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  1. Andy , it is the beast.
  2. Yes, it is a Cliamx pump. There are a number of versions depending on how many Gallons Per Minute they pump. The ignition is a magneto. The only spares I know are over here.
  3. Tony B

    Magneto servicing

    Slur you total Diamond! Thanks a lot just what's needed! Andy, if no one else wants it , give me a chance to get back to you will you? Very busy over this weekend.
  4. Tony B

    Magneto servicing

    Yes it do. A small four cylinder side valve. If you have the exahust manifold still does it have a box with a vavlve in it under the the Y? That was used to generate vacum to prime punp.
  5. Tony B

    Magneto servicing

    Useful, thanks! The Coventry pump engine magneto I have is being acomplete Lucas of a thing!
  6. Tony B

    Dodge wc rolling the side of the tilt up.

    Yes, the straps attach to the wodden bows, over the rolled up canvas to hold it in place. When you roll up sides , roll to inside. That way the rain doesn't collect in the folds. Also throw side ropes in before rolling. Back and front cab sections rope through eyes around the front and rear bow with straps attached. Front section goes over the rear pice and buckles in place. Good idea is to put front onto windscreen, buckle up to rear than pull rear section to get tension all the way through. I see the ubiqitous cable tie to hold bow to lazyback. Mine are bored through with a butterfly nut and coach bolt Worth putting stretchers acros sthe bows to fix them. I have thin plastic sheet, actually ex Bus advert boards under the canvas to stop water puddling.
  7. Tony B

    Dodge WC 51 or 52 or Canadian Wanted

    About two years seems to be the avarage gestation period.
  8. Tony B

    1942 dodge wc51

    Be careful about fuel gauge, they have a tendency to over read. If it gets near the quarter, top up.
  9. Tony B

    Hurricane, movie

    That's the point of the original Battle of Britian film, what's CGI? never heard of it. Though some classic gaffs like the doorbell. There is garden on my work route with a 1:1 replica Spitfire in it, I'm told the house belongs to one of the stars of Bof B.
  10. Tony B

    Hurricane, movie

    Um, thought trailer looked very familaiar. Been done, and a lot better.
  11. Tony B

    WWII British ammo boots

    Right, hob nails and horse shoe iron were standard. Driver's were allowed Rubber Soles. Try driving in hob nails. Seperate toe cap was the standard.
  12. Tony B

    Hurricane, movie

    Remeber the scene in Battle of Britian 'Shut up! In Polish!'
  13. Tony B

    1942 dodge wc51

    Hope you kissed her goodnight, and read her a story. Got to baby them you know. 😀
  14. Tony B

    1942 dodge wc51

    May you have many happy miles and adventures together! Has She dunked you yet! It must and will happen or you aren't a true Dodge Gaurdian! 🤩 Now important things! Full description and chassis number to chase her age down. When She's dunked you, I'll tell yopu the easy way to avoid it.
  15. Tony B

    Engine crane hoist

    I'm closer at Swanley will send PM