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  1. Richard Farrant

    AEC Militant MKI Fan blade Question

    Holes are where they balanced it. Same often seen on flywheels and crankshafts.
  2. Richard Farrant

    Spotted today....

    I recognise that one ! A fine example.
  3. Richard Farrant

    British vehicle exhaust manifold identification

    Hi Graeme, I am certain this is for a 1950's Commer Q4 overhead valve petrol engine. Qualcast is the mower makers, but they made castings for the motor industry as well.
  4. Looks like an RAF Nubian fire tender and I have a feeling that the B80 engine is an early BSF one. Yes you can renew the HT cables from within their shrouds, problem is the old cable tend to go gummy and stick a bit. Replace with copper core 7mm HT lead. regards, Richard
  5. Richard Farrant

    Diamond T identity help

    According to Bart Vanderveen's original bible of WW2 vehicles, the Canadian army acquired more than 1100 special long wheelbase (201 ins.) model 975 chassis/cabs for mounting revolving cranes and other special bodies on. I can see 'USA' painted on the crane cab, but in Bart's book there are no Diamond T cranes listed under US vehicles. I would say the one in the photo is a 975.
  6. Richard Farrant

    Crossley IGL 3

    Hi Mike, Have you seen this > https://www.bigtyres.co.uk/9-00-20-12-ply-malhotra-military-m-88-bar-grip-tt.html
  7. Richard Farrant

    AEC Militant MKI (Update)

    OC600 is a normal straight gear oil with SAE 140 viscosity. Used a lot in older British vehicles for axles, gearboxes and steering boxes
  8. Richard Farrant


    The HM Dockyard at Chatham had closed before the Gulf War, so he probably meant the Falklands War !
  9. Richard Farrant


    FMW company was formed around 1970, so very doubtful it would have been used in WW2.
  10. Richard Farrant

    Bedford 28HP engine problem

    Good one!
  11. Richard Farrant

    Bedford 28HP engine problem

    Sorry, saw you mentioned cover plate after I posted. When re-using bearing shells it is a good idea to check the bearing clearance as it is not really possible to ascertain how much a shell bearing has worn without using something like Plastigage, which gives a good idea of any problems. Measuring the journals with a micrometer to check for ovality is wise to. I am currently rebuilding a 28hp engine from a MW, this engine was rebuilt by Vauxhall Motors in 1954 and was well overdue for a rebuild.
  12. Richard Farrant

    Bedford 28HP engine problem

    If the locking screw for the oil pump (below the one for the distibutor) is fitted correctly then the pump should be fully engaged with the distributor gear. One thing to check is the cover plate over the oil strainer, just in front of the distributor, this needs to be air tight else the pump will be trying to draw air in. Assume you have the correct size bearing shells for the size of crank journals? Also, could be an issue with the oil pressure relief valve in the pump. Did you remember to fit the oil feed pipe to the rockers? Richard
  13. Richard Farrant

    Armoured hoses ?

    Hi Graeme, Sent you a PM. regards, Richard
  14. Richard Farrant

    Armoured hoses ?

    David, Not Austin. AU stands for Automotive Products Ltd., of which Lockheed was part of the company. regards, Richard
  15. Richard Farrant

    Morris C8

    Sorry Simon, got confused there, thought I was replying to a C8 owner! Time to switch off I think 😉