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  1. Going on the vehicle at the back, with a two tone colour scheme, it looks the same the two in the foreground. I was going to suggest Ford Model AA and that they may be hired in from a bus company.
  2. Whilst looking for any news of the event today, I came across a Dutch news site with some sad photos of a Bedford QL well alight. I can see it was an ex-Danish Army one and it would appear to be Dutch owned and on one of the convoys. My thoughts go out to the owner.
  3. Hi Terry, This is what is known as an accumulator, the Saracen and Saladin armoured vehicles also had three of them for steering and brakes. Another vehicle that had one was the Routemaster bus, so if you know anyone who owns one of these vehicles they will be able to help I would think. In the army they were charged with Dry Compressed Air, the Saracen was charged to 500 psi and suspect the Martian was the same. It is too many years I last worked on a Martian, I seem to recall the accumulator is under the cab on drivers side, and a bit awkward to access.. You can easily get Nitrogen to charge as a substitute. Hope this is of help to you. regards, Richard
  4. Just found a cracking video of the 30 Corps convoys in Holland this week, see below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR1Gy7mSv7w
  5. It is an ex-Royal Engineers Terex dozer suitable modified into a shunter.
  6. Very true, I have owned a QL for 32 years and to me it is an icon.
  7. Agreed, but don't think Jaguar had any input in design of Guy lorries, they just owned the company..
  8. The Defender was a utility vehicle which could be adapted for all sorts of roles, both civilian and military, it still had a following, but what they have got now is not much different to a Discovery from what I have seen. The design team have lost the plot. On another note, that well known sports car name of MG, has just released a pick-up truck (or as the Aussies say, a Ute). What next, Jaguar making lorries? Worlds gone mad 😟
  9. Radek, Your photos show two different vehicles as already explained. The top photo is of one that was restored for the REME Museum in 1990 then years later sold to a private owner. The bottom photo is of the Gantry that belonged to the Museum of Army Transport at Beverly and before its closure.
  10. DUKW was a General Motors code; D=1942 model year; U= amphibian; K= all wheel drive; W= dual rear axles.
  11. Hi Nick, Two K6 Gantry trucks were both restored for the REME Museum around 1989-90, by 44 District Workshop REME at Ashford. The green one (now at Lyneham) was the first one done, the the sand coloured one was done after. Some years later the sand one was sold off and it ended up with one of the HMVF forum members for a while. I was able to identify it as the one the Geoff Theobald once owned and it was seen in one of his home movies from the 60's/70's era, on a steam car website. It has now moved on again, last heard of in Essex I think. regards, Richard
  12. No seal fitted on these engines.
  13. Rob, Looking very nice, good job there was little wind today!
  14. Hi Rob, I have used these Silverline twisted wire brushes for some years on everyday work and they are good quality. Secret is not to push hard against the surface, then they work better and last longer. Reasonable price too 👍 regards, Richard
  15. Not all of them are still here, one shown at Bovington, was restored, went to California, then moved again and resides in Queensland Australia.
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