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  1. Thank you Clive,will include the key words from now on, all the best Nigel
  2. Wow, its on my want list, gives me something to hunt for when about. Mainly for historical interest and to see what went into a Hornet.
  3. Very nice, I have a gen trailer, straight from the army sales. had twin generators in it. Alas no tool box or fuel can holders. Got it for my Humber 1 Ton as its the right era and the wheel stations are the same too.
  4. Yes your right Clive, Hornet FV1620 is different and commands a book on its own. I have not seen one yet, but think would be an interesting reference book.
  5. Wonderful reading, gives extra information on all aspects of Humber 1 Ton's. With strip down of components to be seen, storage of spares, tools. Covering all the different Humbers.
  6. If after rocking the offending wheel for and aft there is no joy. Back off the adjusters and try again. If the same again. Remove the wheel, remember left hand wheel nuts on the left side, then with two extraction set screws apply pressure to remove the brake drum after removing the retaining set screws on the drum. Once pressure applied release and hit drum with a piece of hard wood between drum and hammer. May take some time and wd40 too around the wheel studs and inner part of drum where it sits on the wheel station.
  7. When you remove the cylinder, there is a small grub screw holding the pin (Located between the cylinders). Remove that. Tap out the pin, careful not to mushroom the end. Will need a stout piece of wood to hold the hatch open to help removal of the cylinder as a tight fit. Leave the pump lock off valve open so fluid returns to the reservoir and not all over the instruments. Will still need to cover though.
  8. Light hydraulic oil om10 is fine, do NOT use brake fluid as that will rot the seals. Fill the reservoir and slighty undo the small flexible pipe at the ram, use the hand pump and expel any air. Tighten when fluid seen. Then the ram should move. Make sure pump works on both strokes. There is a filter in the reservoir clean as can get blocked.
  9. Many thanks Clive. Starting to wire brush and clean under mine, then to get it painted and keep things ship shape.
  10. Yes was a missile launcher, then to an up armoured Mk 2 with complete new body, do you know what the Humber starter life as Clive ? FV1601, FV1602 ? Best regards Nigel.
  11. Thought paperwork looked similar, my Pig 21BK96 was struck off 22/10/91. L10609 Private sale (Stratford) REF No 75MS163 Disposal Sales. 6/2 /92
  12. 27BK21 I have it as FV1611 APC up armoured and modified to Mk 2 for use in Northern Ireland. Clive will confirm all.
  13. Many thanks for the photos, was more like driving in the desert. Pig looked weather beaten after that. We had driver Dean in the right hand seat and myself as photographer, great fun.
  14. Finally got my Humber Pig on the road reg 21BK96 Mk2 up armoured. Was with Hq Belfast for few years. First show was Yorkshire Wartime weekend.
  15. Police were worried about stopping it, if it ran away with crowds on both sides of the high street. Be some none technical type.
  16. Drive a Mk 2 Pig steadily, remembering to use 1st gear to set off in and selecting the four wheel drive will ease the strain on the drive train. Have to remember its 2.5 Ton overloaded. As heavy footed drivers can and will break half shafts. Then a long hard job to change and locate a spare. Lots of owners do remove the internal armour, could be replaced with plywood and covered with 1/16th steel sheet to look the part, others just remove it and have more room. Mine is a true Mk2 with all the armour, but was converted from a Missile launcher Armoured. So as its not a normal Pig will keep it as used in Northern Ireland with its history. Registration 21BK96 Normal servicing with oils and grease will keep it happy. Doing it every 250 miles will keep the suspension happy, with oil injected with a grease/oil gun. Will take most part of a day to check all the oil levels, but you will have the satisfaction of owning a wonderful piece of engineering from the Humber factory. What ever you get, enjoy it. Nigel.
  17. I have 1 in the shed, complete on the rim and with plenty of tread. Pm me if interested, £200.
  18. Well said, we know its a none starter, totally rubbish, Europe and the world will have our excess petrol, diesel to run their cars on. While we are sent back to the stone age.
  19. Hi, I would like the 2 boxes, please private message me, Nigel.
  20. Hi, I have an engine block in good condition, 3 bearing, cam shaft in it, stripped bare, bores greased up, £100 Sheffield area, Nigel.
  21. The plastic clips are cheap and nasty, its a gearbox removal to fit them, a common fix is to weld a metal strip that holds the clutch ball in place. As even removing the clutch slave cylinder can break the plastic clip. A 16p clip and your off the road.
  22. Got to register it too. Think I sold a starter motor to you. Regards Nigel.
  23. I have the User Handbook and EMERs, im near Sheffield, will do Yorkshire war time and if possible War time in the Vale which is more your territory. I knew you were moving but hadn't realised you went to Wales. Hope all is well there. Thank you Clive, will pm you. Nigel.
  24. Thank you Clive, its wonderful to have a piece of history, I have the brake cylinders to change, a general service and front hydraulic hatches to get working. Then run my Pig, want to show it and enjoy driving it. Is it possible to send me a copy of the record card, can that be done with a pm. Thank you once again Nigel.
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