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    Don't waste your time it's RUBBISH historically and visually :cry:
  2. That's unfair, it was a new show (to John) at a venue he didn't know and I think on the whole the only thing that could and should have been better were the toilets and showers all the rest just needs fine tuning.
  3. The complaints on here are only a few. Yes but in the group I attended with (for seven days) I am the only one that's posted but ALL sixteen were unhappy with the toilets and more so the lack of showers, and I doubt many paying day visitors are on this forum, so I think it is reasonable to assume that the comments made can be multiplied many many times over to get a true picture.
  4. The prize for the fastest knob on a quad bike must go to that prat hus who was racing through Monkton on a very muddy slick road with a lad on the back at 40 to 50 mph, MADNESS
  5. Not always so at least with a dealer you have some comeback, unless you really know your stuff it's easy to come unstuck.
  6. I have had five of these over the past six years, one has failed but I don't look after them and I probably fried it, they are not good for charging big battery's ie 90 ...110 ah but are great for maintenance charging and good for six volt bike battery 's and only cost less than a third of the big names
  7. BAE systems IS a British company https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BAE_Systems
  8. I have one for sale, original for £100 depends what size you want.
  9. Hi Do you know if it will be doing a flying display at Manston ?
  10. Hi just a word to introduce myself, Old geezer 64 ex RN live in west Sussex work at Gatwick and I've got a lightweight land rover, (after wanting one for 40 years) Hope to get involved in doing some shows over the next few years. I know it's a bit cheeky on my first post but i am looking for a narrow track sankey if anyone in the south east has one for sale:red:
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