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  1. What do you do with Daddy at the Weekend? 'I breack rocks!' Phone call from school.... 😂
  2. The Battle of Britain Memeorial site at Capel Le Ferne is on the site of an 8 inch battery above Dover. There are sound mirrors and various observation posts along the cliffs in the area sa well.
  3. The original Naval document dump boxs are like small safes, a two man lift with four holes in the bottom which which are on quick release bases , handles on the side plus other holes to allow quick sinking. I had a couple that I used as floor safes.
  4. Not a naval document dump box. To light and no holes in it, so it woud float.
  5. The use of 'Volunteers' would I expect pre date the formation of the Territorial Army in 1907. the Term is more assocoaited with the 1899-1902 South African wars. Railway companies were great supporters of such units.
  6. A lot of companies had at one time thier own shooting clubs, including London Transport and Blue Circle, it was considered to be a socialy responsobile thing for a company to do and a worthy pass time for the working man to develop skills and disciplines which could benifit the saftey of the realm and was a social event that kept them away from alcahol. As was membership of the Territorial Army. Now, I don't know wether to laugh or cry.
  7. Just some thing I 'd like to share re the realiablity of NGK plugs. I now own a vehicle built in this Millenium! A 2005 Peugeout 307, Gosh I am proud! 😁 But any way. Collected this morning and helped the previous owner Phil, with his new purchase a Vauxhall Zafaria. It has been a bit of pig to start, especially when hot. So this morning it packed up entriley, was trying but would not fire. So Phil pulled the plugs out. Gap on the plugs .70 thou. Being Sunday and no where handy to get replacements, knocked them back to .25, now starts and runs properly. Didn't think plugs would work that far apart.
  8. For the FFR you can do worse than peruse this site. http://wftw.nl/ For the GS rear bench basically a lump of foam coverd in black PVC the length of the bench The top half is two frames going up anpout 18 inch with a narrow black foam strip, no real diffrence from the civillian .
  9. Tony B

    Number plates

    Halford's can also do them to special order.
  10. Ah! the Steak & Kidney pudding. AKA Baby's Head's. Now just a fond memeory, to expensive apparently.
  11. I had this argument with Met Police a couple of years back. The saga is othe Forum. Police Officers of any type, form or ego are NOT qualified to make the any judgement on De Activated firearams. The only peoiple in UK, qualified and legaly recognised are the Proof House Masters at London or Birmingham.
  12. News organisations looking for ANYTHING!!!!!! to fill the reports other than BREXIT. 😁
  13. Dried apple and porridge oats! Followed by Biscuits Fruit AB, breackfast from heaven. 🤗
  14. Haven't you got enough toys? 😀
  15. Nice work, welcome to the club house.
  16. Welcome in. A Series Land Rover or a Dodge, depending on purse.
  17. That's why most garments have hoods mate. ☚ī¸
  18. I prefer an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth in this case. Same book by the way.
  19. Just in time for Winter! 🤩
  20. There is in the Australian War Archives, though I've lost track of it, a training film, possibly made at Lullingstone Castle Kent, showing a Bedford MW and trailer water purifing kit in action.
  21. To give the Farmer's answer- Nothing is good driving over wet feilds! Causes the ground to be ripped up and panning. However! Low tyre pressures , more surface area, less ground pressure , so you don't sink. Though my experience over the years, if there's no friction bettween tyres and surface, you ain't going anywhere! I'm not suprise the load over the back axles makes all the difference. Most Land Rover pick up backs, and any other pick up or van for that matter are designed to run with a load, no load no weight no traction. Snow tyres work because the snow packs into the tread, and snow sticks to snow. Provided (Shades of Brtitsh Rail) it is the right type of snow! If you have a hard packed smooth surface , just go sleding or skating.
  22. The only people autorised and qualified to give you the information are the Proof Houses. I had this run in a couple of years back, as mentioned earlier with the local Plod over my De-Acs. the Birmingham Proof house told them exacataly wher ethey got off, and I got my property back.
  23. Tony B

    New toy

    Isuzu engine and Range Rover box. The disel Range Rover should have had in the first place. I'd recommend this compny for engine advice and parts, http://www.feather-diesel.co.uk They are the ones Isuzu UK recommended to me. For a pin hole the two part tape could well go on for years.
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