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  1. Unique German WW I tank restoration

    Hi Stefan, Great work and well done to all involved in the restoration. regards, Richard
  2. engine change

    Mike, This is probably the same QL as Ron has mentioned as the owner bought it from a well known collector in Sydney with the 270 already fitted. The current owner got the 'bug' for one after riding in my QL some years ago. regards, Richard
  3. Wanted Daimler dingo recovery blocks

    Hi Martin. ,Do you mean those lugs that bolt on either side of the chassis at the rear? Richard
  4. engine change

    A 6.354 is a tight fit in a QL. A friend in Australia did this conversion about 18 years ago and I spent a week helping him. As he had a compressor on the engine, he opted to change the brake system so it was air over hydraulic instead of vacuum. This worked OK but there was no where to mount the handbrake lever conveniently so we put a spring brake and air control hand brake instead. The engine had a Turner 5 speed box as I recall. It is a much larger engine than the P6 which was a favourite conversion in the 1950's. Had a short ride in it years later and it is a bit noisy in the cab. I much prefer mine with the old 28hp Bedford engine. The transfer box was deemed to be a bit lightweight for the increased torque and using it for bush and desert driving so my friend used a CMP transfer box which is a lot stronger.. regards, Richard
  5. K60 starter problems

    Just reading this and knowing how these vehicles tend to stand around a lot, wondering if it is suffering from 'diesel algae'. You may not realise it but this occurs on pump side of filters as well as in the tank. I worked on a forklift recently that ran alright until it ran out of diesel, then would not bleed through. The filter was covered in slime on the outlet and a small gauze filter in the inlet of the pump was choked. I would be looking at the filters. Just a thought. Richard
  6. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Hi Richard, I think you are on a crash course of the workings of an engine and hopefully your mechanic will explain it to you in laymans terms! If the head was off ( you say he took the top off unless you mean the rocker cover) and the engine turned over, albeit 4 revolutions, and all the pistons went up and down, then it seems odd that it is locking up (which I assume is what you are saying). As has been said, your guy will gradually narrow down the problem.
  7. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Richard, You mention rotating the 'camshaft'. Unless the timing cover is exposed, this is not possible, Do you mean the crankshaft, ie, turning the engine over? It is quite a simple engine really. I have rebuilt 100's of the petrol versions, but not personally been involved with the diesels. When in the early years of service there were serious reliability problems with the diesel engine, but that was about 24 years ago now and was sorted out. Richard
  8. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Surely piston rods and con rods are the same thing? Unless you mean the push rods??
  9. Bedford QL

    Hi John, The QL was likely to be an officers 'gin palace'. Some of the QL's with Command type bodies soldiered on until the mid-1970's. I remember one coming in Workshops about that time. I don't think there was a similar type body on a RL at that time, apart from mobile workshops. Richard
  10. Aerodrome Smokescreen Generator Trailers

    That sounds like the Haslar smoke generator. http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C11344424
  11. FV426 Pics Needed - Help!

    Hi Dirk, Not surprised that you found nothing on WW2 as this was a 1950’s vehicle. Not sure there were many built.
  12. Knox-Martin Tractors

    That's a coincidence, Appledore station is about 2 miles from where I work!
  13. Identify Truck with Searchlight

    Wow,, amazing, that is a rare vehicle. Is this in Italy?
  14. 99p AEC MILITANT MK 1 1954 6X4 SCAM?

    It has been removed now
  15. More Vehicle IDs...and a Locomotive

    Possibly an Egyptian 2-6-0 then: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egyptian_State_Railways_545_class