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  1. AH you climate wrecking babarian! Think of all the poor trees ripped up to make the paper, and the pollution pumped out by power station to operate the Royal Mail 'Green Vans' the depletion of rare earths and all the mining pollution that occured to get them.. and the traffic congestion to ... Send A Letter?: Then all the landfill to get rid of them. The land the warehouse sits on could be used to site a wind farm, or Solar Cells or just have pretty flowers on through Re Wilding. Makes about as much sense as the rest of it.
  2. OK mate, next time I'm up yard I will have a look at make. The vehicle came from Steve Rivers at Dallas, try him.
  3. Tony B


    Post soem pictures of the interior. There are someetimes marks of fittings that can give a clue. That's how Nightmare's QL was recognised as a Y Service vehicle.
  4. I have a 51 with and a 54 without. To be honest on the milage your likley to do, or the times you may use 4 wheel drive. Are they worth the cost?
  5. The law states A De-Activated firearm is NOT a Firearm'. Though in my case the local Plod had to have it rammed down thier throat before they finally accepted they had no right to take mine off me and gave them back.
  6. I still own my pistols. The offence is pocession, so on the form I deleted the part about transeferring ownership. The law says I can own them, just not pocess them.
  7. Thas were we Carrot Crunchers truimph over they City Slickers! The do also patch canvas for us, and supply proofer, fix leather. Very useful people. 😁
  8. There was also a lot of stuff dumped in the south. Hurd's Deep of fAlderney.
  9. Have a word with your local Saddler, they may well have something suitable about, and the gadget to fix them in.
  10. What I did was take a sample of the closest colour to what I wanted off the original vehicle, took it to my local Dulux who coulour matched it. That way you get new paint with a hint of the vehicle having worked for a living. I use the Metalsheild mixed for me, then you get the best of the new without it looking 'Straight from Showroom. The paint can be sparayed , brushed or rollored. Remeber the military reasons for paint 1 Protect metal 2 Camoflage 3 Apperance. They can throw in a matting agent, so you do get an egshellish finish, but it much easier to clean
  11. I need for a friend who has suffered a brain anurism a usable folding camp bath. At the moment she has trouble using fitted bath . Does anyone know of one or were it might be possible to find one?
  12. One reason you never know the quality of fuel you are going to get. Better an engine at low power running than high performance stationary. Add the Squaddie factor, flat out trust in the Lord, and it gets expensive.
  13. Problem is with the money well known personalitys are being paid to promote the vehicle you won't see a bad review. The first time a dashboard light comes up, say three weeks after purchase, the value will halve as you couldn't afford the main dealear cost of turning it off.
  14. JLR seem to have gone very Prissy about the comments on the New Defender- With the DNA of the original! Don't seem to like the suggestion that what they really have is a Mutant Strain.
  15. Try Rob Zero Five Two. He has a Routemaster under his care.
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