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  1. daverwheeler

    Civilian Mk1 Militant

    I saw you rolling along the A249 in the morning. Looking good
  2. daverwheeler

    Civilian Mk1 Militant

    I have been using electrolysis for a while now, it is amazing!
  3. daverwheeler

    heres my chevy restoration

    Great work
  4. daverwheeler

    1944 M4 High Speed Tractors

    Love the high quality work, keep it up!
  5. daverwheeler

    Civilian Mk1 Militant

    Always makes life easier when you can use theright kit.
  6. daverwheeler

    Civilian Mk1 Militant

    Nice job, its always worth putting the effort into the prep work.
  7. daverwheeler

    Hi from Kent

    Hi all Having been in the motor trade for most of my working life, with long periods restoring classic cars, (mainly Triumph) I have a love of anything with wheels and an engine! I have not been involved with restoring any MV's, but having a restored a 1955 Ferguson TE20 Tractor and attended most of the Southern shows and rallies, I have always admired the military vehicles on show. I came upon the forum by accident, but am really enjoying the info and stories on here. Cheers Dave