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    Hi All, Thanks for the info .I am pleased to say that I now have my tyres from KDF OSNICE IVO POSPISIL ,Great bloke to deal with ,very quick response once contacted , highly recommended!! best regards Johnb
  2. Hi anyone know of a tyre supplier for 5.25x16 military pattern tyres ? Wesa and Deka make some in CZ . The two suppliers there are not answering {Lehar Military Vehiclesand and Ivo Pospisil in Volny CZ } Anyone know if they are still in business? Jabee
  3. Hi Andy I have rebuilt a Box That was in a similar state , I found that I had to rebuild it section by section to retain all the Dimentions .Save every small part and use the rotted wood as a pattern .dont rip it apart as its difficult to retain the shape . There are stacks of small fittings that you will have to remake Photgraph everything .Keep in touch JOHNB
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