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  1. Thanks!! One of the few, Frank USMC RET
  2. New guy here. Could some one post a photo of the tail lights on a M20? I have looked at alot of photos and they all show the sides of the bike. The M20 I am looking at now is complete but the tail lights have been removed and updated to new ones. Thanks for any help. One of the few, Frank USMC RET
  3. Ok, 3rd try to get posted, fingers crossed, said my prayers in church this morning, here goes. Hi, I am Frank from North Carolina, USA. I am a retired Marine, but I am now working again for the goverment in the HazMat field. I started collecting military vehicles around 1977. It was tough collecting while I was in the Marines, I would get several good vehicles, then get orders. I have the following vehicles now, a 1941 M2 halftrack with winch (complete and found with the yellow stars on it), a 1942 WC52 weapons carrier, A 1944 WC54 ambulance, a 1943 GPW jeep, a 1945 wooden ben hur trailer, 3x WWII navy mark II bomb trailers, 1955 M38A1C (I have the 106, and all the parts to convert the jeep over, still working on the jeep before mounting the gun), 1952 M100 trailer, 1953 M37, 1968 M274A5 mule, 1968 M35A2, 1972 M35A2, couple of m101s, and several parts trucks. Ok, I want to join this forum site because my mother in law was a little girl in London during the Blitz. I am building a display of British gear, uh, er, sorry, British kit. I have over 20 British weapons in the display, yes, they all go BANG. I have found and hope to buy in the next couple of weeks a 1942 BSA M20 here. If I get the motorcycle I will be asking for advice on it. Take care, and I hope this post makes it. One of the few, Frank USMC RET
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