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  1. Tony B

    Blocking up Vehicles.

    I live up a sloped cul de sac. Coming home one day there was a Proffesional Mobile Mechanic working on a vehicle. It was parked with two wheels on the kerb, and a single trolley jcak under the other side in the middle of the vehicle at full height! Some people must practice for hours, no one can be born that stupid!
  2. Tony B

    Hello all of you

    A man with the best of tatste! Do you really need a winch? Extra bits and complications. Good side of the Dodges, easy to maitain in most cases, nice to drive, room for kit, and useful moving larger items about, washing machines, freezers, bricks etc. You can sleep in the back. Relitivley economic on fuel, get a 12 volt version, the 6 volt are OK but can be a bit of drag on stupid things like light bulbs. Downsides the brakes do need to be adjusted corecttly! Which can be a fiddlesome job, but when set they do work. No doors, can be fun in the rain. The Dodge Dump. For some reason and it must be some form of weird US joke, the front canvas goes over the top of the rear canvas, which if not supported gets puddles forming. Not a problem till you come to an imprssive stop in front of admiring crowds, and the bloody water dosen't stop! Under the front canvas with high accuracy into your lap.
  3. Tony B

    Yet another Land Rover..

    You could have gone down the Airfix route you know. 😁
  4. Breathable caravan cover is ideal.But beware of any cover freezing to the vehilce in winter.
  5. Tony B

    Armoured vehicle is turned into a hearse

    I have a loathing of hearses. It is actually in my will that I want to be taken either in the back of a Dodge or a LWB Land Rover.
  6. On modern vehicles the glass is required to be kite marked and /or CE approved as it is many cases a structural piece. On the the MW it just keeps some of the flys off. What I have done in the past for my Dodges and the 101 is go to my local glass shop, though I'm lucky at my local place the guys are also into classuc cars, and they cut me a stock piece of of 6 mm laminated glass.
  7. Tony B

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    It lives! Fantastic work, but to quote the old adage 'Don't spoil ship for 'aporth of tar'. Easier to sort out problems at home than on the road.
  8. Tony B

    Anneal a diesel pipe

    Thank you gentleman
  9. Tony B

    Strange tracked Toy find

    The kicker is! What would an original mint condition be worth? Thin of all the original Action Men, and I mean ORIGINAL and Jhonny Seven one man armies we happily blew up burnt and broke on our childhood journeys into the Military Collecting World? JJeez If I knew then!
  10. Tony B

    Anneal a diesel pipe

    For those of us of a dim dispotion. Would you describe the annealing process?
  11. Tony B

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    And the %$^********ing weather for today is! Nature always has a sense of humour. Best of luck, we all await result,
  12. Put them back into use. You know you want to! Architectural Salvage.
  13. Tony B

    Ferret Brakes and Silicone Brake Fluid

    I have always been advised never to use Silicon fluid in my Dodges. There was discussion at the time wether this was relevant. . You seem to have answered the question.