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  1. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Hi Richard, I think you are on a crash course of the workings of an engine and hopefully your mechanic will explain it to you in laymans terms! If the head was off ( you say he took the top off unless you mean the rocker cover) and the engine turned over, albeit 4 revolutions, and all the pistons went up and down, then it seems odd that it is locking up (which I assume is what you are saying). As has been said, your guy will gradually narrow down the problem.
  2. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Richard, You mention rotating the 'camshaft'. Unless the timing cover is exposed, this is not possible, Do you mean the crankshaft, ie, turning the engine over? It is quite a simple engine really. I have rebuilt 100's of the petrol versions, but not personally been involved with the diesels. When in the early years of service there were serious reliability problems with the diesel engine, but that was about 24 years ago now and was sorted out. Richard
  3. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Surely piston rods and con rods are the same thing? Unless you mean the push rods??
  4. Bedford QL

    Hi John, The QL was likely to be an officers 'gin palace'. Some of the QL's with Command type bodies soldiered on until the mid-1970's. I remember one coming in Workshops about that time. I don't think there was a similar type body on a RL at that time, apart from mobile workshops. Richard
  5. Aerodrome Smokescreen Generator Trailers

    That sounds like the Haslar smoke generator. http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C11344424
  6. FV426 Pics Needed - Help!

    Hi Dirk, Not surprised that you found nothing on WW2 as this was a 1950’s vehicle. Not sure there were many built.
  7. Knox-Martin Tractors

    That's a coincidence, Appledore station is about 2 miles from where I work!
  8. Identify Truck with Searchlight

    Wow,, amazing, that is a rare vehicle. Is this in Italy?
  9. 99p AEC MILITANT MK 1 1954 6X4 SCAM?

    It has been removed now
  10. More Vehicle IDs...and a Locomotive

    Possibly an Egyptian 2-6-0 then: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egyptian_State_Railways_545_class
  11. Austin under bonet number - census?

    Hi Wally, That sounds plausible as most I have seen are wartime vehicles that could well have been through a rebuild or major overhaul in the 1950's, although I know of Champs and Austin K9 that also had them painted under the bonnet. I think Henlys rebuilt Champs at one stage.
  12. Austin under bonet number - census?

    Clive, I understood them as postwar era markings and were thought to be receipt numbers at Vehicle Storage Depots. I seem to recollect reading on a website about them once. I have seen them on Champs, Austin K9 etc.
  13. British WW2 10 cwt GS Trailer

    This plate is for a Reliance, according to the contract number, it is British made and would doubt it was anything to do with Reliant. There was a company called Reliance in Yorkshire making factory trucks and highly likely this is them, hence RT Ltd could be Reliance Trucks. Have a look at this link as a family member of the company owners had posted on a website saying they had the firm's history, there is an email address so worth a punt to see if they have any info on wartime production. Definitely not USA built due to the contract number. http://www.ltsv.com/sv2/forum_post_view.php?post=389&offset=0
  14. RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    I would think it likely the reason for carrying the generators was to reduce damage to the electrical equipment. I recollect reading somewhere of the damage sustained towing genny trailers over rough terrain, may have been in a REME report. The ride on the lorry would have been better than bouncing around behind it.
  15. RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    I would say the last photo is a Dodge towing the trailer. The RAF had a lot of them in that theatre. I guess the WOT1 Fordsons were OK towing on the flat but with rod and cable brakes they were not up to towing trailers on terrain like that. I am assuming the WOT1 was not equipped with a vacuum brake system for trailers.