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  1. The trail legs we have are clearly marked and only says 2Pdr MkIV and is built by Canadian General Electric. There is no mention of 6Pdr on it anywhere. General Motors 'Regina plant' also manufactured these trails, and they made extra refinements for production. I do not know if the MkIV was produced by other countries, but I 100% know that Canada built them. From all my searching so far, I haven't seen anything about the MkIV trail being made by another country, apart from the 6Pdr trail that you mention. I believe the traverse was on the early production because with refinement they changed it to a quicker system to what the later 6Pdr has without having a geared traverse mechanism which is slow and takes up more resources to manufacture. Before the 6Pdr, having a traverse hand winding mechanism is what they knew I guess. It appears there is a similar 2Pdr attached to the top of the Tank Hunter Carrier, but it doesn't have a traverse mechanism like the A/T gun.
  2. Hi Adrian, Yes, the MkIV was the transition between 2Pdr and 6Pdr. This picture shows the traverse mechanism on the 2Pdr MkIV carriage. That is why there is the dome shape in the earlier shield if I am correct.
  3. Hi all, I am helping restore a 2Pdr on an original mark 4 trail which is mostly the same as the early 6Pdr trail. The parts needed are mainly 6Pdr , so any 6Pdr or US 57mm parts that people are willing to part with, please PM me to let me know. Parts we are needing are: Elevation mechanism with handwheel, traverse mechanism with handwheel, round axle, saddle supporting bracket which connects to the axle, Firing lever mechanism, Handbrake levers, sight mounts, trail attachments. I am interested in any parts, as complete or incomplete that you may have, as it will still help us move forward with getting this unique artillery piece completed. If you have parts but not willing to part with them, accurate drawings will be greatly appreciated too. I have attached a few photos for your reference to what I am looking for, and the assembled one is from a museum in Canada. Some of the pictures are from the US 57mm but I am using those pictures as a representation as they are a very close relative to the 6pdr with some interchanging parts. This original mk4 trail that we have managed to make its way ALL the way to little old New Zealand, so it will be the only one of its type here when it is complete. Any help is greatly appreciated. David Burr New Zealand
  4. Hi Barry Ring, Have you considered seeing about getting 7.00x18 Daimler Dingo Tyres made using your source? There are MANY Dingo owners including myself who would buy a few sets each. Cheers, David Burr
  5. Hi Tadeo, There are still a few out there, both restored and unrestored. There is a restored one in Duxford in England from memory, and one on Spike Island. Pete Ashby is restoring one currently. There are 2 being restored/almost complete in New Zealand that I know of. My father has one that is unrestored in New Zealand. I currently do not know of any for sale. Cheers, David
  6. I came across this outfit which looks like they do a pretty good job and know what they are doing. They are based near Eastbourne on the south coast of England. http://www.themagnetoguys.co.uk/ Cheers, David
  7. Found this in the Guy FBAX manual, hope the tips can help you with your magneto David
  8. Many english trucks have them, Guy FBAX, Scammell pioneer, Leyland Retriever
  9. Have you tried contacting Morse chain or Ramsey chain suppliers? They can supply any length that you want
  10. Hi Steve, It is not an antenna bracket as it is facing forward. There is one on each side of that turret which are smoke discharger mountings. There appears to be two mounting points for the turret rotator winding mechanism also, one on each side on the inside. The mount on the right had the remains of the manual winding mechanism attached, and the one on the left had nothing on it but the bolts were still there. We do not know whether it had both the manual and the hydraulic turret winders, one on each side? Cheers, David.
  11. Hi All, I don't know how many of you that are into Stuart tanks, but this is a commonly known modification that New Zealand did to most of the stuart turrets. The ones in this picture are a bit battered and bruised as they were on ranges, but you can still see the hatch holes at the top where they cut the hatch holes bigger to fit the big Maori boys in. With this modification, they welded an extra bit of steel to the hatch doors to seal the turret, but they also changed the location of the hinges to the outside of the turret unlike from factory where the hinges are in between the two hatch doors. Cheers, David
  12. I am after some english ones for an Abbot. The electrically fired 105mm shell cases are apparently the same between Abbot and the english field gun? PM me if anyone has any they are wanting to part with. Cheers, David
  13. I would say it looks like a truck wheel for the diff
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