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  1. Cork Seals

    Try some 50/50 Liquid paraffin White soft Paraffin ointment from the chemist. I'm finding very useful for softening all sorts of stuff like rubber and leather , including skin!
  2. Fuel pump diaphram material

    I'm off to my usual supplier of Landy parts for some bits tommorow, by good luck they also do LPG conversions, and are into MV's and know I'm nuts. A winning combination!
  3. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    No it is the Worst Possible Scenario. Suppose that bearing had given way throwing fragments outside? You'd also have a load of MOPS with head up personal music, mind in neuteral wandering about, just not on.
  4. Must be tempting to drop some of Exhibits on the local planning office. Preferably those that go bang. Noli illigitimi Carbourandum!
  5. Did you watch the Channel 4 TV last night, The Tank that Guy built? Guy took his H test on a Shielder, so it must be possible to road register. Try contacting those guys.
  6. I bought a Shielder

    Sue the quarantine cleanars! Funny enough the Tank that Guy built TV proggramme last night, he took his UK H Tracked test on a Shielder.
  7. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    I did watch it, very interesting project from the great Techno companies to the Nerd in the backroom. What a marvellous collaberation. Taking it Cambri was the best thing to do. Far more poiniant.
  8. Identification of trailer

    Intresting Richard! The trailer is not mine, it was bought as Military trailer, though with that hitch I do wonder. It is very similar to one Phil and I got a few years back, same hitch , bracking system etc, that has a Morris axle. Just got another picture of the full thing.
  9. Fuel pump diaphram material

    Good idea Phil. Just had an odd thought. Years ago I knew a vetenairy anthstist who had patented a portable anathisia machine. He told me the main trouble was the diaphrams that control gas flow were expensive and need replacing every time the machine is used, apparently that is standard practice in any machine of this type. . So he went looking for an economic alternative. His claim was he had found a free supply. He just sent his wife down to the local birth control clinic and got standard Dutch Caps.

    Damm! I have actually now got one, my son picked it up for litterlly a couple of quid at a boot sale.
  11. Anyone any suggestions as to what this is? I can tell you it has the short very small hole drawbar. which suggests to me pre WW2
  12. Fuel pump diaphram material

    Many thanks for all the replys. I'll mike the thickness tonight and see what I can get.
  13. Fuel pump diaphram material

    The pump is of the Godiva pump engine. Thanks Richard.
  14. Fuel pump diaphram material

    Thanks Guys. Seems easy enough to get in US, but not over here.
  15. Anyone know where I can get the rubber for a fuel diaphram from? I have just stripped the fuel pump for the fire pump, rebuilt engine 1961. Pump was a bit gunky. The diaphram had gone hard, but by a bit of serendipty I've found the 50/50 liquid paraffin /paraffin wax ointment that I use as emollient actually softened it. Lovley stuff, even if it does come with a warning 'Keep patient and clothing away from naked flame'. Another story. But would benifit from replacement.