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  1. Beautiful work! 👍
  2. Also made up a missing bracket for the rear mudguard, and some stainless fasteners for the front wheel...
  3. The early WD/C uses Amal’s “Clean Handlebars”, where (some of) the cables run inside the bars. Unfortunately the handlebars on this project had been replaced, so we had to find / make a correct set. Lex found handlebars with the correct shape and dimensions, but they needed quite a bit of work… They had to be straightened, repaired, a slot for the internal twistgrip had to be milled, a few extra holes had to be made, and the pivot clamps for the levers (from a set of donor handlebars) had to be welded in place.
  4. And here’s the aluminium brake plate that we will be using for this early WD/C. It came with a triangular bracket for the anchor rod, this was a later factory modification. So one hole in the aluminium plate had to be plugged, and the anchor rod is now in its correct (early) position.
  5. As explained in a previous post, the bike was found with a pair of Triumph wheels fitted. We found a pair of WD/C wheels, but needed an early aluminium brake plate for the rear wheel. Fortunately forum member Niek who owns a late spec WD/C wanted to swap his perfect alli brake plate for a steel brake plate, which would have been correct for his bike. We didn’t have a WD/C steel brake plate either, but a steel brake plate from a post war Model G (which was available) could be converted… The back plate is identical, the front plate had to be replaced. Drill out the spot welds, clean the back plate, make a new front plate, assemble, job done.
  6. Think that's an artist's impression in the parts list Ron... Have noticed that these Matchless illustrations are often not very accurate...
  7. Must be something like this...?
  8. rewdco

    RAF Royal Enfield

    It's all in the Bible Ron! 😂 😂 😂
  9. rewdco

    RAF Royal Enfield

    The WD/CO has been made with a Burman gearbox (contract C/13870, also known as the WD/CO/B) and an Albion gearbox (all the other contracts). The difference between these gearboxes is obvious, but a less known fact is the change in engine plates and footrests that was needed to accommodate the Burman gearbox in the WD/CO frame. The contract C/11081 motorcycles had two identical engine plates, a long footrest bar with spacers on both sides and two identical footrests. But the right hand engine plate on the WD/CO/B had a cut out to accommodate the bulkier Burman gearbox, and the long footrest bar was in the way of the inner and outer kickstart cover. So the footrest bar was shortened, and a longer footrest was fitted. This footrest couldn’t have the same shape as the original one, as the angled section would still touch the gearbox, so the footrest was forged with a 90- degree bend instead. For an unknown reason the right hand spacer wasn’t removed from the spare parts list, although it was now obsolete. Although there was only one Burman contract, all the post Burman contract parts lists still showed the same setup as the WD/CO/B: a right hand side engine plate with a cut out and a modified right hand footrest. It is currently unsure if all these later motorcycles were also equipped like this...
  10. Very nice bike Ian! Well done!
  11. Made them with a detachable stud Ian! Just like the originals! 😁
  12. rewdco

    RAF Royal Enfield

    Glad to see that I've been able to help you reunite your bike with a correct pair of crankcases Ron! Keep up the good work! Jan
  13. Looks like the 1" 3/8 bolt was definitely used in 1942 (see 1942 picture below). I guess this was soon noticed and the factory may have fitted longer eye bolts for the footrests on later contracts. But the parts catalogues were never amended, up until the 1945 contracts they give the same number, being the number for the original 1" 3/8 bolt.
  14. If you compare the mounting position of your pillion seat with the pictures below, you will notice that the pillion seat on your W/NG is mounted further forward Ron! Think you will have to start searching for this Ariel version... 😕
  15. It is now confirmed that only the part with the pressed in "ACUMEN" logo was leather, the rest of the cover was Rexine... I've added some new information in the "long Acumen" post. There was a slightly different version which was only used by Ariel. See further above... Jan
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