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  1. Condor permitting, I'll be on the other Rock. 😀
  2. Should have added. Nixwax also do a cleaning product as well. https://www.nikwax.com/en-gb/index.php
  3. My 51 seems mostly original The 54 has a rebuild plate from Germany. Both ended up in Norway. Bit like Grandad's axe after 75 odd years . 😀
  4. If it is a woven cover, go to your local saddler and get Nixwax Rug Proof. that will waterproof it nicley. If the paint is friable, try a sponge soacked in a solvent, though the shadow of the lettering may remain.
  5. Trouble with a rebuild is that the frame may bear no resembalance to the bits on it. The vehicles were stripped completly and then put together from what was on the end of the line at the time. So your rebuild date is probably it.
  6. Just carful when it burps! 🤢
  7. Quiet? Not what the neighbours were thinking! 😂 I noticed you had a 'Spare' in the wheel barrow alongside. When I can get the dammed picture of fthe phone.
  8. Jeeparts or Dallas. , check both for availability andprice. Simple things like oil filters are Mann P1155, though check, you can get from a local factors for a couple of quid. Engine oil , constant discussion on here, I use Halfords Classic 20/50, never had a problem. Found that it holds pressure better when engine is hot. I also retro fitted mine with Frank Jolley Classic Head ignitions, on both the 12 and 6 volt. I have never had a problem with ignition after now about 19 years with the WC51. Frank also does coils, not cheap but worth it the long run. 10 minutes to fit and nothing shows as it all fits into the distributor base plate.
  9. They were just a cheap row of LED from a now closed car shop. There held under the wings by a couple of cable ties wired to the convoy marker/side lights. They are enough to illuminate the wheel arches in the dark to show how widethe vehicle is. Brakes are definitley RTFM. Set up by the book they work fine. I got a CD of the manual on line , so print the pages I want and don't care if they get covered in muck. From Military Media Productions Check out Gordon's site for chassis numbers and dates. You could get a copy of the build card from The Chrysler Musuem, but I don't know if that service is still available.
  10. Congratulations! You obviously have very good taste. From your question I take you have the 6 volt version. My WC54 is 6 volt. One easy way to make the vehicle theft proof is a hidden master switch for the battery. I have added LED strips under the front wings of my WC54, the headlights, being inboard the average person coming the other way dosen't realise Oh SH... it's a hell of a lot wider than I thought! You can get LED to work in the idicators, though make sure you get a LED flasher unit, only a few quid and far easier than trying to wire in resistors. The LED are quite tolerant of voltage I use 12 volt ones. One other trick , on the roads hang a trailer board on the tailgate. Yes, the triangular reflectors are illegal, but you could see me to stop me and question me. And din't ram me 'cause you didn't see the brake lights. Dress standard uniform. Oficers never drove vehicles as a rule. As I'm getting more mature (The older you get the futher away Old Age is pushed) and look stupid in infantary kit , my preffered dress is lightweights and Wested Leather Indianna Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark Leather jacket. Bloody good jacket for any use. A tank suit is very useful, espcially the pockets just above the ankles when driving. Canavas Allied Canavas. Note: To avoid the Dodge Dunking, get some light plastic board, I nicked mine from off the adverts used on the side of buses, and place under canvas over frame.
  11. Came across a Land Rover Discovery a couple of years back that had been in Jersey. I knew from the address on the log book it would have been parked against a wall that the sea came directly over at times. The roof line around the guttering was completly rotted to the point a few bangs with a hammer and it came off as one pice. Rest was fine. 😀 Our drill for beach vehicles was low pressure hose off, then pressure wash from back to front underneath at a flat angle trying not to hit the vehicle with the full force.
  12. As an aside I used to earn extra pennies sitting on the slip with my old Austin Gipsy, pulling hire cars out that thought it would be easier to turn on the beach rather than reverse. Rules for the beach one, go in pairs, two' follow your wheel tracks, you know it's firm, and three stay far enough apart that if the front gets stuck you are on firm to pull them out, four as Gas says, time and tide wait for no man.
  13. No didn't manage to get there. I did get stuck a few years back, but shifted into 4 wheel drive and the the Old Girl saved my embarresment. A lot of embarresment and cleaning I'm sure but as Gordon says, it's a Dodge, the designers allowed for such things.
  14. I love these aircraft. As a young child, 5 or 6 , they used to fly from the Channel Islands. In those glourious days if you were an 'Unacompanied Minor' you would be stuck in the jump seat of the cockpit out of the way of the cabin crew. 😁 I knew my way around a DC3 cockpit before a car. Intra flew some in the 1970's, the oldest I remember was November Bravo, she was 1944. They are still flying as the Turbo prop DC67.
  15. Try The Great War Society site. There are people there I know have them. Also this lot. I know they have tem, I wa soften the one stocking them. https://www.10thessex.uk/
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