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  1. Tony B

    my jeep at last

    When the dynamo bearing on a friends APT collapased in Belgium one year, we stripped it down and asked where do we get a bearing? A local said the SKS main european distriution depot is about 3 km down the road. So we took bits in and said to a nice lady, have you got one of these? She contemplated the pair of grinning idiots and glanced over her shoulder at a quarter mile long warehouse full of bearings. 15 eu and ten minutes later, out we went. The original bearing was dated 1945, so we didn't bother with a warranty claim. 😀
  2. Tony B

    Dodge T110L

    Dodge di know how to buld an engine then. Out of intrest what was the overall state of the bits you changed?
  3. Tony B

    my jeep at last

    Also some parts are available from local factors. I pay a couple of quid for oil fliters from my local , rather than £10 or £12 plus delivery from Specialists.
  4. Tony B

    Lanchester Armoured Car

    Crazy is good! What is she based on?
  5. Don't know if you have seen this. Those connections could be for central predictors.
  6. Tony B

    my jeep at last

    Start at the ankles, then you weld back on higher up! 😁 They were built for someone about 5 foot 6 inch. I use a couple of wooden wedges under my Dodge Ambulance drivers seat to get a better angle. Don't forget hatch in the top of canvas. You will find a way! To much fun to be had driving them.
  7. Tony B

    19 set pocket watch

    Watch was a seperate issue also a reportable item if lost ie easy to nick, and valuable. That is a lovley movment, probably imported by JWH who then either retailed it under their name or fitted thier own face hand and case. Just like modern watches. That Omega is particullaly nice,
  8. Tony B

    my jeep at last

    Not as good as a Dodge , but, Jeepparts is also a useful supplier. Paint, if you have a sample pices most places can match it exactaly, depends if you want bright shiny factory fresh or that lived in a bit look. I use Dulux Weathersheild Metal finsh on mine, it's extremly hard wearing and semi matt so easier to clean. They were working military tools after all. As for your height, tough! Watch the films of John Wayne driving a jeep and get some knee reinforcement. 🤣
  9. Tony B

    19 set pocket watch

    A lot of the watches used by both sides were Swiss. The one I have is a black faced RECTA, name on dial Back of case markings Broad Arrow G.S.T.P. (Gentral Service trade Pattern ) F , unidentifiable 22166. Inside back of case is engine turned marked F4726 engraved roughly 621242 proffesional engraved and some smal what I take to be repair marks, intials and numbers. Movemt is marked RECTA. Genral size and scale of numbers on face are similar, though hands are two section but narrower. Hope this might be of intret.
  10. Tony B

    19 set pocket watch

    Open the back of the watch an look at the movment. The GS /WT is General Service/ Watch Trade. meaning it is a commercial watch bought in from variuous manufactures. Should be a 15 or 19 jewel movemt.
  11. Tony B

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Best of luck!
  12. Tony B

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Who cares? Getting running for 11/11/2018 That isjust gorgeous!
  13. Found this clip guys. What are the trucks please gents.
  14. Tony B

    Royal Naval Divison. 1914

    Thanks for that. Whole new interest opening up. The other point is that the MG is a Maxim or Vickers Maxim , not had the chance to look up which one yet. Looks like the 1904 model. RN used them on two wheeled carriage mount originally. Tomo , the usual answer Improvise Adapted and Overcome. Apprently two of the buses they used were armoure dwith boiler plate, making them the first wheeled self proppeled APC, and two others were outfitted as hospitals. I belive about thirty went to Antwerp, those that survived were taken into German service.
  15. I got my last lot from my local factor. Try your local plumbers supply place or dear old Amazon and E bay. Make sure you get adaptor, and the end screws at the same time to garuntte fit of threads.
  16. Tony B

    Royal Naval Divison. 1914

    Reports are, where they were used on paved roads they were effective.
  17. Tony B

    FWD gets new shoes

    Very impressive. Pity so few people realise how much work goes into it.
  18. Tony B

    Austin K2 Ambulance first aid pannier.

    Panniers, Wicker . were definitley WW2 issue. So as the amulances were normally attached to a hospital, I suppose if the hospital was moving the vehicles were used to move them. I know the full set includes a Dental Pannier.
  19. Tony B

    Mystery Object

    One man's junk etc. 😁
  20. Tony B

    Dodge T110L

    I knew an old guy who went into raptures over my Dodges. He'd had one of those trucks post war. Used to tell all sorts of tales of overlaoding, and driving 36 hours at a spell. He claimed the truck bought his first house and brought up his family.
  21. Tony B

    Cock-up on the clothing front.

    In close co-operation with our MOD no doubt. ☠️
  22. Tony B

    Wireless lights for classics

    I just hang a trailer bored over the back of mine when on the road. If anyone wants to stop me and argue the answer is , well you saw me din't you?
  23. Andy , it is the beast.
  24. Yes, it is a Cliamx pump. There are a number of versions depending on how many Gallons Per Minute they pump. The ignition is a magneto. The only spares I know are over here.
  25. Tony B

    Magneto servicing

    Slur you total Diamond! Thanks a lot just what's needed! Andy, if no one else wants it , give me a chance to get back to you will you? Very busy over this weekend.