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  1. Towing when under SORN

    Saw a clip on BBC yesterday of Exmoor sign post for Wheddon Cros sburied up to the top. Yep! Been there seen that, in 1978. Ridng a 16 hand horse up the side of Dunckery Beacon, looking down from horseback, idily wondering what the green blobs in the snow where. Top of the railings at the side of the road.
  2. what to put in the hanger???

    Did you know. This style of work has a name ? Trompe L'oeil - Trick of the eye. Your an artist Sir!
  3. Armoured Cab CMP

    A number also ended up in Cyprus. The locals there used to lob stuff down from the mountains onto convoys. So a number of trucks had sandbags set on the floor and 3 inch mortars fitted as a detterent. The film Exeos based on the Leon Uris book has some very god shots of improvised and converted armoure dvehicles used at the time, not to mention a bloody good story.
  4. The Hunt for a C-130 Hercules

    Ah well, that answers the obvious questions that locals would ask. Best of luck.
  5. The Hunt for a C-130 Hercules

    I know the whole area. It was where I was brought up and learnt to sail. Don't want to rain on your parade, but it won't be an easy task. The Race, the tides, the French Nuclear power station at Flamanville, the French get very ansty with any dive or survey vesels going anywhere near it. I wish you luck, be I'm sure you understand my scekeptisism.
  6. The Hunt for a C-130 Hercules

    If he went down off Alderney , it could have well ended up in Hurd's Deep. If so then everything from WW2 munitions to radioactive waste has been dumped there.
  7. what to put in the hanger???

    Now that Mon V has a very definite style!
  8. Zil 131 rattle

    Does the rattle sound as soon as the ignition is turned on, or does the coolant warning come on when you turn on the ignition and stay on when the engine starts? Trying to work out if the tempratue warning is wrong because you know it is on when the engine is cold having just started. That would suggest a wiring fault or the temprature sensor is not working. Stupid as it sounds, try putting a bit of butter or margarine under the fan belt, see if that stops it temporaily.
  9. British Army Jackal - The Logic of Exposed Crew?

    To start with the Jackal is nothing like a Land Rover. Even Armoured vehicles have a top cover man.
  10. Army Lamp

    They were also use da smarching lamps. Two white at front two red at back of marching troop formations.
  11. Unusual winching ground anchor.

    I know it was a spelling mistake, but visions of troops digging in trees to winch on, hell we don't use any Kraut trees!
  12. Vehicle Batteries

    Batteries rely on a chemical reaction, cold slows a chemical reaction, heat speeds them up .
  13. Vehicle Batteries

    Best battery charger I've had was £9.99 from Lidil it is an Ultimate Speed ULG 3.8 A1 12/6 volt charges, with winter setting and motorcycle /car setting works a treat. Sometimes a battery is so low that it won't acept charge. Try connecting another charged battery in parralel for about twenty minutes when you put charger on.Can bring a 'dead' battery back.
  14. Remote key fobs

    Hope you won't have to use them to often. Beter put the link in. https://www.autotronics.co.uk/