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  1. Richard Farrant

    Bedford MWR 1943

    Hi Richard, It could even be one of the 'R' series registrations, where the vehicle has been rebuilt and lost its original identity. RG for example, I have seen MW's like this. Often the body fitments were changed to suit new equipment, etc.
  2. Richard Farrant

    Bedford MWR 1943

    This photo was taken after 1949 as you can see the new type vehicle registration under the tailboard
  3. Richard Farrant

    Austin Champ

    Hi Jeff, If you are not aware of them, there is a military vehicle club in WA, the Military Section of the Veteran Car Club of Western Australia. Here is a web address with their newsletters on it. https://sites.google.com/site/militarysection/ I have connection with a military vehicle club in NSW and over the years have met a few of the WA club members, there are bound to be a few people over there who have had Champs. There is a Champ gathering annually I think in Victoria. regards, Richard
  4. Richard Farrant

    Triumph 3HW clutch tool, whats the tpi?

    Hi Gareth, UNF? good grief no! 1" x 20 tpi is a BSC (British Standard Cycle thread
  5. Richard Farrant

    Saracen hill climbing

    Andy, I have had to deal with the aftermath of too many cooked flywheels, thanks for your reply.
  6. Richard Farrant

    3.5 CCk Onan generator

    As I recall it uses the generator as a starter, there is no separate motor
  7. Richard Farrant

    Saracen hill climbing

    Good advise to keep the revs up in lower gear Andy as if you let them labour, the flywheel oil overheats and cooks the seal, then leaks. Seen it happen. regards, Richard
  8. Richard Farrant

    What BMC diesel engine is this?

    Looks like it could be a BMC 2.2, there were often retro fitted to Land Rovers. Boat anchor is probably the best use, going by the state of it.
  9. Richard Farrant

    3.5 CCk Onan generator

    The Onan 3.5 Kva geny is a 2 cylinder side valve and of low compression.. no decompressor needed. Despite working on scores of these 30+ years ago I can’t remember if they are 12 or 24 volt start but I feel sure there is a data plate on them with Details, output, etc.
  10. Hi Terry, Adapting a B81 would be the best way to increase the power, it would not appear any different under the covers.
  11. You will never be able to get the dizzy cap off in a hurry, leastways, when the turbo is hot!
  12. Richard Farrant

    Bedford MWR 1943

    Same side cover is fitted to the QLR engine as well
  13. Richard Farrant

    Any one fitted a tow bar trailer to there CVRT ?

    I doubt the trailer would survive very long behind a CVR(T). You would need to follow one to understand. It is the turns where it will suffer and if you value your bike I would give up this idea.
  14. Richard Farrant

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Best advise is to contact the organisers, you get it from the horse’s mouth then.
  15. Richard Farrant

    Arrows 1.75 tonne trailer - info and parts needed

    Thanks John, I had a possible lead during the week on a drum. Owner is following it up