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  1. Hi Ron, that’s very helpful thank you very much. Cheers Colin
  2. Hi folks, I don’t suppose anyone has a picture of a G3l speedo bracket please I can’t seem too find a good image of one. Many thanks Colin
  3. That’s a Very nice bike Ron 👍
  4. Hi Gordon, I don’t suppose you have any pictures you could post so I can see what they look like? Hi Ron thanks for that information very useful I’ve been looking for a rear light for some time. Cheers Col
  5. Hi Ferg, I have this light fitted (see below pic) is that the sort of light you mean it’s not wired in yet mind. Think I will keep the pillion seat for now anyway. cheers Col
  6. Thanks Jon much appreciated 👍
  7. Hi Ron, thank you for the links 👍 yes I did know it was a G3l it’s the dyslexia I’m afraid 😟 and that word itself is a nightmare too spell 😀
  8. Hi Jon, thanks for the info, I don’t suppose you remember where you got the civvy stand from? Cheers Col
  9. Hi Ferg, Thanks for that, I’ve been keeping my on eBay, is the oil tank cap the same as the petrol tank cap fitment wise? As you said before it’s a bit of a mind field with parts and what fits, you can end up buying the wrong stuff. Cheers Colin
  10. bigduke6 Sounds great to me I don’t mind waiting as in no rush, would be good to have something on the the bike made by yourself. Cheers Colin
  11. Hi folks, I thought I would ask if anyone has any of the bits I need to finish off the bike as I’m struggling to find them. battery box holder - side stand - speedo bracket - oil tank cap - fag end rear light (might go down the repo route as I know these are rare) rear pillion seat as I really don’t like the one currently on. Thanks in advance Colin
  12. Thank you very much Richard that’s a good idea 👍
  13. Hi guys Thanks for the reply’s 👍 I didn’t notice the battery box before it doesn’t look right as you both say so will have a look at that. Ferg your right in what you say👍 my main intention is to get it running nicely as the mechanical side of the bike is more important to me than the looks at the moment, I’m ok at doing most things so I will have a go. The price of the important parts seem to have rocketed since I last looked when I first got her 🤔 but I guess that goes for most things. Cheers Col
  14. Hi, It’s been a long time since I last posted as unfortunately things have got in the way, I have a Matchless G3L which has been sitting in my brothers garage since 2012. I would now finally like to get her running and would appreciate it if anyone could possibly have a look at the pictures to see what’s wrong and what’s right on the bike with a few pointers on what to look out for when recommissioning her. I have some repo canvas grips to put on plus the all important speedo but no bracket to mount it with as I’m not sure what they look like, I also have the horn. I’ve also been looking for a side stand but they seem quite rare. any help would be much appreciated. kind regards Colin
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