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  1. Crossley Q type 4x4

    There has been a long wheelbase Crossley Q in preservation for many years, think it was in the Essex/Suffolk area and had a signals type body as used by RAF (same chassis as the flatbed) and I know of a similar one in NSW, Australia.
  2. That was quick . thank you very much. will be in touch again . Do you know anything about those regulators?

    1. Richard Farrant

      Richard Farrant

      Hi Graeme,

      I think those Isenthal voltage regulators were used on the older army generators, I recall the name. I have found this link to info on them:


      Possibly on the WW2 Lister generators, used for searchlights an Anti Aircraft



  3. Wartime and postwar British army parts available

    Hi Graeme, Those Ford numbers you quoted are definitely for the Ford Thames 2E, 3E and 4E, just checked the parts book. I might be able to identify numbers of parts for other vehicles. regards, Richard
  4. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Forum member Bob Grundy built a A7V some years ago, it was seen at the Tank Museum. See this thread from 2009;
  5. Cork Seals

    Would they be those thin cork rings on a Daimler spherical tracta housing? If so there are better options. I find that in general, old stock cork gaskets that have shrunk and soaking them in water still does not get them back to original size and better to make new ones.
  6. WOT 1 Down Under

    The guy who told me about it, in the late 1990's was called Herb F, not sure if he owned it at the time, its a small world! (just noticed letters HF painted on the side, so answered my own question!) Here is a photo of the WOT1, ex-crash tender from near Sydney, it was for sale. regards, Richard
  7. I bought a Shielder

    Doug, Think the attachment must have gone missing during the website changeover, here is the website: https://bigtyre.com.au/wheels/vintage
  8. WOT 1 Down Under

    Hi, I once met a guy from Mt. Isa in Queensland who had found one of these WOT1 airfield crash tenders, reckoned it had been left behind on a wartime airfield up that way. There is another which is restored with a flat tray body near Sydney and it was for sale, open cab same as yours. Regards Richard
  9. Dingo fuel pump

    Hi Martin, Part number for complete Dingo pump is 1524242. Remember I showed you the number cast on the arm to confirm it is the correct one? The arm number should read 1524151 cheers Richard
  10. '36 Fordson pick up

    That is not a Morris, it is a Ford
  11. '36 Fordson pick up

    According to the DVLA it was first registered in 1936, here is a photo of another 1936 van with running boards and bumper, back end of body looks identical shape. Click on space below and picture will appear:
  12. '36 Fordson pick up

    More likely a farmer's conversion, giving the rear body a little more width to carry workers out to the fields or take produce to market. Those Model Y's could hardly pull the skin off a rice pudding, let alone a fire pump!
  13. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    A video of the whole ceremony at Ashford yesterday, by Forces Radio: http://www.forces.net/radio/battle-cambrai-centenary-commemorated-ashford Apologies for the back of my head appearing in it half way through.
  14. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Both myself and Tim Hewitt attended the service in front of Ashford's MkIV Tank this morning. It was very well attended and glad that I was able to be there. The Royal Tank Regiment were involved and a new plaque has been placed on the plinth, unveiled by a Challenger tank crew member. A replica WW1 tank was brought down from Cambridge by a living history group and parked in the street close by.
  15. Humber Pig / Saracen ... vehicles of the Troubles.

    Hi Nic, Your Pig would have been based at Lydd then. I would have seen it when it came up to the workshops no doubt. One Pig down there had a Shorland turret mounted on it, think it was an idea they were trialing at the time.