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  1. Tony B

    Royal Navy harbour taxi?

    I must say she has the elegance of function. Not 'Pretty' but the feeling that you get in ask her to do it, she will.
  2. Tony B

    50 ton dyson

    OK, the other way is report it to the Police as 'Lost property' wait three months not claimed you keep. To establsh any legal claim to Good Title you have to prove you took reasonable steps to find the owner. You don't know the history it may have been stolen years back. Wether you like it or not, why not just talk to a solicitor?
  3. Tony B

    50 ton dyson

    The best way for this is a notice at the entrance, and a small ad in the local press. Then in case of argument you show you have taken 'All Resonable Steps' to establish an owner. an alternate though one I have never tried, report it to the council as Fly tipped. Done this with a couple of dumped caravans.
  4. Tony B

    is this a prime mover

    As a conosieur of M25 cock ups, gladd I'm not working this weekend. 😀
  5. Tony B

    Austin Gipsy Restoration

    Is that the cart sprung version and do the front hubs have a whinch drum shaped extension?
  6. Or as the APC would put it 'My Turn My Turn'.
  7. Tony B

    Optima batteries

    There is also the Odyessey range. I have one those and abused it for several years, still goes.
  8. Tony B

    wanted : dodge wc 51 / wc52

    There will be one. Took two years to find mine, but worth it in the end.
  9. Tony B

    Head Gasket K9

    If you have two people, and I'd not recommend less. Then you can slip a bar through straps on the lift points and just lift. Joys of older stuff they were built to be worked on.
  10. Tony B

    Morris C8

    Up and running in no time! 😀
  11. Tony B

    Brighwells Auction 1st Ex Mod Land Rovers

    I'd have thought there has to be a regular tender for disposals, and this time Brightwell's won?
  12. I know mate. I agree though. There not the most talked about musueum in the city. The Big attractions like Fort Nelson and The Mary Rose and Dock yard are always heaving. If you haven't been to the Mary Rose latley the whole place has been rebuilt , you can now see the ship without glass in the way and the audio visuals are World class.
  13. Tony B

    19 set pocket watch

    Most were actually Swiss 19 jewel design. Various makers, the back of the case will have arrow mark and number. Unfortunatley a lot of the case backs were replaced by plain ones so that they could be sold 'As new'
  14. None from me. I like Portsmouth it's a day in paradise with so much to see and do. If you are visitng take advantage of the park & ride. Straight off the M27 near the harbour, into a large open car park, so no problem parking Dodges, parking fee includes bus into Portsmouth town centre.
  15. Tony B

    wanted : dodge wc 51 / wc52

    That darling wasn't mine. She belonged to a firend, we used to run her and the 51 together, that's how one look and I knew the difrence. The one in the picture has now gone to Europe somewhere. They are a nice truckOnly had one problem with it a generator bearing failed, though that was in about 1996 and the bearing was dated 1945.
  16. Maybe worth aksing him about an electronic ignition. I have fitted them to both mine. The one on My Dodge the WC51 has done about 15 years now, never a problem. Katy the WC54 that one is only about 5 or 6 years old.
  17. Tony B

    Army / SAS Range Rover's

    Stick BRIXMIS in the searcg engine.
  18. Tony B

    Army / SAS Range Rover's

    Vehicle's such as this, and other organisations that you wouldn't think of, have vehicles marked on PNC - Do not stop-report incident to ........ The unit asking for PNC was then advised Disengage, do not record. There followed a whole lot of paperwork. Sounds like the partilal chassis number similar to what mine had. Apprently it identifies the vehicle to a code at Land Rover for spares, and that's it. Quick thought, any aditional od dwiring or switch holes on the beast. Also any odd holes under the sill?
  19. There are solid state modifications available now, I recommend Ask Frank! at Jolley enginnering http://www.classicheads.com/Electronic_Ignition.html
  20. Tony B

    wanted : dodge wc 51 / wc52

    That's not a WC. The Canadian's didnt make them. That if it is correct is an APT airportable truck. Similar to but quite unlike (To quote Douglas Adams) a WC51 or 52. Diffrent engine for a start the longer T215. Also narrowerthan the 51. Also one of the rarest of the family.
  21. Last time I went there, they got a bit upset because I pointed out the Jeep had a modern camo net on it. When asked by a very huffy attendant how I knew I pointed to the Doddge WC51 in the car park and said 'I own that'
  22. Tony B

    WANTED WC54 Roof vent Fan

    Better and better! 😀
  23. Bucking, yes well with the handaling of those things, quite likley.
  24. Tony B

    WANTED WC54 Roof vent Fan

    If customs ask make sure you tell them it used parts of scrap value only! Does work if the guys are feeling friendly.
  25. Hey Officer , how can I have been doing 80mph? It's a tank! Be doing doughnuts next. 🤣