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  1. Good evening gents, Ref the comments on the 18/25 Pdr field guns , it was a 18 pdr barrel fitted with a loose Liner or called autofrettage to take the 25 pdr round .Now if you where to visit Heugh Gun Battery at Hartlepool , you will find a 18/25 pdr on a mk VP carriage ( A rare old lady). I noticed that a photo had a 18/25 pdr with split trails hooked up to a No.27 limber & a turntable on the top of it, this would be of no use as due to the split trails. You would need two two covers for each spade for it to work with the turntable. thanks for your time Niallmhor
  2. If you want some more close-up of the Limber I can get some as we have one in our Museum.
  3. I wonder if someone brought the bratties to cook?
  4. Did you have any luck talking to the lad from 42 OCA about your "Beast" ? I'll have to show my battery (49 Inkerman) your photos in Nov at our reunion. Niallmhor
  5. They should have sunk the all the Argentina's Navy in one go instead of just one ship!
  6. This could happen to anybody, you can't see much from the drivers hatch in any case, just bad luck on the day.
  7. hi there, taking up the lead from the last post about army personal getting killed on execise in BAOR . In the mid 70''s, at Fallingbostal a M107/175mm SPG, belonging to 42nd Heavy Regt RA left the road & turned over killing the No.1 & trapping 3 of the crew under it. It happen on a "Quick Train" EX in mid August 1976, How do i know this well, I was one of trapped crew under the Gun. Reg No. 04 ED 54
  8. hi guys, The name's Niallmhor, ex-forces most of my time with the Royal Artillery , DMI on FV432,433, M107,M109A2, Fodens & Stalwarts HMLC. spend my Sundays at Heugh Gun Battery Museum at Hartlepool working on 2x25 Pdr's. My only claim to fame was to catch on flim was the shell leaving the gun barrel of a FH-70!
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