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  1. Tony B


    Get a proper thick plumbers spanner to fit it, and as Richard suggests freeze spray. Might also be worth trying soacking a rag in disiel or old engine oil, wrap around the nut, hold on with cling film and leave for a while.
  2. Welcome in. Regardless of origin, that is a vehicle worth the time and love spent on it.
  3. Out of my bracket at the moment I'm afraid.
  4. Perfect for Caption competion! 😁 The company also made Stretcher trailers and for various fire kit.
  5. There is on the AWM site a film on vehicle rebuilds in New Zealand with a lot of Dodges if you've not seen it.
  6. Pathe do have youtube channel. Intresting films to skip through.
  7. What sort of price are you asking?
  8. Yes, the T would be right for the apparent age. Austin 7 axles seemed to be highly favoured for small trailers in the 1930's. If that is also a small ring hitch , it to is correct for the date. Is it a front or back axle? I've seen both used to make trailers out of. As for it being Military, a lot of stuff was made by local workshops for Home Gaurd and Civil Defence use, so wouldn't look out of place. Classic car owners would bite your hand of for it.
  9. Well there isn't much else to do in Guernesey any way. It's thier one big day of the year. 😆 Apart from the Carrot festival.
  10. There is a 101 and powered triler at Gaydon, the only one I have ever seen.
  11. The advice I was given by the late Graham Lay, to preserve the paint was wax, apparently he used clear floor wax on his Dingo as it was cheap and worked.
  12. There is somewhere, film of an acceptance test on the old Bedford MK. It was stood about 50 meteres from a large blast, all the windows went, various bits flew off. Then a squaddie got in, started it up and drove off.
  13. Your really just testing the knowledge of people on the Forum, to see who qualifies to ba a voulunter. That 's the truth isn't it?🤣
  14. The 101 mnaual specifically says Petroleum Jelly, ie Vasaline not grease to pack the pump. On the V8 the filter is mounted above the pupm and is the interlocking gear type, flat. You take bottom covver off and stuff the jelly between the gear cogs. There is no mention of priming in the Dodge manual, if the strainer is clear and below oil level, I'd be wary of adding anything else, wind the engine over with crank handle or plugs out first to se eif pressure comes up.
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