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  1. polston airbour gun

    hi thanks for the info ,its a start on collecting the info on the polstan regards terry 201
  2. hi has eny one got eny info /pictures/drawings/gundrill info ,of the airebourn polston please, help if you can as i can not fined info on this gun wear has all the info gone. terry 201
  3. hi my name is terry i served in the TA for 25 years with 286 reg and 201 bty 100reg . we carred the pegasus as a ww2 battle honner for the work that was carred out in the battle of arnham . i have a airbourn jeep and would like to get a airbourn trailer, i am retired and belong to the imps and mvt.
  4. hi i have found a generator trailer in a scrapyard in lincolnshire. it is a brockhouse clydebank no tr 712781. I rescued it at a pric. my problem is I want an airborne gs 10cwt trailer to tow behind my airborne jeep .the trailer is complete without the generator, it has the second patern wheels/ mud flaps/front box/the tow hook with stubby handles /two fuel tanks /all tin work with the original locks/original tyres. The tinwork obviously after all this time needs some replacement on a complete stripdown. I would like advice as to whether I rebuild it as a trailer without a genny fitted or convert it to a basic trailer . is it possible to find out any history of the trailer? thanks for any views on this project /. terry201