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  1. Richard Farrant

    784 COY RASC (M) CA? L784529

    Looks like the bus was a captured one as the entry platform is not on the left side. Something else, note the census number starts 784, same as unit number, probably made it up and not an official one. Is that in Germany post-1945? Another possibility is that the last digit of the number is not seen in the photo and it is a number issued in Late 1940’s., they consisted of 7 digits then.
  2. Richard Farrant

    Northern Ireland Oddities Help Wanted

    An Austin (or Morris Commercial) LD van ...... the army did have some of these as ambulances back in 60's/70's.
  3. Richard Farrant

    784 COY RASC (M) CA? L784529

    In the Chilwell census list, L784529 is within a group of numbers listed as "Not taken up"
  4. Richard Farrant

    Deserted W&P forum, dry dusty tumble weed rolling by.

    Hi Bernard, Our little group will be there, I have only missed one since the first show in 1982. cheers Richard
  5. Richard Farrant

    RR B80 oil pressure/starter motor

    Rolls Royce manual states normal oil pressure when driving in top gear is 30 psi as I recall. Regarding oil pressure at idle, maybe you have it idling too slow? i think your starter is a coaxial type, I rebuilt a B61 last year and that was 12 volt, think that was a CAV starter. No visual solenoid on these. regards Richard
  6. Richard Farrant

    Leaking Carburetor

    Could be a bit of dirt in the needle valve on that carb, or incorrectly set float height. The float chamber cannot 'over pressurise', but will flood if over full.
  7. Richard Farrant

    Dingo Roof Cast parts

    Andrew, PM sent to you. regards, Richard
  8. Richard Farrant

    Dingo Carburettor work

    I am wondering if your fuel pump is not putting enough through to keep the float chamber full, The pump diaphragm might be a bit stretched. Back to the carby, there are some very small passages in it and fuel nowadays seems to have a lot of fine deposits which tend to pass through the inline filters that a lot of us use now.
  9. Richard Farrant

    WANTED - CVR(W) Fox gearbox

    When the Fox was in service they were often in workshops waiting for parts for weeks/months, I know as I worked on them from their introduction into service until they were obsolete. There was never the big back up of spares stock as we saw with Ferret and Saracen. Gearboxes were common to have to replace due to a flat spot in carburation, so doubtful too many reconditioned boxes came out in the surplus disposals. regards, Richard
  10. Richard Farrant

    Dingo Carburettor work

    Hi Jerry, Just come across this and see Nick has put my name forward. You can get overhaul kits for these carbs and there is a lot of information on how they work with illustrations in the Dingo workshop manuals. Probably needs a complete clean in an ultrasonic cleaner or similar. Could be the diaphragms in the accelerator pump have failed or jets and /or drillings are obstructed. If you have had this vehicle for a while has it suddenly happened? regards, Richard
  11. Richard Farrant

    Thornycroft Big Ben

    Thought you would like to see it. Sorry, I would not sell it. regards, Richard
  12. Richard Farrant

    Anneal a diesel pipe

    If you do not anneal the pipe it is sure to fracture again. If you are concerned on the inner surface, then maybe you should make a new pipe up (and anneal it). regards, Richard
  13. Richard Farrant

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Steve, That is a wise decision. Having been rebuilding engines for 50 years, I was alarmed at the tightening up of the engine, and as you say, it could end up with a rod through the block and that would be unthinkable. Take your time in investigating and hope you can get the lorry out for other events during the year. You have all done fantastic work to a deadline, but you cannot afford to damage anything at this stage. Well done to all involved. regards, Richard
  14. Richard Farrant

    Army Auxiliary Workshop

    AAW's were civilian garages or vehicle maker's service depots. Many years ago I enquired at the REME Museum, but they had no record. Public Records Office (National Archives) probably best bet. Richard
  15. Richard Farrant

    1914 Dennis Lorry

    Hi Ben, Can you make spacers up to fit between the mountings at bottom? regards, Richard