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  1. The 101 mnaual specifically says Petroleum Jelly, ie Vasaline not grease to pack the pump. On the V8 the filter is mounted above the pupm and is the interlocking gear type, flat. You take bottom covver off and stuff the jelly between the gear cogs. There is no mention of priming in the Dodge manual, if the strainer is clear and below oil level, I'd be wary of adding anything else, wind the engine over with crank handle or plugs out first to se eif pressure comes up.
  2. Tony B

    Tool hunt

    Went for a walk around th yard this morning. 8 acres so plenty of room, chance to check things. The BMW salvage guys next door are going flat out, even sending stuff to Italy!
  3. Whats the matter now Baldrick? It blew back Sir! 🤢
  4. Tony B

    Tool hunt

    Due to forced lockdown, I have started to 'Tidy Up!' The Shed is next. I may be gone sometime! 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘
  5. Tony B

    Tool hunt

    If you want a handy to hold metal. I'd suggest a couple of Gunmakers Hand Vices. You can get them easily and cheaply. Alwyas worth having in the box. I've got the folding saw s well, good tools keep going.
  6. Oh I want aGipsy back! My first vehicle was a G4M10. That loks like the M15 LWB version. Great to drive, you could also get front wheel drive only for occasional use. The front hubs on mine were a capstan drum design, self unbogging.
  7. What we do to pass the time at the moment, 🙄
  8. Tony B

    Tool hunt

    Wire Cutters, Folding . to be exact. I keep a 1944 set in the back of the Disco, very useful. What date are those
  9. No Motorway service station is safe when troops on excersisie stop! 😄
  10. Pardon me for be confused, but the .30/06 is a rimless round and the .303 is rimmed. The full dimesions are easily available on line. Both types are still commonly shot, and reloaded.
  11. Funny how things change. That much maligned ass ripping bog roll, is probbaly one of your most highly valued possecions now. 😁
  12. check the oil pressure relif valve is seating propoerly would be my suggestion. Then coplete pump strip and rebuild. A quick thought. Might be worth chucking a bottle of oil seal expander in. A seal might have dried out.
  13. At least I can get out to work . Not much traffic but a lot of cyclists, dog walkers and joggers about.
  14. Ok so nothing specific about priming oil pump. Though may well be worth pouring some oil ove rthe filter so that it drains down and clears any airlock. Manual says Idle oil pressure 15 psi, if no reading after thirty seconds stop. Hot running oil pressure 40 to 50 psi. Have you tried cranking engine with the ignition off ? See if that builds a pressure. For future reference a US Quart is roughly 1 litre.
  15. yes, the curse of the 101. I'll look in the manual again. With the 101 it was change oil or change filter, Change both and if you ain't read the manual a world of hurrt! 😁
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