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  1. These are higher resolution versions of the ML next to the Auster at Jeep n Cheerful in 2007.
  2. A little earlier than normal the Huey Hangar Open Day is on the 29th of this month. The plan is to fly both the Huey and the Loach around 1pm, weather permitting, so a great opportunity to get up close and personal with these two great aircraft. H1HU
  3. There are several things not right with the bike. As has been said the handlebars are postwar, engine not correct but not insurmountable. Ian you frame number almost looks like they have stamped the eights upside down, which at the time they wouldn't worry about that. According to records I have it was a 1943 machine. My own bike is a 1944 machine.
  4. The new proposals (Consultation Document) by the CAA to increase charges by an inordinate 100% will impose huge additional costs on airshows and aircraft operators which could potentially threaten their existence. If you enjoy seeing historic classic aircraft flying in the UK skies and at the few remaining air shows we have in this country then please could you sign the petition below to show your support for this hike in charges to be reconsidered.. .... Sign Petition here: http://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/120628
  5. Thought I'd give you notice of the end of the Air Show season hangar Open Day for Huey 509 and Loach 011. Lots to see and do and of course up close to these two historic aircraft.
  6. The Munga looked good last night on the road. I sussed it would be you as I'm not aware of any others in the area. H1HU
  7. Well last night (Tuesday 17th) a Munga and Jeep heading towards St Annes on the B5261 Queensway around 19.17. I flashed my headlights and waved whilst travelling in the opposite direction in my Rescue Green JK Wrangler, both drivers returned the recognition enthusiastically. Was that you by any chance Willyslancs?
  8. This is a heartening story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FVPuPqOC4Y Well done to those that made it happen for a very modest veteran. H1HU
  9. Both 509 and 011 will be in attendance this Sunday. we are due to land around 09.30 before everything kicks off at 10.00. Weather permitting of course though the 'shop' will be there early to help check out the landing site. Come say hello if you are in attendance. H1HU
  10. In word one of the fonts is called Stencil and is the font I have used for the M series number and other markings. The reason I chose it was because of a picture of a British Jeep in Italy with that style of lettering on the windscreen panel. H1HU
  11. Unfortunately I can't help on the hub or wheel front. I took it to Normandy five years ago which wasn't too bad as it spent most of its time in the Jeep trailer. I had contemplated taking mine to Normandy this time but not taking the trailer so thought better of it, as it would always be a worry having to keep an eye on it. Not difficult, for those inclined, to remove a bike that small. H1HU
  12. I make all my own stencils. I print onto paper then cover with masking tape and cut it out. To apply it I stipple using a brush. H1HU
  13. My son and I are doing the same with the Jeep (hence the posting here of the mystery British Army stampings). As we were putting the unit markings on etc. he commented that this would have been happening 70 years ago, though we have forgone the waterproofing of the ignition etc. H1HU
  14. Just recently removed several layers of paint from the front end of my 42 MB and found stampings on the front drivers side chassis horn. One is the chassis number, so no mystery there. However there is the following 22\\383 It must have been stamped either at the same time or in the same depot as the stamps are the same. This must feature on other British Army Jeeps and so any YH reg Jeep owners might have similar stampings. Any ideas suggestions as to what it could possibly mean? H1HU (Sorry for some reason it has attached the photo upside down)
  15. Studying the pictures and the satelite image it is possible to work out just exactly where LCT 7074 is. She has been moved to the northern side of the the pier/pontoon which is why I couldn't work out the relationship to Mersey Ferries. H1HU
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