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  1. Scotch Harry

    Unknown Old RAF Windproof(Ventile?) Trousers and Braces.

    I do but not for sale Im afraid-Sorry.
  2. A lot of what you have posted up are mega rare,very high end items and sure unfortunately you will struggle to find anyone that may have any of the items that are willing to let them go. I have which may possibly be of interest,a 1970s Canadian fur rimmed cold weather parka,used by some members of the Royal Marines and then also by some Argentine soldiers after being liberated from Royal Marines stocks.
  3. Scotch Harry

    1985 Trials PLCE Belt Question

    I have a couple of Bergens so one could possibly go. Would come with the correct upside down side pouches but as with 99.9% of the ones you see,the pop studded waist belt is missing.
  4. Scotch Harry

    Cvrt sabre crew helmets

    Regardless of era,Im pretty sure they didnt have different helmets for say Tank crew and CVRT crew,they all wore the same. The one I sent pics of dates I think from the mid to late 80s up to late,early 2000.
  5. Scotch Harry

    Cvrt sabre crew helmets

    Sorry for the delay,pics on the way.
  6. Scotch Harry

    Cvrt sabre crew helmets

    I cannot upload pics as have no camera Im afraid but can take some on my phone and email them over. As to if the radio parts work,no way of testing Im afraid but everything looks in good order with no damage or missing parts etc.
  7. Scotch Harry

    Cvrt sabre crew helmets

    Not sure what type or era you are after Ronsandt but I have one,the type with the separate shell and comms,late 80s early 90s? and an earlier Dan Dare type if any use.
  8. Scotch Harry

    A couple of 70s dpm bits

    I dont Im afraid Jerry. The spares I had in the collection I sold last year(cheaply) and now only have 2 that Im keeping.
  9. Scotch Harry

    Cvrt uniforms

    If youre after clothing/kit etc to go with it,have plenty of various bits including 2 different types of CVC helmets and an all arms bergen as mentioned. Thanks
  10. VG used condition but has suffered as they all do(and Ballistic Para helmets) in that all of the internal foam padding has deteriorated and crumbled away. Doesnt affect the use/wear of the helmet at all. £55.
  11. Scotch Harry

    PRC 6 and PRC 10 batteries,adapters etc.

    Thank you very much for the leads.
  12. Does anyone please have a source of batteries or adapters etc for a PRC 6 and PRC 10 please? Many Thanks
  13. Complete and in good condition. Has a DPM cover fitted. £55.
  14. Scotch Harry

    Gaiters or Anklets

    They look very similar to a pair I bought a very long time ago which from memory had yellow,painted? stamps inside for CB which I was told back then was coal board,Bevin Boys?