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  1. Firstly, many thanks to you all for your help and suggestions!! I must apologise as I haven't been on the site for a while, but will now investigate your ideas and report back Again, apologies for late reply 🙁
  2. Thanks Tony. I have rung round so many different insurers and drawn a blank. Tried Cherished but couldn't get through to them this afternoon, will try again tomorrow. Have also tried a specialist bike insurer who think they maybe able to help!
  3. Morning all Just wanted to pick your brains about insuring an un road registered corgi to display and ride around the arena at shows. Spoken to who we insure our military vehicles with - Carole Nash, they don't offer anything suitable except when the bike is static or in transite. Thank you!
  4. Lee, Diana wasn't questioning MVTs advertising, as I said before, she was making us owners aware of the problems she encountered when trying to obtain a quote. What is your problem with that? Surely this forum is a platform for sharing information for the benefit of all of us!!
  5. With the greatest of respect Lee, you have missed the point, Diana was helping us as owners with her experiences with this broker!
  6. Colchester Military Tournament, previously known as Garrison Day, is to be held again on Abbey Field, South Circular Road, Colchester CO2 7NZ A great day out for all the family with something for everyone, Modern & vintage vehicles & weapons display, WW1 replica tank, Red Devils Freefall Parachute Display Team. http://WWW.colchestermilitarytournament.co.uk Contact: For MV entries: Lindsay Smith lindsay46@btopenworld.com Tel 01787460236
  7. We were gong to bid on the sankey trailer......it made £1900 plus buyers premium!! Needless to say we didn't buy it 😳
  8. They may have been but I didn't know about the price business and also they put in the wrong information! Which doesn't help 😁
  9. Not sure whether its just me , but I hadn't realised that when I took out a full page advert with Milweb that Classic Military Vehicle Mag pull the advert and include it in their classified section. This is fine but......my advert was a full page one and they only put the first part of the lineage and if your price is not on the front page of the ad it get put as POA .....which I think can put people off? Also, in my case, they got the description wrong which makes me look a complete plonker! Am I the only person who didn't know this? 
  10. Alan You should have bought a reliable ferret......😉😉
  11. Thanks, I will make sure hubby checks when replacing......I'll supervise!...and make coffee. Seriously, thank you and I will post again when fitted and hopefully running 😁😁
  12. Thank you all for your comments. We have decided, rightly or wrongly, to replace the distributor with one from R & R. It's new old stock......and we choose to do this as we had had so many comments as well about resistors that could also break down inside and other things so watch this space and I will report back as to whether its worked 😳
  13. Thanks for all your responses. Condenser has been replaced and the points were ok. Guess it looks like a new coil...... Jeep Parts have one, any suggestions of any where else worth trying. Have spoken to Nick Jeffereys and he suggests putting to back to a 12volt distributor, supplying a kit which provides everything needed for £310, which will make the cost of parts in future much cheaper and more plentyfull. Is there anyone who could strip and rebuild the existing one? The other alternative is to go for electronic ignition which seems to have mixed reports........suggestions on a postcard please.....😳😳
  14. Got a problem with our Hotchkiss. Once started and warmed up, and having run for a few miles,it starts missing badly. We have tested the ht leads, checked the plugs and points. Any suggestions of what to try next other than replacing the distributor and or coil? Thanks...😊
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