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  1. Funny enough, drill went straight through my head. 'Shout loudly 'Man Overboard' - Keep shouting until you are acknowledged. Do not take your eyes off casualty and point towards casualty, moving as required.
  2. Start swimming!! Flown on it's own. This flag O-Oscar- means Man Overboard!
  3. So there is a vested family intrest! I've read the stories, 617 of course and 9 sqaudron, the forgotten ones. Flying long distance over water is now taken for granted. Not to mention updated accurate met forcast Then to find a tiny little target and drop unguided ordnace right on it. Those men earnt thier pay!
  4. Joy of joys! Thanks to the help everyone has given me , My Discovery V8 now has a brand new MOT!! Only taken 18 months, though that includes a second rebuild ogf the front because some thiving *&%%%%% stole the winch and trashed the front.
  5. So are you ex RAF, who claim they 'Sunk it' , or ex Andrew who claim it wasn't 'sunk' as bits were still above water? lšŸ˜€
  6. Johann, I've friends at Prestinge, and went up a few weeks back to play on the Gospel Pass, and other Welsh treasures. The Green Lanes are distingushed from the roads by how far the grass extends from the middle of the track. Saw one beautiful sign. On the 'Main' road Unsutiable for LGV's. A bit further down LGV Ignore Sat Nav and re route. Under that another larger sign , WE MEAN IT! There is a narrow bridge a thousand yards down the track. YOU WILL GET STUCK. Was narrow and all! The Discovery bareley went over it. Next trip ! This winter, preferably with snow and after over a year of bld sweat tears money and frustration- A 1999 V8 3.9 litre ES Auto, LPG converted , amongst other things, Discovery! Bring it on! šŸ˜
  7. I saw it, and thought you couldn't make this up. I also have your Honour!! A bus load of passengers, and the people who live on the road to back me up! šŸ˜ Oh forgot the PS. The week before the same set of drains, there had been another set of guys plus attached vans and gully sucker, doing the same work. Road still floods when it rains.
  8. Last week there was a machine cleaning gullys out at Bean in Kent. To begin with 4 vehicles and a sucker sitting for about for a couple of hours , with six guys playing with mobile phones. Followed by half an hour or so of two guys working the sucker with three men and a woman standing the other side of the road with clipboards watching them.
  9. My deepest condlonces to his family. Though we never met in person, he made my life intresting at times. He will be missed.
  10. . Maybe who ever wrote the script was a history buff and got confused with this event. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capture_of_the_Dutch_fleet_at_Den_Helder Just listened again to the broadcast yes, it says 'Sunk one hundred and five years ago by the British Army'. āŒ
  11. Oh yes!! I heard this on the BBC Radio 4 news yesterday. Apparently and I quote - It was sunk by the Brtish Army. šŸ¤£
  12. I use Green Flag for all my vehicles. Have done for years, with all sorts of vehicles. Never had a problem with anything under 3.5 ton. The good thing about them is the vehicle that picks you up takes you all the way home if required. Most compnaies won't cover a vehicle over 16 years old if it's in Europe anyway. I have Green Flag personal cover so any vehicle I'm in wether driving or not, is covered. They also say if they don't get there in one hour, you get Ā£10. Thoese who remember The Great Storm, in 1987. I was in the New Forest with a busted Land Rover. Total caohs on roads , they were apologising that they couldn't get an agent there in an hour, and would compensate me!! The AA and RAC were saying it would days to get to calls.
  13. Though to be pedantic, and the Law is , part of it's joy. If you were to use said spade in a manner that convinced somone, during the course of crime that it was a firearm. You would be charged with aggrivating circumstances. The way I was taught it, if you want to aggrivate an offence, take the W.I.F.E. Weapon, Imitation firearm, Firearm, Explosive. Bear in mind! The law was altered so that if you have a toy gun , it must be brightly coloured, unless you have an Exemption under the Violent Crime Reduction Act. , I won't comment any more on that . šŸ¤¢ Last one out, turn off the light, we don't want to warm up the atmosphere.
  14. How many years has this scheme been running? Finally! I now actually have a number for my licence to reply to!
  15. The argument I had with my local Plod sometime back was, 'You say I can't have them. Why? Regrdless of your directives and guidelines the Law says they are not firearms. As all my de acs are Proof House marked, well what are your qualifications to judge? The only ones who are legally and entiltiled to decide are the Proof Masters, so where is thier report! I got mine back after that. Though give them thier due, the Coppers involved who had to actuallly take them away were very embarrased. Those who remeber will also note , nothing wa ssaud about my real ones.
  16. A number of OY's and a couple of Morris 15 cwt ended up being used by the German's in the Channel Islands. A number of them then went on to be used by farmers after the Liberation. I can remember queues of them waiting for the Mail Boat loaded with round tubs of Jersey Royal potatoes in the early 1960's.
  17. Um. Given current situation, my thinking is When is the next boat back to Jersey? We never were part of the EU. By the way, did you know it is still illegal for a woman to eat choclate on the top deck of a bus? Supposed to be salacious. Last one out , turn the light off, we don't want the claimate heating up anymore. To quote the old lawyer's joke. Definition of Reasonable?= Our pay cheque.
  18. Yes, but dealing is fun ! My last three Disco my P38 and my new toy a V8 199 Disco 2 ES, all the bells and whistels, registerd LPG , now modified are all built from bits of others. My current Disco has parts from last one on it. The V8 would have been an eye watering price when new. Buy cheap and fix one out of three, by the time you sell the working one and the spares left over, you can make a profit.
  19. Thanks to all! Problem now Solve-ED! It is in the input side of the fuse box, output is fine, so a quick removal of fuse and shunt through two in line fuses to output and I can SEE again. šŸ˜‚ So far only taken 18 months or so to get it up ready for MOT, hopefully in next couple of weeks roll on snow! I have a new toy. By the by- For the first time ever, phoned insurance company , got modified Disco it had registered LPG conversion, no problem, got winch- Mass hysteria! or quotes of Ā£1800 plus! So thought stuff that! Quote without winch around Ā£400, second car so no claims etc. So went to Specailist- A Plan at Newbury full comp plus usual extras, most included except legal cover- Ā£606 That includes Off Road and Green Laning. Thier motto I was told 'The weierder the bettter'. So worth considering.
  20. Not my understanding. The Great Repeal act will come into force, then any legislation that Parliments wants to mirror will have to be reinstated . That after all was the argunment for BREXIT to get away from EU law. My bet is that there will be Cherry Picking , but in the Coach & Bus industry , a lot of things will change straight away , not least the status of my licences outside UK.
  21. BIG BIG thank you!!!!! To 10FM68 your a life saver, those wiring manuals you sent me , I now know where to look. Will be Sunday before I get a chance to work on it, but at least I now have an idea where the problem is. šŸ¤—
  22. Thank you Mon V looks like the one. šŸ˜
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