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  1. What information do you have on the workshop servicing trailer No3?

    Is there a CES or manual around for it?

  2. Just a guess, but 7DN could be Dennis as the army did have Dennis coaches at one time
  3. Hi Simon, It is around 45 years ago when I had a couple of B40WD motorcycles. Just dug out some info and the BSA part number for the element was 47-7807. The army listed a makers number for the filter as CA2602, no idea who made the filter. regards, Richard
  4. Belzona is excellent, and used in heavy industry. MoD use it and I have used it successfully in all sorts of applications. regards Richard
  5. Hi super6, Looks like you have confirmed it, a Renault truck 👍
  6. The badge looks similar to Renault, without checking old books to match the cab.
  7. I think those vehicles were assembled by Pearsons. A few years ago archive photos from Pearsons were published in a book. I recollect some were initially posted on this forum by the late David Hayward, who was involved with the book publishing. regards, Richard
  8. Jon I visited my cousin’s farm today and by sheer coincidence they were putting the rear hub units back on an old David Brown tractor and they looked very much like those that you have found ! Richard
  9. Hi Jon the shafts appear fairly short, are these reduction units off a forklift truck or possibly a small tractor? regards Richard
  10. Try a radiator repairer as they often repair tanks.
  11. I am surprised this has not come up on the forum already. Bruce Crompton was practicing para jumping in Holland in April, ready to take part in the Daks Over Normandy jumps. However he landed in a tree, became inverted then fell to the ground. Bruce is still in hospital with serious injuries. Check out his Facebook site for more details; https://en-gb.facebook.com/brucecromptoncollection/ Wishing you well Bruce, in future leave the aircraft after it has landed. regards, Richard
  12. The link in my last post did not work, this one does, it is another publication from around 1936, explaining the the American screwthreads were standardised in 1928 but a lot of info on alternative pitches in it. www.vintagemachinery.org/pubs/1617/3537.pdf
  13. Hi Tony, Here is a US Government document of 1928 on special threads, it may well be useful in your restoration (this predates Unified of course). The link did not work, so entering it by hand; https://GOVPUB-C13-3cc9997c25b5b325f93a6f22367059d7-3.pdf
  14. Morris bought the Hotchkiss armaments factory in Coventry and it was used to manufacture engines and gearboxes (going on memory). The reason for the metric threads was the Hotchkiss machine tooling was set up to produce parts in metric thread form same as the guns they had previously been producing. Hotchkiss being a French company. Some metric screws were still used in the engines of Morris Commercial during WW2, but checking parts lists only in certain locations.
  15. "Do I take it Richard your money would be on a 55' pitch? the TPI I fairly confident about. You can't beat a BSF or Whitworth thread no matter how long it's been sitting around they always come undone with only a little application of heat." Hi Pete, I feel sure it would be 55 deg thread angle and the machine shop would be using the same cutting toos on all items such as shafts. My guess is the nut is reasonbly narrow and it would not have had enough threads on it using the standard BSF tpi for that diameter. I have come across this 'special' situation before. Like you, I still think BSF is far superior than what was thrust on us from over the Atlantic. In my 53 years in the trade I have had more trouble with NF threads than I ever have with BSF ............... and as for Metric, I have little time or use for it as I try to avoid modern vehicles nowadays.
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