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  1. Ahhh. Right. I'll go with BREATHLESS then 🙂 Cheers Kevin
  2. Thanks Bob, The reason I asked about the name is that all the names and numbers are from either photographs, War Diaries and personal accounts, we have tried to be careful not to use museum / restored vehicle names and numbers unless they are backed up by a photograph or documents. As you said you once owned it I was unsure about the history of the name. Cheers Kevin
  3. Hi Bob, Was that an "official" name do you know? Cheers Kevin
  4. Hi B Series, Thank you for those. I am sure that I have seen a census number to VRN listing somewhere. I wonder too whether the LONDON BRIDGE bridgelayer is the same WW 2 AVRE. Cheers Kevin
  5. Hi Bob, Is this the one? Cheers Kevin
  6. High Bob, Thank you for pointing these out. I have added HIGHBURY and FIREFLY to the list which will be on V6 and credited to you. I have not added it to the list but I assume that lurking somewhere is a photo of a Matilda II and possibly a Sherman named HIGHBURY from 8RTR? Cheers Kevin
  7. Thanks Bob, at least we know the Mk and which listing it belongs to. Cheers Kevin
  8. Hi Bob, Thank you for checking that so we don't know if this is a post war Churchill. I will for ward to Dick Taylor to see where he thinks we should put this name. Cheers Kevin
  9. Hi, I am following your posts with interest as I am currently building a 1/35th model of the MWC by Gecko Models. Could I ask if you could post some more pictures of the engine, if you have any, as this would be a help to add additional details to the engine. Cheers Kevin
  10. Hi Bob, Thank you for that. This is exactly the sort of detail we are looking for. Do you know when the Churchill was recovered? I don't suppose the census number or any other markings such as div signs were on the AVRE? Normally we would ignore names and census numbers on museum restored vehicle as there a lot of spurious name / census number matches out there but as this is a recovered tank the name is obviously genuine. I will drop Dick a line and let him know. Thanks again and sorry for all the questions. Cheers Kevin
  11. ARMENTIERS changed for V6 DETERRANT was as spelt D DAY DODGERS ( D-DAY DODGERS ), probably 2 different vehicles with the latter probably III ( crew error ). Cheers Kevin
  12. Attached is a Pre WW 2 pdf file listing vehicle names. The file was compiled by Dick Taylor. If you add anything or see any errors please let me know and I will forward the query to Dick. Cheers Kevin Pre WW2 Vehicle Names V5.pdf
  13. The vast majority of the Post War names have been compiled by Dick Taylor, i will run the name and source by him to see what he says. Cheers Kevin
  14. Thanks for your kind words. It was 67Burwood's build that inspired me to do it. Cheers Kevin
  15. Thank you for your kind words.
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