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  1. lozzaboy

    Vehicle identity

    Bofors, Humber LRC, guessing its an RAF Regiment parade?
  2. lozzaboy

    Optima batteries

    Used one in a 109 Land Rover with a later 2.5 n/a fitted, always started even after being left for ages, also two in the wife Tdi powered 109 camper conversion one red top and a yellow top leisure battery, no dramas with any of them. I did put a pair in my early 24v 40 amp SWB FFR though and for some reason it didn't like them and one of them won't charge properly so gone back to lead acid in that one but the 12v 109's are great with theirs.
  3. lozzaboy

    Yet another Land Rover..

    I see you've been helping Jim out 😉
  4. lozzaboy

    Landrover (Airportable) tailgate

    Suffolk, just south of Diss, but friends might be able to collect it for me though, could you PM me your postcode please
  5. lozzaboy

    Landrover (Airportable) tailgate

    Interested, just seeing if there's anyone I know up that way who could collect it for me though
  6. lozzaboy

    Larkspur C13 ATU wanted

    I'm looking for the ATU seen in the top left of the radio set up in the photo (looks like a cylinder) to complete my C13 set up in my FFR, if anyone has one or knows of one please let me know
  7. lozzaboy

    Swb landy markings

    If it was a 24v FFR then the oil cooler was standard fitment.
  8. lozzaboy

    .50 Cal

    Does it have the top cover too?
  9. lozzaboy

    engine change

    Just to throw an idea out there, I'm currently converting a UK Land Rover to a Spanish made Santana 3.4lt 6 cylinder diesel engine, which is basically a Land Rover 2.25 diesel with 2 extra cylinders, repositioned injector pump and timing gears. I'v no idea what work would be involved but it had got me thinking if this would be a good engine to fit into something like a QL? (all the parts like the injectors, pistons, con rods etc are the same as the standard 2.25 diesel engines)
  10. lozzaboy

    Spotted today....

    Lightweight with Larkspur ATU driving through Diss and stopping at the Shell garage for fuel yesterday
  11. lozzaboy

    Larkspur c13 station

    No worries, thank you :-)
  12. lozzaboy

    Larkspur c13 station

    You don't have a spare ATU do you by any chance? been using a C11 one for my C13 set.
  13. lozzaboy

    Suffolk MVT

    Just emailed to see about coming along to the next meet :-)
  14. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Military-Series-Lightweight-FFR-24v-90amp-Generator-/322700628378?hash=item4b2274d19a:g:~8UAAOSwaOxZqI~m