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  1. Came across a Land Rover Discovery a couple of years back that had been in Jersey. I knew from the address on the log book it would have been parked against a wall that the sea came directly over at times. The roof line around the guttering was completly rotted to the point a few bangs with a hammer and it came off as one pice. Rest was fine. 😀 Our drill for beach vehicles was low pressure hose off, then pressure wash from back to front underneath at a flat angle trying not to hit the vehicle with the full force.
  2. As an aside I used to earn extra pennies sitting on the slip with my old Austin Gipsy, pulling hire cars out that thought it would be easier to turn on the beach rather than reverse. Rules for the beach one, go in pairs, two' follow your wheel tracks, you know it's firm, and three stay far enough apart that if the front gets stuck you are on firm to pull them out, four as Gas says, time and tide wait for no man.
  3. No didn't manage to get there. I did get stuck a few years back, but shifted into 4 wheel drive and the the Old Girl saved my embarresment. A lot of embarresment and cleaning I'm sure but as Gordon says, it's a Dodge, the designers allowed for such things.
  4. I love these aircraft. As a young child, 5 or 6 , they used to fly from the Channel Islands. In those glourious days if you were an 'Unacompanied Minor' you would be stuck in the jump seat of the cockpit out of the way of the cabin crew. 😁 I knew my way around a DC3 cockpit before a car. Intra flew some in the 1970's, the oldest I remember was November Bravo, she was 1944. They are still flying as the Turbo prop DC67.
  5. Try The Great War Society site. There are people there I know have them. Also this lot. I know they have tem, I wa soften the one stocking them. https://www.10thessex.uk/
  6. Britsh army called thier version the Bengazi.
  7. Extra fact: His wife Elazabeth was a respected artist in Victorian times, and painted a picture of one of his kitchens.
  8. Invented by the Celebrity Victorian Chef Alexis Soyer. Used from the Crimian war on. I think some went down in the Atlantic Conveyor on the way to the Falklands conflict. The pot sits straight in, no other liner. Desinged to burn any solid fuel, the food was put in muslin bags and tied around the edge of the cauldron. The curve of the cauldron is designed to give an even heat all round. You will find a lot of photos from the Great War and Crimiea if you look on line.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexis_Soyer Compared to file cabanit that looks about right. You then add the Standard Army Chef reply to 'What is it we are eating tonight? How should I know I'm a cook not bloody Sherlock Holmes.
  9. That's good. As I was told as a kid and keep saying 'A bugger if they won't go, a disater if they won't stop!'😁
  10. Don't forget to Polarise the Dynamo. WITH THE REGULATOR DISCONNECTED. http://www.dynamoregulatorconversions.com/polarising-a-dynamo.php
  11. Thanks, I've gone through the EKA, by the book, that's including the stop watch, and verified it IS the right code.. 🤬 Something just isn't happening. I'll try playing about again tommorow.
  12. For what it's worth, I kept adjusting about 5 times! Suddenly! They all worked.
  13. I have no doubts of that! 😁 Make sure we all know the date in advance so we can be there.
  14. Planning is bizzare, especially it seems for Atractions! Now if you open your farm to visitors, you need to have a 'Performing Animals Licence'. The rear performance of said animals comes very strongly to mind. Noli Iliggitimi Carborundum! Keep at out and wear the B***ers down!
  15. Did you rebablance braking on the wheels? Yes one cylinder may be pushing more than the other. Trouble is , shoes wear and so do the drums. Modern brakes self adjust. Dodge brakes , every time you change something you have to reset the entire brake clearances, front and back. Also the wheel cylinders are left and right handed. Did you fit the correct cylinder for the wheel?
  16. It's had a new reciver in vehicle for the key fob, the fob is known to work. The door locks have wear a known , %^&**** when it comes to the EKA , which was done by the book , with a stopwatch. It was working , then just stopped! Going to be something stupid. I've also fitted and checked new fuse box and the BCM module. Sounds like investing in a Nanocom is going to be the way forward. There are a lot of Discos and Freelanders coming onto the radar at the moment. God! Give me back 1,2, 2a and 3's!
  17. Trouble with the EKA is the system won't accept it. I've tried umpteen times. I want a diagnostic to try and sort out why.
  18. Being greedy I have a P38, a V8 Discovery 2 with a proper gas conversion, and the immobiliser locked 😧. Also a Land Rover Discovery 2 , Special Vehicle, in the throws of rebuilding using parts from my other Td5 which has terminal chassis rot. Jon the P38 engine turns over but won't fire, the V8 just sits there looking smug! and the alarm beeping! Thanks for the heads up on the Nancom. with the collection I seem to aquiring, might well be worth getting one.
  19. Thank you, seems a bit extreme though. 😀
  20. On the P38 I chnged the disiel pump in the tank, I now have diseile prined up engine turn over but won't start. I have been told one injector needs programming. Is it no4?
  21. I'm having software problems, locked immobiliser and injector timing on a couple of vehicles. Does anyone know which set of software and where I can get it to try and sort problems out?
  22. Anyone know why the drill bit on the L85 tool?
  23. What width are the rods? This would give size of bore which helps a lot.
  24. Ther is also Frank Jolley who manufactuers electronic ignitions that fit indside the distributor. I have them fitted to both my Dodges. Worth considering as they do make a great diffrence to relability and running . http://classicheads.com/
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