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  1. Tony B

    What BMC diesel engine is this?

    BMC made a 2.2 and a 2.5. I had a 2.5 with a cracked head and a 2.2 with a cracked block. No one told me I couldn't put the 2.2 head on the 2.5 block, so I did and it worked. They are a bit low revving but in my opinion superior to the Landy Disiels of the time. Problem with them is getting a vacum to the servo. I eventually bought an old Isuzu alternator with the vacum pump on the back and fitted a T pice to the bottom of the dip stick as an oil return, I think I took a T pice of the oil pressure gauge s the supply. Right lash up with the engine married to Series thre egear box which had a Series 2a front end on it. Again no one told me I couldn't so I fiddled bits till the worked.
  2. Tony B

    Looking for dark green vehicle seat vynil

    Exmor trim https://www.exmoortrim.co.uk/
  3. Tony B

    VIP toilets

    Thought just occured. Could the extra charge be to pay for the Gaurds needed to keep the Hoy Poly and other MOP's out of the Hallowed Ground? Will you have to presnt the equivalent of an Amex Gold card to use such facilities? (And yes I'm taking the P***, Can't afford to leave it there)
  4. Tony B

    VIP toilets

    Well Gentleman. You can say the organisers are extracting the urine . Futher more they are excpecting you to pay good money for the privilige.
  5. Tony B

    P14 rifle

    Done the checks, same part as the SMLE, logical I suppose, so easy enough to get. Thanks.
  6. Tony B

    wanted : dodge wc 51 / wc52

    Check Gordon's Dodge forum. there is a list of chassis numbers against manufacture dates. Bear in mind after 70 years of working everyone is a bitza. My two the chassis are February and October 1944, but after 70 years of rebuilds and refurbs who knows? The WC54 Katy was rebuilt in Germany in 1952 and the WC51 RubyBaby has a Norwegian Dynamo dated 1961.
  7. Tony B

    P14 rifle

    Thanks I'll try it.
  8. Tony B

    P14 rifle

    Anyone have the rear swing swivel and plate for an Enfeild P14 rifle? Also looking for some striper clips for the beast.
  9. Uprated brakes, so much safer to drive. Especially with the Mobile Muppets you get now a days. Head in mobile brain in neuteral. Wise move. What's with the vacum pump? Would be a very useful gadget on my Katy's wipers.
  10. Tony B

    Fade is coming to visit

  11. Tony B

    Fade is coming to visit

    Enjoy! Current weather is record breacking heat wave.
  12. Tony B

    WC51 Brake issue

    Seconded! Change the lot there is a flexi hose at the back axle, one from under rad to front axle and one each to wheel cylindrer at front. . Change the lot! Do you have manual for brake adjustment procedure? It does need to be done by the book.
  13. Tony B

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Rob I do know of a very good machine shop on the Gaza Estate at Weald villiage.
  14. Tony B

    on the hunt

    Get a 51 the winch is added weight inconveience for what you need. Don't only think of the coast, the whole of Calvados is full of intresting places. If you can make sure your Dodge has electric not vacum wipers. The drawback is no doors so can get draughty and a bit miserable in the rain. A 12 voilt rather than six for ease of little things like bulbs and sat nav and mobile charging.
  15. Tony B

    Help, Bedford OY brake problem

    Have you tried pressure /vacum bleeding the system to make sure there is no air trapped?