military plates for my landy i have had an awesome show (year 15 done, bring on year 16) and so have my guys, so next year we are coming back with a bit bigger display, infact we started planning while at the show lol
  7. i dont care what the weather is gunna be you just carry on and make the best of it
  8. it will dry out and even if it does i remember the mud of a few years ago it was still a cracking show just need boots or wellies lol this will be year number 15 for me so looking forward to it no matter the weather lol
  9. nah it wasnt there but we were parked behind Bernadette in the sand and green Series 3 FFR lol heres some pics from me:
  10. i will be watching this thread with massive interest and would love a copy of the book when its finished lol wish i could find someone who used my landy but its hard enough to get info out of the royal marines as it is
  11. thats brilliant guys thanks just gunna put togeather the history of this antar and this will be brilliant how something that was thought lost has been alive and kicking and thousands of miles away from home.
  12. i am gunna try and contact the museum to see if i can get some more up to date pics of her shame shes not in the UK but i am glad she is gunna be looked after, gunna be interesting telling the old guy about this
  13. this beastie: i am trying to find this as the guy who drove this and took this photo is a friend of my mum's and i said i wonder if i can find it if not this one possibly one from the same regiment (which i will have to ask him about because i have forgot) he drove diamond T's and antars during his time in the army and his last job was to deliver some soviet tanks to bovvy i believe with this antar. so if you guys can shed any light or provide some pics of this one currently that would brilliant Regards Jonny
  14. my 1977 FFR is fitted out in clansman i also found its sister vehicle (mines 10mins older, 1 chassis number different and 1 reg number different aswell lol) so a 84 FFR would have been fitted with clansman so to be true to the vehicle (and cheaper for yourself) add clansman lol which reminds me i need some more radios possibly a 319/320
  15. had a chat with a FAO and he said its a spent case and treated as such but different folks different strokes
  16. that would be good if you could send me pics and measurements as i can then knock a few up in case
  17. i just got one but its missing the sling but i am after a few more any chance of a name of a shop or anyone know of any more for sale as i need 2-3 more
  18. A-TACS is CHEAPER than multispam to produce hence why the yanks ever the followers of fashion are dumping multisham they did the same with ACU
  19. i agree 110% plus we do need a show up north as we get a few little shows but nothing major, i think it might be something worth looking into?
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