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  1. One reason you never know the quality of fuel you are going to get. Better an engine at low power running than high performance stationary. Add the Squaddie factor, flat out trust in the Lord, and it gets expensive.
  2. Problem is with the money well known personalitys are being paid to promote the vehicle you won't see a bad review. The first time a dashboard light comes up, say three weeks after purchase, the value will halve as you couldn't afford the main dealear cost of turning it off.
  3. JLR seem to have gone very Prissy about the comments on the New Defender- With the DNA of the original! Don't seem to like the suggestion that what they really have is a Mutant Strain.
  4. Try Rob Zero Five Two. He has a Routemaster under his care.
  5. Could be one the pair of Tylor engines used in the Whippet tank.
  6. It was one of the Replica - Done by Morris at the time , and bought new by his Farther in Aberdeen.
  7. A friend of mine at college had the Minor 1,000,000 .
  8. Has made me think the old Moggy is an iconic vehicle. Asociated with Bomb disposal, Distric nurses, Police panda cars, the GPO and the wheels falling off. 😀
  9. I'd love to know what you think might cure! Though :
  10. Even if you had to hunt around in a large area to find it? 😀 Subsequent filling cof the surface can create problems .
  11. Yes, but the mind wanders with age. 😵
  12. The book Malta Convoy had a great effect on me at the age of about 12. I have always tried to live up to the example those men set. Famous, Fabulous , Never to be Forgotten. The litle Flower Class Corvettes and the trawlers did fantastic work especially on the Artic Convoys. Lilliput Fleet and Shetland Bus, well worth reading.
  13. 😲🤮 My first Series 1 was £150!!!
  14. If you have a local Toolstation, they are often cheaper than independents, and have better stock in my experience than Screwfix.
  15. If we are going into shipping- The Tribal's- They must be the most beautiful vessels ever built- Is HMCS Huron still on Lake Ontario? As a kid I remember the old AFV Black Shark being in St Aubin's Harbour for years. Also LST's in the mid to late 1960's being used to ship power station armatures onto St Aubin's beach. For many years DUKWs were used to take tourists from the slip at Bel Royal out to Eleizabeth Castle which stands at the entrance to St Helier harbour. Whilist hobboling down memory lane- Austin K3 and Bedford MW's parked up along the harbour wall with round tubs of Jersey Royal potatoes waiting for the Mail boat. All the vehicles were painted a uniform Admiralty Grey.
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