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  1. Sent & got a reply from mia-usa , they can NOT export a Lewis gun mag to me as it's a part of a machine gun .....:-( ..... I have a look at D&B, thanks guys for your help. :-)
  2. Hi all, I'm after a Lewis gun magazine and can't find any :-( Is anyone able to point in the right direction... where to buy or have you got one to sell please? Thanks in advance.
  3. HIYA , i live in Chipping Sodbury , not far from Kemble & i own a Daimler Ferret ...we were at Kemble last yr for the Airshow ... had a great wk/end , i dont think we can come on 30 june for ur meet as we are doing the armed forces day in Bristol but we are coming to the best of britain show on aug bank holiday at Kemble tony
  4. barry , would love to come , ive got 03CC28 MK 2/3 is there anyone coming from the bristol area , i can share a low loader with & the cost anthony
  5. welcome to the ferret club im sure u be very happy together ..!!
  6. welcome gareth im only down the rd from u in Chipping Sodbury & ive also got a ferret 2/3 03cc28 are u by any chance going to the steam show at South Cerney AUGUST 5/6/7th ..?? Tony
  7. HI ALL IF the owner of 03 BB 60 would like to P/M me i found a very nice picture of ur ferret at the severnside show chipper
  8. SIMON , my ferret 03CC28 was in Cyprus between AUG 74 ...MARCH 84 AUG 74 V.S.D STOCK OCT 74 / MAR 75 Queens Royal Irish Hussars MAR 75 / SEP 75 1 Royal Tank REG SEP 75 / AUG 77 ORD DEP AUG 77 / SEP 78 VEH Sub Depot SEP 78 / JUNE 80 U.N Recce SQU JUN 80 / OCT 80 VEH sub Depot OCT 80 / JAN 83 U.N Recce SQU JAN 83 / JUL 83 VEH sub Depot JUL 83 / FEB 84 Scout car SQU FEB 84 / March 84 VEH sub Depot after which she went to Salisbury for desposal tony
  9. hiya , i live in chipping sodbury i could ask the farmer where i keep the ferret a few miles away if he has any room he charges £10 a wk tony
  10. lindsay had a cage made for mine bout a yr ago , cost bout £200 by a local guy ur more than welcome to come & have a look tony p.s .. have since painted it ...errr ....green .....!!!
  11. nice photos ....over 12 1/1 ferrets ...wonder what happened to them ..??
  12. booked in with the Ferret :-) C U all there ...... tony
  13. TERRY ITS good to hear that that 01CA78 is alive & well & is in safe hands ! its always great to find out a bit more history on ur ferret i found a picture of mine 03CC28 in her U.N white earlier this month on FV701 SITE from her history it must of been sometime in the late 70s early 80s ! if you send me ur e.mail address , i send you the picture glad to be of help , filling in a missing link of 01CA78 history any chance of a picture of her in the now ! tony
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