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  1. I am working on the Mirror Models 1/35th scale model of the Diamond T 969A hard cab Wrecker. I am looking for WWII photos and valid census numbers of the wreckers used in British / Canadian service. I am struggling to find either. Any help would be much appreciated. cheers Kevin
  2. I am doing a parallel build of AFV Club 1/35th scale A.E.C. Dorchester LP and HP. Can anyone help me with any photos or know of any restored vehicles. I do have the drawings pack from The Tank Museum which will be a great help. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Cheers Kevin
  3. Any photos of restored Mk III's out there. I believe the hulls are welded and the engine covers are different too. cheers kevin
  4. Great. Thanks Adrian. I just to add some wiring detail around the engine so any additional info is most welcome. cheers Kevin
  5. Hi I am building the MiniArt AEC Armoured Car Mk II and am looking for engine photos if anyone can help. I have been sent some Matilda engine photos which I am told used the same / similar AEC diesel engines but if anyone has anymore info it would be a help and appreciated. Did the Matador use the same engine? Thanks for any help or advice. cheers Kevin
  6. Not started it yet Bill but the total length is 464mm and 82.5mm wide height nit given and the kit doesn't include a canvas tilt. I guess that some of the after maket guys will be adding these sort of things soon. One I start it I will post photos. cheers Kevin
  7. I have recently received the Merit 1/35th scale model of the M19 Diamond T980 and M9 Rogers trailer and I am looking for photos of the Hercules engine and wiring connections to the trailer. I have found a few helpful engine photos here but if anyone can help with any further photos it would be appreciated. cheers Kevin
  8. I have a 1958 user handbook covering:- Truck, 3 ton, GS, Cargo, 4 x 4, Bdford R Truck, 3 ton, GS, Cargo, with winch, 4 x 4, Bdford RLW Chassis, 3 ton, GS, Recovery, Light, Bdford RLC As far as I am aware it is complete, 133 pages the last being Appendix 4 - Preparation For Airportability. It it is of any use or interest to anyone please drop me a line or PM me.
  9. Hi Wally, Thanks for the confirmation. The reason for my original question is that I recently bought a model kit of the AEC Armoured Car Mk II, and there is little info as regards to the engine component colours. I have looked for restoration blogs but with little success in finding photos. cheers Kevin
  10. Apologies if this is the wrong board for this post, if so perhaps one of the moderators could move it to the correct place. Can anyone confirm the engine colour? Is it semi gloss black or green? I believe post re-paints were "duck-egg" blue. Any suggestions or photos / links appreciated. cheers Kevin
  11. Hello Guy, This was the reason for my question about the tailgate locking mechanism and the cab door interior. I am using your restoration blog to help with building this kit. cheers Kevin
  12. Looking through my census number listing I have the following /B types:- AVRE's ARK ARV Carpet Layers Goat Onion SBG NA75 And so far 176 different census numbers ending /B. There are obviously a lot more still to find too. Sorry it is not much help. Cheers Kevin
  13. Hi Steve, Although there hasn't been a book about Tank Names since B.T. White, as far as I know, the idea is to get a listing on line. If you follow the link at the bottom of the page there is a base for a spread sheet to try and find them all. http://www.mmpbooks.biz/mmp/books.php?book_id=171 Thanks for all the new additions. Cheers Kevin
  14. Actually it looks as thought it ends ..OUSEND Cheers Kevin
  15. Voices? You hear voices too?! They told me they only talk to me. The lying.................
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