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  1. Vehicle Batteries

    Best battery charger I've had was £9.99 from Lidil it is an Ultimate Speed ULG 3.8 A1 12/6 volt charges, with winter setting and motorcycle /car setting works a treat. Sometimes a battery is so low that it won't acept charge. Try connecting another charged battery in parralel for about twenty minutes when you put charger on.Can bring a 'dead' battery back.
  2. Remote key fobs

    Hope you won't have to use them to often. Beter put the link in. https://www.autotronics.co.uk/
  3. Remote key fobs

    Had the remote key fob on a Discovery disintigrate, bit annoying as the imobiliser won't turn of fso it's stuck! Land Rover prices to replace more than it's worth. So I went on line to luck and found Autotronics in Leicester. Now this fob was amess muck inside, one switch half off the PC board. Could they fix it? Theyasured me yes. So Isent it Wednesday, got a text, Thursday it had arrived . Got a text Friday lunch time all fixed., sorry can't get it back to you over weekend will be Monday. Arived home from work today key fob through door and it works! Total cost about a third of Land Rover prices and no ned to have a visit or take vehicle for reproggraming. They also do instrument clusters , and abs control units, ECU, TCU and it seems anything that beeps squeacks and blows up on modern vehicles with monotnous regularity. I'm very imprssed by them.
  4. Dodge WC54 mods

    Goran Mon V! You will have to wait a couple of months I'm afraid...but... I have just booked to go on a guided tour of Bletchley Park in May with group of friends, so closer in let me know what you want to know, and I'll happily ask the questions. The Special Liason Units were seperate from Bletchl;ey Park. The Middle East one was a place called the Grove in Cairo. I was lucky enough to speack to an old lady who had served there when she was visitng her daughter in Jersey and they came to the Libeartion Show. The old lady was looking at some radio kit and made an odd remark about working on such equipment in Eygpt. That piqued my intrest and after taliking to her for a few minutes I mentioned the Grove. She went red and said'I'm not supposed to talk about that'. Turned out her daughter and family knew nothing about what thier mother had done, till I told them and she opened up a bit.
  5. Billy loads of mates !!!!

    Wwelcome in
  6. Dodge WC54 mods

    SLU with First Army.
  7. Meerkat AMCVS

    I'd be worried if you did have a vested intrest! What have you got buried in the back garden?
  8. Dunkirk 1940 photos some never before seen.

    The Royal Corp of Signals had I think it was eleven little Austin radio cars, all but one were lost at Dunkirk. The survivor broke down on it's way to France and was dumped in a barn in England.
  9. Sorry for delay but e mail sent use if you wish.
  10. On Land Rovers I've always known them as Striker Plates.
  11. Night heaters

    I had a petrol Esperbacher in the 101 ambulance. Don't think it was supposed to be used when vehicle was mobile. Try the Bus nuts (Can't believe I've just said that!) sallon heaters for buses operate whilst vehicle is running. Optare do a particullaly good version. Funnily enough my old 109 Series 3 Artic FFR that has turned up again locally has an extension hot water, heater system between the front seats, that I know from trying to work out how to switch it off in summer, works bloody well!
  12. GMPG. Gimpy

    Countryside Aliance then?
  13. Russian navy engine

    That's going to make one hell of a Snowmobile!
  14. GMPG. Gimpy

    The requirment for Reailstic Imitation Firearms, ie proper coloured airsoft or BB . is membership of an organisation with third party public liability insurance. I am also a member of the Countryside Alliance. That has a third party members insurance that specifically mentions shooting sports and military re-enactments. As MVT now have a member's public liability insurance it covers. I can understand a supplier doing Due Dilligence to cover their own backside. You'd need to meet the same criteria to buy a RIFF Realistic Imitation Firearm, unless it was Rainbow colour, and would commit an offence under the Violent Crime Reduction Act by re painting it. So you see what a total load of Bovine Offal the system is ?
  15. GMPG. Gimpy

    I've used the MVT card before now, reason for purchase display on a military vehicle. Never had a problem, I have a number of realistic airsoft replicas. .