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  1. if I recall these were turrets specifically made for bunkers (or Ringstand as think they were called) based on Panzer 2 turrets so not converted. So the turret is a bit of a mash up with simplified cupola etc https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7475/15941779100_982c8d6161_b.jpg
  2. Impressive!!! Fancy coming round to work on my trucks
  3. Nice work, will have to grab a copy
  4. excellent, looking forward to seeing these come back to life, well one of them at least Just reading a greta book about Aussie tanks in Vietnam, great read
  5. as a business he must have Professional Indemnity Insurance, so guessing you would be claiming against that. But in things like this it isn't the money its the finding in the first place
  6. your a brave man. That looks like a proper project, look forward to seeing it finished as they are one of my favourite vehicles
  7. Im going to Revival so will see what else they have and check this out
  8. great progress, cab is looking very straight
  9. great thread. I guess the good thing about the Tilly is its size, so you can restore in a home garage. My problem (apart form lack of skill) is where my vehicles are, a good hour drive away as I live in London. The nine bay is looking really nice, those restored pieces look great
  10. We will be there, down in the living history area. Keen to see what improvements have been made
  11. its amazing whats still lurking in the hedgerows isn't it!
  12. Interesting stuff. Do you know where I would find those pictures?
  13. looks very very nice. One of my favourite vehicles
  14. I have used War Paint on different vehicles and different times, always had a good match
  15. I will take them for that price as I need to remake some of mine! how do you want paying
  16. that would be great to see back restored, very nice truck. Are these original markings or one from an earlier restoration?
  17. thats looking really good, almost the final straight
  18. welcome on board. Fascinating site, wouldn't fancy the escape training set-up...
  19. I can't help with parts but will be looking forward to the thread, nice pair of vehicles
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