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  1. GMC Insurance

    You may wish to try 4 Counties - http://www.4counties.co.uk/# I believe their underwriters are KGM at Llyod's. You may wish to enquire about the underwriter's requirement to name any additional drivers with whichever broker you talk to. One thing I discovered a few years back: I was with a broker who used a specific (very good) underwriter, but who then started upping the premiums. When I shopped around for cover with brokers using the same underwriter I discovered I could not get a quote from any broker using that same underwriter. This resulted in a change of underwriter in order to achieve a satisfactory premium from another broker. You can then at the next renewal get a quote from other brokers who use your preferred underwriter. Nothing is simple anymore - a bit like utility suppliers!
  2. Thistlegorm vehicles - mistaken identities

    Great images Simon. Are there any fundamental differences in techniques for underwater scanning? Other than the obvious (such as waterproofed electrics/electronics!), does laser light require relatively clear water, similar to that needed for good visibility? Tony
  3. A significant and relevant benefit of extra horses is the improved performance which goes a long way to help with keeping up with traffic - not top speed but acceleration to help traffic flow.
  4. De-rating a mechanical pump diesel engine is fairly straightforward (as is, I suppose, an electronic one) - but not sure about accompanying paperwork.....
  5. Where was RAF Shepard's Grove ?

  6. Michelin 12.5 R20 XL Tyres

    There were also XLB (which is what these look like) and I recall XLAs too, but they may have been designated A when the B came out. Just be aware some earthmover tyre applications had much lower max. speed - probably from use of softer compound rubber, the speed restriction being due to limited ability to dissipate heat build-up. Best to look carefully at the sidewall writing to be sure.
  7. http://www.ets-uk.co.uk/ (just in case).
  8. Suffolk MVT

  9. Suffolk MVT

    Quite a few Suffolk area folk on here, LZB. Monthly meetings currently at RBL Club Stowmarket, so quite handy for you. Plenty of events in the area. They're a really friendly bunch (they always recognise me when I make a rare appearance :blush:), so I'm sure you will find a warm welcome. Just need another 2 or 3 SWBs for a decent Landrover / Jeep Tug-of-War event! Tony I believe the wearing of deep bronze green underwear with an embroidered Scammell logo is no longer compulsory
  10. no price

    Some people don't seem able to sell anything unless they think they've got one over on the buyer. Some people don't seem able to buy anything unless they think they've got one over on the seller. The best deal is when both buyer and seller walk away happy!
  11. Just recently it looks like whenever you attach an image to a post by uploading a file, it does so - but also posts a duplicate titled 'attached images'. What's going on then?
  12. Dodge WC54 applications?

  13. Spotted today....

    Yesterday early pm southbound M5 north of Worcester, a Crusader pulling a plant semi- trailer loaded with a faded green Explorer and a demountable office/radio body strapped over the rear bogie of the trailer. The driver seemed to have that satisfied grin only possessed of someone who has just been 'adopted' by a Scammell!
  14. no price

    Chill out - if you're interested in the trailer then make contact and start a conversation. You don't have to mention price, but the seller will know you are at least an interested buyer, and might come back to you. In these situations a price can often be negotiated, but only with a line of communication. Heck, people have sometimes been able to buy stuff that wasn't even for sale, let alone had a price attached, by starting a conversation! Hope you manage to get it! (No, it's not my trailer.....:-D)
  15. Types Of GMC Workshop Bodies

    I believe the curved-roof 3-window open-wheel-arch version to be a postwar Swiss built body. There were several variants of the WW2 U.S. body for different applications but outwardly all were similar.