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  1. Very interesting topic, colour schemes are a talking point as there seems to be numerous shades to every basic colour ie nato green.
  2. Far more robust system, water proof, spark plugs are quality as is the whole system. Once you get thinking head on and instead of pulling the plug leads off by hand, its a spanner. Better starting as 24 volts are used and when running drops to 12volts.
  3. Could induce a spin on braking and steering erratic on corners, hence not allowed to mix the two types. I have some cross plys 750x16 of various treads, pm me please if you haven't got any yet.All the best Nigel, near Sheffield.
  4. That will be fine, just make sure the field of the dynamo has been sparked to earth for negative earth or positive earth.
  5. Try one off an old Land Rover or Morris Minor, my Diamond T 980 regulator didn't work, fitted a Morris Minor one on flying leads and works well.
  6. Hello to a fellow 1 Ton truck owner. Lovely truck with good view from the driving seat with its high seat position. I have the Humber types, 1 ton Truck and a Pig. Yours is larger and easier to work on as a heavy duty standard type with axles and springs. Enjoy it and have a smile while in the driving seat. All the best Nigel.
  7. Have you any information on the RB44 ford cab tenders there, as to where they served, type of engines and manual or auto gearboxes, Many thanks Nigel.
  8. Hello Clive, that is quite a list, think the main thing is how the rotation and elevation of the radar works. Chassis with removal of the wheels. Photos, for storage of items and equipment if you can help please. Nigel
  9. Hi all, I am looking for information, EMER's on the Green Archer Radar system and Trailer, does anybody have any for sale. Will be starting to clean and get mine ship shape shortly. Many thanks Nigel.
  10. hi, How many hubs have you got ? Are the wheel studs Right Hand Threads ? Are there any oil seals fitted to the rear of the hubs ? many thanks Nigel
  11. You could not make that up, wow pen pushers having a bad day.
  12. Just remember aerials and overhead power cables don't meet up. Keep a look out, be safe and enjoy our hobby.
  13. Yes I understand, good luck and happy driving.
  14. Can be frustrating, so if you have a registration, ie log book the registration number is on that, just paint it on the front and back in black and white. Or am I missing something.
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